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Saturday, 09 December


So you think there were never elephants in Mt Hagen? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Elephant at Mt Hagen Show 1973GARRY ROCHE

DUBLIN Mt Hagen was a long way from the African savannah in 1973, in fact it still is, but for a brief glorious moment it was able to boast that it had elephants. Or, to be precise, an elephant.

I happened to attend the Mt Hagen Show in that year, I had my camera on standby and I took the money shot (right).

This elephant was transported to the highlands especially for the show by South Pacific Brewery.

In the photo, the elephant is preceded by the band of the Pacific Islands Regiment and flanked by students from Fatima High School.

I cant remember whether it was the PIR pipe band or brass band but, despite its big ears, the elephant didnt seem to mind either way.

In the background of this now ancient photo you can see the mountain peaks of Kum and Kuta providing an impressive backdrop.

Wamp Wan rides elephant Mt Hagen Show 1973 (Pacific Manuscripts Bureau)The photo at left shows the great highlands leader the late Sir Wamp Wan (read more about this remarkable man here) riding the elephant, which I understand to be more comfortable than riding a pig.

The elephant was brought by truck to Mt Hagen along the Highlands Highway and the truck stopped at various locations and caused great excitement amongst the people who had never before seen such a large animal first hand.

By elephant standards, this particular pachyderm was not huge in size but it certainly made a huge impression.

In addition to being paraded and carrying around some VIPs, the elephant later was enticed to pull a large SP truck, and my memory t...


The exigencies of Empire: Those were the days my friend "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Burmese Days by George Orwell, Penguin Modern Classics, 2010, Paperback, 320 pages, $A15.76. Available from The Book Depository

TUMBY BAY - I cant remember ever being without a book to read. Being caught bookless is one of my worst nightmares.

In the wilds of Western Province in the 1960s, two or three thick books in my patrol box were as essential as the tins of bully beef and bags of rice.

I dont know how many books Ive read over the years but it must be many thousands.

Following such a span of time, Ive more recently discovered - and delighted in - re-reading some of those books.

I would recommend the practice. Many of the books I read in my teens and in my early 20s and 30s now offer a totally different reading experience.

Its amazing how the school of life and a bit of hard-won knowledge can change ones interpretation and appreciation of a book.

As a case in point. Ive recently been re-reading some of George Orwells novels not the well-known ones like Animal Farm and 1984 but more obscure ones like Coming Up For Air and Burmese Days.

The latter is one of Orwells first books and the former, in my opinion, is his best.

Orwell was born in India in 1903 and in 1922 joined the Indian Imperial Police and served in Burma (now Myanmar) for five years. Burmese Days draws on this experience.

The book was turned down by publishers in Britain but picked up by a publisher in the USA in 1934.

What struck me in re-reading it were the similarities and parallels between the colonial experience in Burma and in Papua New Guinea.

All the stock characters and situations from both places are there. Its almost like looking at the Papua New Guinean colonial experience in a mirror.

There is the insufferable heat and humidity, the boredom and ennui of outstation life, the rampant alcoholism, the casual racism, the sexual exploitation and the overriding air of superiority expressed by the white wives and husbands as they meet in the...


Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi: Salam Sukses untuk ULMWP Sampai Kapan Kita Dititipkan di Sudut Politik Abu-Abu? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jawaban langsung dari Lt. Gen. TRWP Amunggut Tabi dari Tentara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP) lewat mantan Sekretaris-Jenderal TRWP ialah "Sampai Kapan Kita Dititipkan di Sudut Politik Abu-Abu?" PMNews mendalami pernyataan ini dengan sejumlah pertanyaan dan jawabannya disampaikan sbb. PMNews: Selamat malam! Kami dengan senang hati sampaikan bahwa KTT ULMWP telah berlangsung dan telah memilih Benny

Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi: Salam Sukses untuk ULMWP Sampai Kapan Kita Dititipkan di Sudut Politik Abu-Abu? was originally published on

Continue reading


Papua New Guinea gets its largest-ever conservation area "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Managalas-mapMORGAN ERICKSON-DAVIS | News Editor, Mongabay

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA - Papua New Guinea has established its largest-ever protected conservation area: the 3,600-sq km Managalas Conservation Area in the southeast of the country stretching from near the ocean into the mountains.

