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Wednesday, 19 September


World view Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Wednesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


September 20 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

451  The Battle of Chalons: Flavius Aetiuss victory over Attila the Hun in a day of combat, is considered to be the largest battle in the ancient world.

524 Kan Balam I, ruler of Maya state of Palenque, was born (d. 583).

1187  Saladin began the Siege of Jerusalem.

1378  Cardinal Robert of Geneva, known as the Butcher of Cesena, was elected as Avignon Pope Clement VII, beginning the Papal schism.

1519 Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Sanlcar de Barrameda with about 270 men on his expedition to circumnavigate the globe.

1633  Galileo Galilei was tried before the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for teaching that the Earth orbits the Sun.

1697 The Treaty of Rijswijk was signed by France, England, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire and the Dutch Republic ending the Nine Years War (168897)

1737  The finish of the Walking Purchase which forced the cession of 1.2 million acres (4,860 km) of Lenape-Delaware tribal land to the Pennsylvania Colony.

1835  Farroupilhas Revolution began in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

1842  James Dewar, Scottish chemist, was born (d. 1923).

1848  The American Association for the Advancement of Science was created.

1854 Battle of Alma: British and French troops defeated Russians in the Crimea.

1857 The Indian Rebellion of 1857 ended with the recapture of Delhi by troops loyal to the East India Company.

1860  The Prince of Wales (later King...


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Theyre nutritious rich in vitamins C, K and E, folate and potassium, full of anti-oxidants and a good source of fibre.

They look good and taste better.

Theyre kiwifruit and Im enjoying them for breakfast on grainy taste like Burgens or Vogels, topped with cottage cheese; for a snack during the day and for an after dinner sweet treat.

Tonight Im grateful for kiwifruit.


WORD 2018 Part 2: Get John Campbell to introduce every literary gala "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Reason: he will spend weeks becoming intimately familiar with the work of the writers and come up with a long-form essay introduction that ties all their works together then bugger off back stage and let them do their thing. The gala event is a literary festival at its worst and best. At its worst, it strings writers together for no better reason than their commercial appeal, their ability


Massey University responds "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Two responses from Massey University today in response to Massey Vice Chancellor appears to have lied over Brash ban Jan Thomas has backed her controversial position, but there two motions of censure have been put to the Massey Academic Board. Not surprisingly that was widely criticised as it didnt really address her misleading or false []


Phthalate Exposure Threatens Human Survival "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

By Dr. Mercola

Infertility has become increasingly pervasive in recent decades. In Sperm Count Zero,1 GQ Magazine discusses this troubling fact, noting the situation has become so dire that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely.

The article highlights research2,3 published last year, which found total sperm counts in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand dropped by nearly 60 percent between 1973 and 2013. (South American, Asian and African men had no noticeable decline, although this discrepancy could be due to the smaller sample sizes obtained from those countries.)

The paper in question was a meta-analysis of 185 studies and the largest of its kind. In a nutshell, men in many areas of the world are producing less semen overall, and the semen they do produce contains fewer sperm. Whats worse, the researchers found no evidence to suggest this downward trend is leveling off. As noted by GQ:

Sperm counts went from 99 million sperm per milliliter of semen in 1973 to 47 million per milliliter in 2011, and the decline has been accelerating. Would 40 more years or fewer bring us all the way to zero?

Aside from the implications this has on the human species as a whole, reduction in sperm production is also a warning sign that mens health is in serious jeopardy, as poor semen quality has been linked to a number of other health issues, including a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and early death. Researchers also warn that men are becoming increasingly less male overall.

Testosterone Levels Are Dropping Too

Along with sperm, mens testosterone levels have dropped in recent decades as well, and exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in utero and beyond appears to be a driving factor.4 GQ reports:...


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Suffrage  the right to vote in political elections; a vote given in deciding a controverted question or electing a person for an office or trust; the intercessory petitions pronounced by a priest in the Litany; a prayer, especially a short intercessory prayer or petition.


Question Time today "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

There were some testy exchanges in Question Time yesterday see: Bridges versus Ardern in Question Time Shaw, Mitchell question Mark on extended Middle East deployment And Chris Hipkins was told by the speaker to front up today with Clare Curran emails. Hon Dr Nick Smith: I will repeat, as a supplementary, my primary question from last []


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

North Island farmers lose 100,000 lambs after spring storm  Gerard Hutching:

Farmers have suffered devastating lamb losses in eastern and central North Island over the last two weeks with an estimated toll of about 100,000.

