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Monday, 03 December




The prime minister Peter O'Neill has not resigned as yet with his deputy prime minister and minister for Treasury Charles Abel after passing a string of fake budgets over the years including the 2019 appropriation bill which was distraught with fraud as it did not capture the existing foreign debts , especially from the Republic of China and the component of debt servicing which would be as high as 50 percent leaving very little to maintain concurrent services.

The moral and ethical benchmark for proper conduct has declined since independence forcing inductees over the years to become prototypes of their predecessors who themselves were swimming in corrupt behavior.

To begin with the grand statesman Sir Michael Thomas Somare was found guilty of misconduct in office by a leadership tribunal Court for failing to report his financial statements as a public office holder and yet he clung onto public office as if it was his God given inheritance , not to mention the community college scheme which drained valuable state money , of which a bribe was paid to him and one of his siblings with an outstanding Singaporean Court order for his arrest.

Chan and Wingti are even worse for their involvement in the Cayman Island Saga where K3 billion kina had fallen straight into the Bermuda Triangle leaving no trace of the money ably assisted by Mekere who put the leader over the investigation in his term as prime minister.

Mekere has probably done more injustice to the people of Western Province and the nation when he colluded with BHP Billiton in passing the OK Tedi supplementary mining agreements which provided indemnity for BHP to destroy the environment alone the Fly River waterways which is the livelihood of 100,000 people.

Not only that he approved of the PNGSDP which siphoned billions offshore still controlled by BHP as the people of Western Province still suffer from the lack of essential services.

The leader of the opposition is in an unenviable situation where he is struggling to fend off charges of misappropriation.

In between the big players you have bishops who have been introduced as fully pledged members of the Waigani Club who are conditioned to operate and perform robotically as long as PNG remained as a vibrant democracy there was enough to go around.

The prime minister had been involved in so many fraudulent deals including the "...


The gender diplomacy trap and the security race "IndyWatch Feed"

Manus Island in Papua New Guinea has again been cast into the international spotlight as the geopolitical contest for power intensifies. During the 2018 APEC meeting, Chinas growing interest showed at the highest level with the Presidents visit  the redwashing of Port Moresby with Chinese flags and symbols, and the opening of several major construction projects. Australia responded by launching its own investments and, with the US, announcing a trilateral arrangement to re-establish the Manus Island naval base.

Putting aside tensions between China and the US, two issues gender and security are important to the relationship between PNG and Australia. For many PNG women and the daunting challenges they face, the bilateral program is a beacon of hope, and programs funded under the partnership have led to great progress. Support from Australia is critical because the PNG Government provides limited budget allocations towards issues like gender-based and sorcery accusation-related violence.

On the other hand, security, a male-dominated domain, binds PNG and Australia together. Bruce Hunts 2017 book Australias northern shield notes that, although Australia has historically viewed PNG as a shield against external threats to Australia, recent defence cooperation has moved towards mutual security interests. See this recent blog for a review of these contemporary strategic considerations and the associated risks.

In using the term gender diplomacy I situate gender within the Australian Foreign Policy White Paper alongside other terms such as economic diplomacy (p. 64), commercial diplomacy (p. 76); digital diplomacy (p. 111); science diplomacy (p. 113-114); sports diplomacy (p. 114); police-led diplomacy (p. 115) and cultural diplomacy. Even though gender is not couched explicitly in terms of diplomacy, it is listed in the Foreign Policy White Paper as one of the values that are foundational for Australias international engagement, and a source of influence internationally (p. 2-3). The phrase gender diplomacy trap situates gender within the frame....

Sunday, 02 December




It is so sad the PNGDF Air Element has been hijacked by certain PNGDF pilots and Engineers for sinister reasons. It is amazing to note that the same thieves within PNGDF have been abusing the aircraft by way of engaging into commercial operations at the expense of Tax Payers to make millions in clear profit.

On 13 July 2016, whilst doing one of such commercial flights from Telefomin to Vanimo, the aircraft developed reduced oil pressure on its right hand engine Propeller Reduction Gearbox (PGB). The crew procedurally shut down the affected engine on reaching 18000 ft cruise altitude. Indications of imminent failure were detected whilst passing 15000ft on climb...thank God didn't happen on take off roll or immediately after take off.

After shutting down the engine, it was realised that the Propellers of the affected engine didn't feather. This resulted in creation of aerodynamic drag and reduction in performance. To maintain altitude, the crew was forced to fly at the brink of stall with stick shaker continuously activating. This was necessary in order to minimize rate of height loss to sustain flight until Vanimo. The captain instructed his copilot not to transmit any distress call to Flight Service which was something only a mad man can suggest.

The aircraft made it to Vanimo and landing was effected. Note that under the circumstances, a missed approach would not have been possible .
Following the landing, the pilots for some unthinkable reasons decided to give a ground run on the affected and in doing so, completely ruined the Propeller Reduction Gearbox. This necessitated a complete replacement which now would cost some K2 million for plain stupidity, ignorance, unprofessionalism and negligence.
Took sometime to do an engine change and the aircraft was ferried to Port Moresby.
I was formally asked by the former Chief of Staff PNGDF to carry out an investigation on this serious inflight incident which we duly conducted and released our report on 30 November 2016. It appeared that immediately following the incident, for some bizarre reason, the crew and the air element did not instigate formal investigation. We understand some tens of thousands of Kina had been paid by certain Telefomin businessman come politician but his task was not fully accomplished when the aircraft suffered the defect and that those funds had since been spent...


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