The move is being celebrated by conservation organisations and local communities that have been working for 32 years to establish more protections for the region.

The Managalas Conservation Area was officially declared at Itokama village on 29 November 29 by Environment and Climate Minister John Pundari and Oro Governor Gary Juffa.

Without environment, and without you and I, we will never enjoy the blessings of life, said Mr Pundari, as reported in the PNG Post-Courier. If we lose [the environment], we lose ourselves and that is also a global message.

Local communities held a party following the announcement to celebrate the declaration, the culmination of their decades of work towards protection of their forests.

The region, called the Managalas Plateau, still has expansive tracts of primary forest. But it has been increasingly eyed by extractive industries like logging and mining, according to Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN), which is supporting conservation activities in the region.

Industrial agriculture is also a big threat with several areas of the plateau suitable for oil palm plantations.

The Managalas Conservation Area will protect the plateau from most large-scale encroachment while safeguarding sustainable use of forest resources by the 21,000 people who call it home.

These uses are described in the projects long-term management plan, drawn up by the communities residing in the Conservation Area and including both subsistence and livelihood activities like coffee cultivation.

According to RFN, the development of the Conservation Area has already aided preservation of the region by deflecting mining and logging operations.

RFN says that when it became known that mining exploration licenses were being issued, conservation organizations and local communities sent letters of protest to authorities arguing that mining should not be allowed in an area earmarked for conservation.

As a result, the boundaries for the licenses were amended, and......


Desperate and dangerous: UN committee on racial discrimination urges Australia to immediately evacuate its offshore refugee camps "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Overnight, a UN committee of independent human rights experts told Australia to end the indefinite limbo of the 2000 men, women and children being warehoused on Manus Island and Nauru by evacuating them to safety in Australia.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination released its concluding observations after reviewing Australias compliance with the Convention it promised to uphold. The Committee said that it was alarmed that innocent people - many of whom were found to be refugees years ago - remained trapped in desperate and dangerous conditions on Manus and Nauru and urged the Australian Government to bring them to Australia and find safe, viable resettlement options.

The Committee also reiterated that Australia continues to have clear legal responsibility for men, women and children it is warehousing on Manus and Nauru.

Amy Frew, lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

The international tide of condemnation is clearly rising. Malcolm Turnbull must act, and he must act quickly. He must do what both the Australian community is calling for, and what the UN recommends. He must evacuate every man, woman and child to safety immediately.

The findings come just as the Australian Government is set to begin its three year term on the UN Human Rights Council. Ms Frew said that it was clear that Australias term on the Council risked being completely defined by its cruelty to refugees.

Our Government wants to strut its stuff and look the part at the UN. But it is crystal clear that for as long as our Government continues to warehouse 2000 innocent men, women and children on Manus and Nauru it will lack credibility and moral authority on human rights, said Ms Frew.

Asher Hirsch, Senior Policy Officer at the Refugee Council of Australia, said:

The Refugee Council of Australia is deeply disappointed that for the fifth time this year, a UN body has handed down a report criticising Australias treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum. It seems that increasingly Australia is become an international pariah in relation to its human rights record.

We are concerned about the lives of the many thousands of people caught up in Australias cruel treatment and hope the sustained criticism on the Australian government internationally will see its policies change, said Mr Hirsch.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination concluding observations, can be found here.

For interviews or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


New Caledonia take medals lead with 18 golds at Pacific Mini Games "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Another dominant day on the mat has catapulted New Caledonia into top spot on the Pacific Mini Games medal tally.

The French territory has 18 gold medals in all, after winning seven of the eight events on the first day of karate.

Les Cagous added seven gold medals in karate to the 10 they scooped up in judo.