At current prices of $144 per mature lamb, the economic hit could be $14.4 million.

By contrast Otago and Southland farmers are expected to escape lightly from the impact of snow that has fallen on Monday.

Federated Farmers high country chairman Simon Williamson said lambing would not begin in the areas where most snow had fallen until the beginning of October. . .

NZ maple syrup industry possible and promising Will Harvie:

Canada produces 71 per cent of worlds maple syrup and 91 per cent of that originates from the province of Quebec. But a clutch of New Zealand academics think this country could have a maple syrup industry, despite a mild climate and no sugar maple forests.

Their preliminary research has determined that a plantation of maple saplings for use in commercial production of maple syrup is a possible and a promising endeavour in New Zealand, according to a presentation to be given at a chemical engineering conference in Queenstown on October 1.

The most promising places for maple syrup production are roughly Molesworth Station and inland from Westport, both in the South Island, according to their paper.   . .

Local contract a big arable win :

A big multi-year supply contract to Countdown supermarkets for local wheat and grain is regarded by the arable industry as a breakthrough.

Until this year the in-house bakeries of the more than 180 Countdown supermarkets used premixed ingredients produced here and imported from Australia.

But in a deal Christchurch-based Champion Flour Milling business innovation manager Garth Gillam said is the culmination of years of effort, the supermarkets bakeries have switched entirely to premixes made using locally-grown products...


125 years of womens suffrage "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

When and where did you first vote?

I turned 18 in an election year and was working as a kitchen hand in Omarama during university holidays when I cast my first vote.

I take no pride in saying I did it with little real understanding of the issues or even my own political philosophy.

I doubt if I gave any thought to the idea that voting, and voting freely, is a right not universally available in other countries either. And I knew little of the work that led to New Zealand becoming the first self-governing country in the world to grant the vote to women.

Today the 125th anniversary of that milestone is being celebrated.

. . .On 19 September 1893 the Electoral Act 1893 was passed, giving all women in New Zealand the right to vote.  As a result of this landmark legislation, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. . .

Artist Kate Hursthouse is marking the celebration with Our Wahine , celebrating 125 extraordinary women.

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Tuesday, 18 September


Horowhenua Council and Maori Appeal Court "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Horowhenua correspondent Veronica Harrod reports the Horowhenua District Council has got  involved in a Maori Appellate Court decision. Business as []


Qotd: "Any alleged 'right' of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right. No man can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no such thing as 'the right to enslave'. "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

"If some men are entitled by right to the products of the work of others, it means that those others are deprived of rights and condemned to slave labor. Any alleged 'right' of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right. No man can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no such thing as 'the right to enslave'.
~ Ayn Rand, from her essay on 'Man's Rights'


$1 in 3 wastefullly spent by govt "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The New Zealand Initiatives Fit for Purpose? Are Kiwis getting the government they pay for? shows were not getting value for money.

Dr Bryce Wilkinson explains:

Taxes in New Zealand have risen four times faster than incomes in the 20th century. Taxes now take more of our income than in almost any country outside Europe. We have become a high tax country.

We, the public, need the government to spend our tax money well.

Government is a dominant provider of many activities, including health and education. Poor performance here would harm current and future New Zealanders.

Government also dictates much resource use through ownership and regulation. It is a major landowner, and there are 50 times more Parliamentary Acts now than in 1908.

It should aim to get the best possible outcomes for New Zealanders from its assets. It should also regulate wisely and administer those regulations well.

The reports focus on value for money is not ideological. Who would not want to see government doing the best possible job for New Zealanders?

This shouldnt be ideological or partisan, but the left does too often mistakenly equate more spending with better spending.

How well is government spending our tax money?
The quality of much government spending is poor. The Productivity Commissions inquiry into public sector productivity showed why. Public sector agencies are not focused on productivity. Measures are too often lacking or neglected.

A 2013 report published by a Canadian think tank, the Fraser Institute, assessed outcomes compared to spending in 192 countries. South Korea came out on top. Its government was spending 27% of GDP to achieve a performance score of 7.5. In New Zealand, government was spending 38% of GDP for a score of 5.5.