The only break in their dominance came from Vanuatu's Vamule Lango, who won gold in the female kumite 61kg division.

New Caledonia picked up another gold medal in tennis, edging Solomon Islands 2-1 in the final of the women's team event.

The men's final between Vanuatu and Fiji is down to the deciding doubles match, which will now take place this morning following extended rain.

Papua New Guinea and Samoa remain on 14 and 13 gold medals respectively after having to settle for silvers and bronze on Friday.

Meanwhile Vanuatu is up to fifth overall, behind Fiji, after Yoshua Shing and Anolyn Lulu claimed mixed doubles gold in table tennis, beating compatriots Ham Lulu and Priscilla Tommy.

Table tennis and karate wrap up on Saturday, along with golf, while the rugby sevens champions and World Cup qualifiers will also be decided.
Radio New Zealand


Joy for Vanuatu table tennis father as children win gold "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

For two decades Morris Lulu has followed the fortunes of his medal-winning table tennis children from afar as they represented Vanuatu on the international stage but, until this week, he had never seen them taste victory in person.

On Wednesday night Mr Lulu was in attendance at Korman Stadium to cheer on daughter Anolyn and son Ham to their countrys first gold medals in the womens and mens team event at the Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

As a dad, I am very proud to see my kids play in the Mini Games, he told the Vanuatu 2017 Games News Service.

I have never seen them play in a competition like this because normally they play overseas. I had only heard their news from the radio or read it in the newspaper, and I had only seen them during training.

But yesterday was a very proud moment for me when they won gold in the team event. Now I have actually seen them play in a tough competition. I lost my voice because I was overjoyed, and I never stopped cheering to support them.

I will be here throughout their matches and continue to give them support.

Mr Lulu, a carpenter by trade, is from Gaua Island in the Banks group in the north of Vanuatu.

His other daughter, Emelyn, was the first table tennis player in the family. She took up the sport while at secondary school in Banks, and later moved to Port Vila where she joined the table tennis academy of Mr Mok, who laid the foundations for the sport in Vanuatu.

When Anolyn moved to Port Vila to find a job after school, Emelyn persuaded her to play the sport. They played together and were later joined by Mr Moks daughter and son, and the Lulus brother, Ham, becoming Vanuatus first two table tennis families and inspiring more people to take up the sport.

Priscilla Tommy, who is Anolyns teammate in the womens national team, is also her cousin.

After watching his children grow from young table tennis enthusiasts to international stars, Mr Lulus advice to all parents is to let their children play whatever sport they are good at and support them.

Dont keep your kids at home, let them come and watch the different sports to give them interest and courage to play a sport, he said.

Table tennis is still growing with a small number (of participants) but it is good to have more kids join the sport. Those who are playing now will soon finish, and they will ne...


REAL Tonga to launch Tonga-Samoa service on 18 Dec "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

REAL Tonga has confirmed Monday 18 December 2017, as the launch date of the much anticipated flight operations between Tonga and Samoa.

The Airline is currently completing final license requirements in Samoa and will commence operations with two (2) flights per week.

All flights are to be operated from Fuaamotu Domestic Airport to Faleolo International Airport in Samoa, via Salote Lupepauu International Airport, Vavau

REAL Tonga will be utilising the SAAB 340 for our regional flights, which will be offering up to thirty (30) passenger seats and a full meal service.

It has been over a decade since there was any significant commercial capacity between the two Polynesian nations.  The Owner & Chief Executive of REAL Tonga, Mr. Tevita Palu said, he is delighted to announce this exciting development for REAL Tonga, he also said, that from the moment he thought of starting an airline, he had always envisaged more than just offering a domestic service for the people of Tonga and he always expected that REAL Tonga air services would expand internationally and offer our people more choice, more flexibility and better fares than are currently available. He went on to say, that the airline is in its 5th year of operation and whilst it has been a long process developing the airlines standards to fit the international arena, he had made it clear to his management team, that he wanted services to Samoa to be available to our people and to the people of Samoa to be able to travel to their respective homes in order to celebrate Christmas. 

Mr. Palu said whilst Samoa is the first of our international routes, his management team are already working on plans to extend our regional routes to offer safe, convenient, comfortable and cheaper options to the people of Tonga to other neighbouring countries. 

The two flights weekly are being scheduled, to provide convenient flight times as well as good connections to Pagopago and to the U.S.A. 

This operation looks to open up more travel, trade and business opportunities between the two neighbouring countries and the international leg between Vavau and Samoa will offer further growth opportunities for the tourism market. The Samoa route offers the people of Tonga huge reductions in travelling time as well as air fares. 

Source: Press Release


Solomon and Fiji identified as source of prostitution "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fiji and the Solomon Islands have been identified as hot spots for prostitution and child trafficking.

This was published in the 2017 United States Trafficking in Persons Report which was shared to the participants of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children session at the International Civil Society Week currently being held in Suva.

The report states the two countries are used as source, transit and final destinations not only for local but also Southeast Asian men and women who were subjected to forced labour and forced prostitution, and local children subjected to sex and labour trafficking.

It also detailed how children were at risk of being sexually abused and exploited, experiences of children who experience parental neglect and abuse and those living without their biological parents.

The report states that sexual violence against children is recognised internationally as the most severe violation of their human rights and the worst form of child abuse and exploitation.

Iris Low-Mckenzie, CEO of the Save the Childrens Fund said perpetrators of the abuse and exploitation were males and typically men with resources or authority in the community.

Sexual violence against children is a global problem and in recent years there has been increasing concern throughout Pacific countries regarding the incidence and suffering that children here experience, Mckenzie said.

She said the Pacific region need a holistic, inter-departmental approach to protect children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

There is a need to strengthen policies, legislation and institutions for child protection as well as to address the lack of services to assist families in need and child victims, she added.

There is a growing awareness among Pacific Island governments of childrens rights and of the need to protect children from violation of those rights, particularly from sexual abuse and exploitations.

McKenzie believes there needed to be comprehensive, well-resourced and well-planned local, national and regional efforts to address sexual violence against children across the region.

The participants of that workshop discussed ways and opportunities to influence change, to mandate responsible individuals to initiate act to end the sexual violence and exploitation against children.



Rugby World Cup spot up for grabs at VAN2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rugby Sevens kicked off on Friday at the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games and put the new Korman Stadium to the test with ten teams contesting in two pools.

The stand was packed and the crowd was loud as is the tradition in Sevens and the action on the field did not disappoint.

The rain came and went in light showers but did not dampen the spirit of the fans nor the players.

As expected the biggest roar aside from the home crowd support for the Vanuatu team was for the mighty Fijians.

Fiji placed its usual stamp of authority and dominance on each of its four games of the first day with wins over Tuvalu, Niue, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. Despite this team not being the number one national team, the natural skillset of the players which dominated each game was obvious for all to see.

While Fiji has topped Pool A finishing the day undefeated with one round to go before finals, Solomon Islands has secured second place in that pool.

In Pool B, Samoa like Fiji has sent its second team due to World Series commitments, but at no time looked threatened by opponents Tonga, Vanuatu, Nauru or Wallis and Futuna.

With both these nations having already qualified for the 2018 Rugby Sevens World Cup, the big prize for the rest of the field is the chance to secure the second Oceania spot in the draw.

For Vanuatu, the steep learning curve continues and while a day of wins in front of the home fans would have been preferable it is the long and realistic road of development which is being played by Vanuatu Rugby.

With a win and two losses, Saturdays match against Nauru will be crucial if the home team hopes to finish well.