Perhaps, one-third of New Zealand government spending is wasteful. That represents around 13% of GDP, or $20,000 per household, annually.

Every cent not wasted is a cent more to spend on something we need, or to leave in taxpayers pockets.

Imagine the positive impact of that money being spent where it has a positive impact instead of being wasted and/or of each household keeping more of what they earn.



QotD: "If what you advocate for is something other than the sovereignty of the individual then what you advocate for inevitably becomes the sovereignty of some individuals over others. You cannot escape this fact." "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

"If what you advocate for [in politics] is something other than the sovereignty of the individual then what you advocate for inevitably becomes the sovereignty of some individuals over others. You cannot escape this fact."
    ~ Michael Wharton


Bleg: Is this due to capitalism? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I hear this sort of thing a lot and want to hear your views.  I will give a view in the future.

Also we used to just play Sim City 2000 in economics class at high school and I thought it would be cool if the individuals in the city followed rules something they talked about for the latest Sim City but didnt really do.  So remember any model we build to explain this is sort of like that, just maybe less entertaining with a dearth of colourful sounds.


Quote of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I never let prejudice stop me from what I wanted to do in this life Sarah Louise Delaney who was born on this day in 1889.


James Shaw promoting Green achievements "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The Green Party were always going to achieve far more than in their years in Opposition now they are a part of Government, albeit outside Cabinet and the junior party. Small parties often struggle to be seen to be having significant wins in the shadow of the major party in particular, and Greens are also []


125 year anniversary of women winning the right to vote in New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

New Zealand women won the right to vote on 19 September 1893. 125 years on, the Suffrage 125 celebration is an opportunity to remember the suffragists and what they fought for and reflect on womens rights today Women, the Vote and Activism In the late 19th century women suffragists fought for the right to []


Mori Crown agency to be established "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

An announcement yesterday from Kelvin Davis, Minister of Crown/Mori Relations: Cabinet has approved the final scope of the Mori Crown portfolio and agreed to establish an agency to oversee Governments work with Mori in a post-settlement era, announced Crown/ Mori Relations Minister Kelvin Davis today. The agency, to be called the Office for Mori Crown []


Massey Vice Chancellor appears to have lied over Brash ban "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The controversial cancelling of a student political club event at Massey University due to the scheduled inclusion of Don Brash kicked up a lot of discussion about Brashs views (strongly criticised by some), about free speech, and about free speech at universities. The issue has been raised again by David Farrar, who through emails obtained []


Media watch Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

19 September 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

19 September 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


World view Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Tuesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


September 19 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

335  Dalmatius was raised to the rank of Caesar by his uncle Constantine I.

1356  In the Battle of Poitiers, the English defeated the French.

1676 Jamestown was burned to the ground by the forces of Nathaniel Bacon during Bacons Rebellion.

1692 Giles Corey was pressed to death after refusing to plead in the Salem witch trials.

1777  First Battle of Saratoga/Battle of Freemans Farm/Battle of Bemis Heights.

1796 George Washingtons farewell address was printed across America as an open letter to the public.

1862 American Civil War: Battle of Luka  Union troops under General William Rosecrans defeated a Confederate force commanded by General Sterling Price.

1863  American Civil War: Battle of Chickamauga.

1870 Franco-Prussian War: the Siege of Paris began.

1881 President James A. Garfield died of wounds suffered in a July 2 shooting.

1882 Christopher Stone, first disc jockey in the United Kingdom, was born (d. 1965).

1889  Sarah Louise Delany, American physician and author, was born (d. 1999).

1893 The Governor, Lord Glasgow, signed a new Electoral Act into law. As a result of this landmark legislation, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to grant all women the right to vote in parliamentary elections.



Must Watch!: The Spiders Web: Britains Second Empire (Documentary) "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Independent POV Published on Sep 14, 2018 Subscribe 18K At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and []

The post Must Watch!: The Spiders Web: Britains Second Empire (Documentary) appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Money for writers #6 "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The Grimshaw Sargeson Fellowship invites applications for 2019. This offers the opportunity to write full-time, free from financial pressure with a stipend of $20,000 for the full year (less if the fellowship is shared, obviously), and stay in rent-free accommodation in the Sargeson flat in Albert Park, between Queen Street and the University of Auckland. Any published New Zealand writer is eligible.