By Jill Scanlon /news and photo:


Papua New Guinea gets its largest-ever conservation area "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea has been granted its largest-ever conservation area, a 3,600-square kilometer (1,390-square mile) protected area of rainforest in the countrys southeast that stretches from near the ocean up into the mountains. Called Managalas Conservation Area, the move is being celebrated by conservation organizations and local communities that have been working for 32 years to establish more protections for the region. Managalas Conservation Area was officially declared on November 29 by Minister for Environment and Climate John Pundari and Northern Governor Gary Juffa at Itokama village. Without environment, and without you and I, we will never enjoy the blessings of life, said Pundari, as reported by PNGs Post-Courier. If we lose [the environment], we lose ourselves and that is also a global message. Local communities held a party following the announcement to celebrate the declaration, the culmination of their decades of work towards protection of their forests. Minister for Environment and Climate John Pundari and Beate Gabrielsen from the Norwegian Embassy pose for photos at the declaration ceremony. Photo courtesy of Rainforest Foundation Norway Residents of Itokama celebrate the declaration of Managalas Conservation Area. Photo courtesy of Rainforest Foundation Norway The region, called the Managalas Plateau, still has expansive tracts of primary forest. But it has been increasingly eyed by extractive industries like logging and mining, according to Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN), which is supporting conservation activities in the region. Industrial agriculture is also a big threat, with several areas of the plateau suitable for oil palm plantations. The


Self-determination resistance continues in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Self-determination resistance continues in West Papua Roshni Kapur
DECEMBER 8 The province of West Papua continues to be shrouded in secrecy from the rest of the world. West Papuas struggle for independence from the Indonesian government has been simmering for half a century. The conflict has received

Self-determination resistance continues in West Papua

Friday December 8, 2017 07:06 PM GMT+8

DECEMBER 8 The province of West Papua continues to be shrouded in secrecy from the rest of the world. West Papuas struggle for independence from the Indonesian government has been simmering for half a century. The conflict has received little media coverage since the Indonesian government has managed to block and censor information. The government has also implemented a policy that bars foreign journalists from entering West Papua, hence preventing stories of human rights violations from being reported and reaching the outside world.

West Papua was the only territory of the East Indies Empire which the Dutch did not give to Indonesia. In 1961, the Dutch formed a national assembly and the Morning Star flag was hoisted declaring its independence. Soon after, Indonesia invaded West Papua with the military support of the Soviet Union.

The US intervened by brokering the New York Agreement without consulting or involving the indigenous people. The agreement gave Indonesia interim control of West Papua until the 1969 Act of Free Choice, a UN-sponsored referendum to vote for either independence or integration will be held. Instead of holding a universal referendum, only one per cent of the population was handpicked to vote. Those selected by the authorities were intimidated with force which resulted in a unanimous vote that was in favour of joining Indonesia.

Although the outcome of the referendum was unopposed around that time, many West Papuans think that their mandate was not taken into account on whether they want to be a part of Indonesia. The Indonesian government wrests their control of West Papua through the New York agreement.

The West Papua resis...

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Friday, 08 December


RTG Increases Its Interest in the Panguna Landowners Joint Venture Partner "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


RTG | Stockhouse | 8 December 2017

As announced previously, Central is the joint venture partner of the Special Mining Lease Osikaiyang Landowners Association (SMLOLA), being the owners of the minerals at the old Panguna Mine. The joint venture is held through Central Meekamui Exploration Limited who has applied for an exploration licence over the customary land of the SMLOLA members, being the old Panguna Mine. The SMLOLA has nominated RTG as their development partner for Panguna....


Nuclear-capable Russian Tu-95 bombers on maiden flight from Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A pair of Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers has flown a maiden patrol mission over the South Pacific from a military base in Indonesia. Crew and support staff had to deal with an unfamiliar tropical environment to successfully navigate and complete the mission. The two Tupolev bombers, which can carry nuclear weapons, flew Tuesday from Ukrainka Airfield in Russia's eastern Amur region to the Biak Airbase in Indonesia's easternmost Papua province. The almost 7,000km flight with mid-course in-flight refueling took about 10 hours, which was longer than the pilots expected. Bad weather prompted several changes in their flight course, they told journalists. A pair of Ilyushin Il-76MD military transport planes had arrived at the site a day ahead, carrying equipment and support crews. The mission, it turned out Thursday, was more than just a social visit to Indonesia. The Tu-95s, known as "Bears" in the West, flew a patrol mission over the southern Pacific before returning to the Indonesian base. The patrol was the first of its kind for the Russian Air Forces and was without incident, despite the persistently difficult weather conditions in the region.


Notes on ending the violence echo chamber & asserting real action "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rashmii Bell
Rashmii Bell


BRISBANE In that genre of storytelling in which animals are cast to convey human satires, Aesops fables are perhaps most likely to be recalled: The Hare and the Tortoise, The Gnat and the Bull and The Lion and the Mouse come quickly to the mind.

In her A Biography of Story, A Brief History of Humanity, author Trish Nicholson tells of this tradition of stories and proverbs surfacing in 3,000BC in the land of Gilgamesh (Mesopotamia) and existing through the centuries.

The tradition survived throughout lands distant and near, re-told, re-interpreted and translated to suit the society in which it emerged next.

Its intent was always the same: providing common sense wisdom on how to live amongst others whilst remaining true to ourselves, and the consequences of failing to do so.

The inclusion of The History of Reynard the Fox in A Biography of Story seemed to me a well-thought gift which demanded my reckoning.

Not deviating from Nicholsons description, the gist of the tale is this:

Reynard the Fox is a trickster: he steals from the other animals, cons them out of their rights, lays devious traps which lead them into trouble or kill them, rapes their wives, and manipulates his accusers with lies and flattery.

Trickery, confession and shifting of blame to other animals with power and influence is the repertoire. Reynard is unscrupulous, adopting the strategies of similar minded and well-placed others against those with lesser power to achieve his goals.

This we see when, after shaving Reynard and oiling his fat body, Dame Rukenshaw advises the Fox that with the aid of a full bladder and by striking across the face with a urine-soaked tail, Reynard will be guaranteed victory over his opponent, Wolf.

Much to our dismay, there is no apology expressed, nor victory of good over evil.

Instead, this tale encourages readers to identify and rectify Reynard-like quali...



081217 Robbery in Buka town

Robbery in Buka is a big concern for registered business houses who are struggling to improve their businesses and also contribute to the economy of Bougainville.
This year there were a number of robberies that occurred in Buka town.
Early Sunday morning this week, between 2am and 3m, burglars broke into Bakoline heavy Metal shop in Buka town and stole goods amounting to K10500.00.
The shop owner was not aware of this incident until daybreak because she lives in another part of Buka town while the retail shop is situated in the heart of Buka town in a building adjacent to Likui Trading.
The shop owner, who wishes to be unidentified, said that this would not happen if there was proper security to the rented shop.
She said that they have reported the incident to the Police but up to now there is still no lead from the police.
She is appealing to the general public to help prevent this activity because such behaviour does not portray a referendum ready community.




081218 interview with PPC Kingsley Lua
By- Theresa Baranangko
Police are ensuring that there is law and order in Bougainville to pave way for a successful conduct of Referendum.
They are calling for Communities Corporation and participation with Bougainville Police to help minimise criminal activities that is continuously occurring within Buka town and also other rural communities in North Bougainville.
According to the Provincial Police Commander, Mr. Kinsley Lua, Police have been receiving many reports of criminal activities mainly from Suir, Siara and Selau District and a few in Buka Town.
He said that most of which is alcohol related therefore he is strongly appealing to youths especially to control their drinking or more so enjoy it at home rather than going around in public areas where they will sure find trouble.
The PPC said that Police are also aware of an illegal trade which involves few mothers who are selling Homebrew at Stalls purposely intended for selling bettle nut. He said that this activity is mainly occurring at Kokopau and he is therefore appealing to those involved to stop this illegal trade before they are caught by police and face the consequences or even face tribunal.
He said that police will not tolerate such activity because Home brew is one of the major contributing factors enabling criminal activities.
The PPC is also appealing to students who are going into partying after graduation to take precaution during this festive season and avoid getting into trouble.
He said the police officers have been dispatched to communities to conduct awarenesss to ensure youths do not get into trouble therefore he is appealing to the public to respect the young police officers because they are doing their job to maintain peace and stability within communities. ENDS