When I was on the Sargeson Trust fellows had access to the university library as well as the nearby Auckland Central library: I am not sure if this still applies.

It is a great fellowship and I can strongly recommend the accommodation, having lived in the flat one August. Back then it was the same bed that Janet Frame, the first Sargeson fellow, had slept in, but we replaced it years ago. This involved me and Graeme Lay test-bouncing on double beds in Farmers at St Lukes Mall. Eyebrows were raised.

Applications close on Friday 5 October, with the tenure due to start on 1 April 2019. You can download the application form here, and there is further information on the fellowship here. There is also a very good book about the whole thing available here.


Social contagion? Fears of copycat spread in wake of multiple accounts of strawberries contaminated with needles in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Australian police are continuing their manhunt for the country's infamous strawberry saboteur as needle-contamination fears spread across the country, bringing the fruit industry to its knees. Police in Western Australia confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the first reported case of suspected needle contamination in the state. Previously, almost a dozen incidents were reported in six brands of strawberries across six states and territories. The crisis has spiraled since a man was hospitalized after swallowing a needle that was hidden inside a strawberry in Queensland over a week ago. Fears of a copycat fruit saboteur emerged on Monday after police reported that a woman was caught inserting a needle into a banana in a Queensland supermarket. However, police confirmed that the woman had mental health issues and said they were treating the act as an isolated incident, with no connection to any other food contamination investigations. It comes as New Zealand food distributors removed Australian strawberries from their shelves as a precaution, further adding to the devastation caused by the unidentified culprit.


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

A toot came from behind.

I was giving way as I ought to have been and was thinking dark thoughts about the impatience of the driver.

Then I realised I hadnt turned the car lights on. The toot wasnt a get-a-move-on one, it was a turn-your-lights-on-one.

Tonight Im grateful for a friendly toot.


Bridges versus Ardern in Question Time "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Some interesting exchanges between Simon Bridges and Jacinda Ardern in parliament today. 3. Hon SIMON BRIDGES (LeaderNational) to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all her Governments policies, statements, and actions? Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN (Prime Minister): Yes. Hon Simon Bridges: Is it the policy of this Labour-led Government to increase the refugee quota to 1,500 a year []


Basketball Lebanon fades in the dying minutes against New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

A perfect first quarter seemed to put us on track for an excellent win against the Tall Blacks, but the Lebanese players melted in the heat down under and succumbed to 25 offensive rebounds by New Zealand and their last-minute recruit Corey Webster, to lose 63-60 in the dying minutes of a match they had their grasp firmly on.

Contrary to last weeks encounter against China, during which we played catch up for most of the time, it was New Zealand who had to deal with this scenario today, facing a brilliant Lebanese trio composed of Elie Rustom, Ater Majok and Rodrigue Akl. But untimely turnovers and a focus on an outside game, when it was obvious things were not working from that distance (14% of 3 points in), prompted the comeback of the hosts while chaos reigned among our divisions, unable to think clearly and infiltrate one more time the New Zealand defense.

This time around, Ali Haidar and Ahmad Ibrahim, the stars against China, were not in the game. Amir Saoud was sidelined with injury, and Nadim Souaid, whom we hoped would come back with the team today, wasnt seemingly ready enough. Daniel Fares, once again brilliant when it mattered, inexplicably remained in the shadow of Charles Tabet and on the bench for most of the match.

Even when we got a defensive rebound, we rarely were able to translate the fast-breaks (were so bad at as usual) into meaningful points. The ending was a heartbreak, with 3 points slipping through our fingers, which would have seen us on top of the Group E and most certainly qualified for the FIBA 2019 WC.

Nevertheless, we still have a fantastic shot at it, lying in a great second place.  With 4 games to go, we should not rest on our laurels:

  • November 29, 2018: against South Korea (in South Korea).
  • December 2, 2018: against China (in China).
  • February 22, 2019: against New Zealand (in Lebanon).
  • February 25, 2019: against South Korea (in Lebanon).

In 2 months time, we return to play against South Korea. A win would boost our qualification hopes big time regardless of the other results in the group, with the hope of the main actors of our team to recover by then (Jean Abdel Nour, Wael Arakji, Nadim Souaid, Bassel Bawji, Amir Saoud).

Although qualifying on our grounds would be an extremely welcome and amazing feeling, wed rather finish things as early as November, to avoid the stress we felt at the Nouhad Nawfal stadium last week, which this time, could be even worse.


Group E

6/18 games played

... ... ...


Shaw, Mitchell question Mark on extended Middle East deployment "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

In Parliament today Green co-leader James Shaw took Minister of Defence Ron Mark to task after the deployment of New Zealand troops in Iraq and Afghanistan was extended. 4. Hon JAMES SHAW (Co-LeaderGreen) to the Minister of Defence: Is it his intention to continue the deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq beyond 2019? Hon RON MARK (Minister of Defence): []


Appalling sex offences against children "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Ive just seen an item on 1 News about Martin Lawes, Its appalling. Some of the story from Stuff: Sex offender Martin Lawes truly shocking personality behind closed doors He is a husband, a father, a grandfather and a multi-millionaire who live streamed child sexual abuse for his own gratification. Before his downfall, Martin Lawes []


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Fettle  state or condition of health, fitness, wholeness, spirit, or form; to trim or clean the rough edges of a metal casting or a piece of pottery before firing; to tidy; mend.


Mike Treen is coming to speak in Hamiton on Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Recently returned from the international Freedom Flotilla that set out to break Israels blockade of Gaza Palestine and deliver humanitarian (medical) aid, Mike Treen, National Director at Unite Union and long term long-time activist says I have a few stories to tell!

Mike Treen has spoken of his experience in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and now he comes to Hamilton. He speaks of the treatment his fellow crew members (women and men) by the recent Freedom Gaza Flotilla experienced were subjected to by the Israeli military.

His presentation is not only an eye-witness recounting of those harrowing events, but is a considered overview of the current situation today. Treens presentation touches on the growing international support for the Palestinian people and includes steps our NZ government could take to promote the conditions necessary for justice and peace.

He has received standing ovations at his presentations these gatherings for his role on behalf of New Zealand as one among the 22 people seized imprisoned following during the seizure of the Al Awda boat by the Israelis in international waters a breach of international law an event that seems to have been ignored by world leaders and our own government.

Not to be missed! Free entry donations welcome.

This Frida...


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Old values and new practices Glenys Christian:

Richard Cookson and his wife Louise Cullen studied at Lincoln University but then went overseas for work at scientists rather than heading for the farm. However, 12 years ago they answered a call to return home and now run a cow and goat dairy unit.

They not only enjoy it but are proud of what they are doing and want all New Zealanders to be proud of farmers as the keepers of Kiwi values. They are leading by example, not just on the farm but also by giving back to the sector and community and setting environmental standards. . .

Lamb prices pushing the limit Annette Scott:

Lamb prices are not aligned with global market fundamentals, prompting a warning of a looming correction.

Procurement prices as high as $8.70 a kilogram are out of whack from a global perspective but reflect the limited number of lambs in the market, Alliance livestock and shareholder services general manager Heather Stacy said.

While the weaker New Zealand dollar is playing a key role in keeping lamb prices up, a push-back is imminent. . .

Better understanding of nutrient movement Pam Tipa:

We need a better understanding of nutrient transport across catchments, says Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE), Simon Upton.

And he says we also need better understanding of what nutrient models can and cant do to assist in building a picture and better communication of what is happening to water quality. . .



Ratepayers report released "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The Taxpayers Union and the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance have released this years Ratepayers Report, online government league table:

With these league tables, New Zealanders can easily compare their local council performance and financial position against similarly sized councils and types.

By setting out more than two thousand data points, Ratepayers Report provides transparency, so no-one can credibly claim cherry-picking or a political agenda. The league tables set out metrics such as Council debt, assets, spending and staff costs, all on a per-ratepayer basis.

Some councils do very well in the league tables, some not so much. Every council has checked its own numbers and approved it for accuracy.

Across the country council borrowing continues to skyrocket. On average, councils have increased the share of debt for each of their ratepayers by $244  a 5.3 percent increase in borrowing in just a year!