081217 Lack of communication in Nissan Island
By- Theresa Baranangko
The Lack of communication has triggered concern for the people of Nissan Island.
A concerned parent who wishes to stay anonymous said since there is no digicel Network and currently due to the disconnection of the telecom tower, they are unable to use cell phones to enable communication.
She said that because of this issue parents especially are facing difficulties trying to contact their school children who are attending Institutions outside of Nissan. Parents are more concerned with their childrens safety while travelling back to Nissan for the Christmas Holidays.
In regard to this issue, she is appealing to the Member for Nissan, Hon. Jerry Napto, to take this serious issue into consideration and do something so communication can be re-established in Nissan.


Refugee Detention, Torture and Abuse by Australia doesnt STOP for holidays, New Year celebrations, Christmas Carols or Sporting events #SanctionAustralia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

While you are celebrating your end of year events, our community is being tortured, abused and murdered in Australian run detention centers in front of your eyes every single day. Have you forgotten?

This is a call by RISE eX-detainees to the Australian public and the International community to join our #SanctionAustralia Campaign and stand AGAINST Refugee/Asylum seeker Detention, Torture and Refoulement committed by the Australian government, during end of year events across Australia and Overseas.

What you are witnessing RIGHT NOW against Refugees in Manus or Nauru or any other Australian run detention camp is not something new. The systemic abuse against refugees coming on boats to seek asylum has been going on for over 25 years now. Australia needs to stop using us as political pawns and


Furthermore, Australias state sanctioned refugee trafficking, detention, torture and abuse has been the laboratory for the world. It has given a green light to many across the globe who claim to support refugees including the European Union who recently made a major deal with Libya to intercept refugee boats.

RISE eX-detainees call for immediate pressure to be placed on Australia in the way of global sanctions that address their deliberate and inhumane mandatory detention process and refugee boat push back policies. Specifically, Australia should be excluded in participating in international humanitarian and human rights forums until mandatory detention and refoulement of asylum seekers is abolished in Australia.

We eX-detainees request all supporters of eX-detainees and current detainees held hostage by Australia to take a stand during end of year holiday events and bring to the forefront the forgotten people in our community being tortured, refouled and abused by this government while mainstream Australia celebrates this festive season.

What you can do
Download our posters and display them at public places and send a strong message that you are no longer going to stand by idly while the trafficking in human misery is leveraged for political gain.

Hand out our sanction Australia brochures

For more details about the #SanctionAustralia campaign initiated and run by eX-detainees visit the main page: #SanctionAustralia



Dont Be Fooled "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Deputy PM and Treasurer defends Budget 2018 as not FAKE


Treasury Minister Charles Abel has defended the 2018 Budget, saying it is not a fake but one that includes visions for the people despite challenges in efforts to stimulate the economy.

Mr Abel also defended the cost of living to rise revenue measures which were done to protect the interest of local industries and support PNG-owned manufacturers.

The irate Deputy Prime Minister Abel said yesterday there were many good things about the budget that was passed 95-0 unanimously this week, singling out that the reports in this weeks two front page Post-Courier reports negatively portrayed the budget.


Post-Courier has ignored the hard work that we did in the 2018 Budget, and instead chosen to go with the nonsense and comments made by the Opposition. Wheres the balance? This is a very significant budget, Mr Abel said.


The budget was passed unanimously this week, and on voices, and the newspaper has printed nothing positive about the budget two important supporting legislation passed 95-0, but this was ignored, he said.


So you need to understand the reforms that we are doing so that you can understand all these for example why we have a big foreign exchange issue when we have a huge current account surplus.


Foreign exchange surplus means on the books what we export is much more than what we are importing.