The data shows why Auckland Ratepayers, in particular, have cause for real concern, with Council liabilities now $19,537 per ratepayer, up more than $600 since last year. This is second only to Christchurch, and almost four times the national average of $4,876.

Every dollar spent by a Council was earned by a hard working ratepayer. Ratepayers Report allows ratepayers to see how their money is being spent.

Notable Findings:

  • Christchurch City Council has more debt on a per ratepayer basis than any other council in the country ($21,137). Auckland Council is the second most indebted authority, with debt per ratepayer of $19,537.
  • The average debt per ratepayer of all councils is $4,876.
  • Auckland Council pays 2,250 of its staff salaries in excess of $100,000. Auckland Council also employs more staff per ratepayer than any other unitary authority (17 staff per 1,000 ratepayers). Marlborough District Council, another unitary authority, employs 10 staff per 1,000 ratepayers.
  • The highest average residential rates in New Zealand are in Western Bay of Plenty ($3,234 per year).
  • The lowest average residential rates in New Zealand are in the Mackenzie District ($1,637 per year)

The report is here.

This is a valuable resource for ratepayers to check on t...

Monday, 17 September


Brits in Coverup of US Tactical Nuke Use in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

It appears this guy has been watched and targeted by the Brits for some time: Mainly because of his exposure of the use of DU/Nuke weapons in Iraq by coalition forces, which has poisoned the environment for decades to come and resulted in horrific birth defects. The story appeared in the Mainstream News  for a []

The post Brits in Coverup of US Tactical Nuke Use in Iraq appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Fake news grows when gatekeepers go "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Mainstream news outlets have gatekeepers.

Theyre the people who decide what is real news and what is not.

Theyre human and so not perfect.

They can let their bias colour decisions and, not knowing what they dont know, let the wrong story through without at least some balance from the right one.

But they are still there to draft off deliberate and dangerous fake news.

Social media doesnt have gatekeepers and without them fake news grows and spreads.

Lies, defamatory comments and accusations and false statements not only get published they go viral, infecting the world with untruths and fiction purporting to be facts.

In when anti-1080 activism grew  noisy and got uglyHayden Donnell  shows how its done:

. . .What caused the sudden escalation? Part of the answer can perhaps be traced back to October last year, when anti-1080 leaders held a think-tank near Nelson. There the lawyer Sue Grey gave a presentation on how to mainstream the movement. Grey has been a leading spokesperson in the medicinal cannabis movement, which has gained political traction and overwhelming public support in recent months, and she drew on her experience with that cause to outline a new anti-1080 strategy. Activists couldnt rely on getting mainstream media coverage, she said. She proposed taking a different tack co-opting stories about issues completely unrelated to 1080 to spread the anti-1080 message.

You dont have to wait for a story about 1080 to put a comment about 1080, she said. You know heres [a story on the fact] the prime ministers in Vietnam well put a comment whats the prime minister telling them about putting 1080 in our food?. And you can actually sort of divert the whole story.

Theres all sorts of things you can do to pick up on momentum and people are going hang on, wheres all this 1080 stuff coming from. . . 

This sort of thread-jack happens on blogs too. An activist sees a post on x and uses it as an opportunity to write a comment that sides tracks with but what about y.

The tactics she outlined almost perfectly match a sea change in how anti-1080 activism...


10 years after Lehman "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I have been enjoying the live tweeting of the Lehman Brothers failure with a 10 year delay.

On the day I had this to say.

Then 10 years ago today I tried to provide some predictions.  The terms of trade fell a little more than I expected (to their 2005 levels rather than to their 2007 level), but otherwise they werent that bad credit rationing was predominantly in the construction sector, mortgage rates fell, and in NZ the crisis was nothing like the Great Depression.  But this:

As long as the information transfer between market participants begins to improve again this crisis will be a historical point of interest in a years time rather than the beginning of the end.

Glad I conditioned it on the idea that there were be a recognition of loss between debtors and creditors because once that didnt happen in Europe the crisis just kept on trucking.  With everything calming down by mid-2009 the world was recovering.  Then Greece in May 2010.  Then my goodness just look at this this cluster.  Finally in 2012 there was a recognition of the need for a lender of last resort in Europe.

If you want a retrospective I did one back in 2014 

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