We export billions and billions of US dollars worth of raw materials from our logs and gas, which are our two major, but why do we have on the financial account, they dont match, and in other words the financial flows that make the good flows so physical flows, the value is much higher than what we import. That surplus doesnt reflect in our foreign exchange balance, so we need to examine all these structural issues in our economy that means we put onto the short term.


And we are also working on some other long-term issues, replacing some of the imports on our food and fuel, and we see some of the tariff changes that we have done b...


Agriculture helping grow PNG relations with Israel "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 6, 2017

Source: The NationalNational

PAPUA New Guinea recognises Israels assistance and support, notably in agriculture, Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae says.
He said that came through the Innovative Agro Industry Ltd (IAI), an affiliate of the Israeli LR Group of Companies, a leading project development company.
Sir Bob spoke as he welcomed Israeli Ambassador to PNG Tibor Shalve Schlosser.
We are indeed very grateful to receive you and look forward to enhancing and furthering the already good bilateral and friendly relations that exist between Papua New Guinea and Israel for so many years, he said.
Lets assure you that the Government of Papua New Guinea stands ready to accord you the necessary support and assistance you may require during your tour of duty in promoting and advancing the PNG-Israel relations for the mutual benefit of our two countries and people.
I hope that you will find your tour of duty to Papua New Guinea personally rewarding and fulfilling.


Basil planning big energy push "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 6, 2017  

Communications, Information Technology, and Energy Minister Sam Basil plan to seek the National Executive Councils approval to roll out Bulolos sustainable energy programmes throughout the country.
I will also seek off-grid solutions that can be provided by investing in micro-hydro, solar, wind small-scale geothermal, biomass and smart technologies like in my electorate, he said.
Basil was speaking during the opening the first Ramu grid round-table workshop for key stakeholders of the Ramu Power Grid on Friday.
Themed Towards accessible, reliable and affordable electricity, as a key enabler for economic growth and prosperity, the workshop was aimed at providing the participants the opportunity to describe their current consumption levels and future demand requirements and what they were willing to pay for electricity.
Basil said that the Governments recent undertaking as outlined in the Alotau Accord 2 was to create an environment in Papua New Guinea where it would continue to develop and maintain key productivity infrastructure assets, including utilities such as electricity to create a public-private partnership in the energy sector to improve and upgrade provision of accessible, reliable and affordable electricity in PNG.
The National Development Strategic Plan 2030 projects that by the year 2030, 70 percent of the population will have access to electricity in PNG, he said.
I consider this to be a major challenge, however, I believe that an initiative such as the National Electricity Roll Out Plan (NEROP) has the potential to contribute significantly to this projection if resourced and implemented.
NEROP requires government funding, however, for this to happen, NEC must sanction this plan. I intend to take NEROP to Cabinet for consideration and approval.
He said the Ramu grid was the largest of three systems in PNG covering seven provinces (Morobe, Madang, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Enga) with 1.1 million households within 20km of the current grid and would drive the economic heartland of PNG.


Kuman wants teachers to increase to 70,000 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 8, 2017  


EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman, pictured, wants the number of teachers to be increased from 56,000 to 70,000 to cater for the increase in the number of students.
This would ensure a reasonable teacher-student ratio.
In my own calculation, with two million students in our school system, we need at least 70,000 teachers, Kuman said.
Last year a head teacher of a primary school in Port Moresby told The National that a teacher was teaching 60 to 80 students in a classroom.
We are silently killing ourselves in the classroom, she said.
The normal minimum teacher-student ratio should be one teacher to 36 or maximum 45 students.
Kuman said the current ratio was one teacher to more than 50 students which must be reduced in secondary, primary and elementary schools.
In secondary schools, we look at one teacher to 30 to 35 students, he said.
In primary schools, one teacher to 30 to 45 students in the classroom.
Ideal ratio of teacher-student interaction is very important.
We graduate close to 2,000 teachers each year. About 300 to 400 teachers come out of the system.
There is plus there but we need to train a lot more teachers to bridge that gap to have proper teacher-student ratio.
Next week, Kuman will be in India to recruit specialised teachers in mathematics and science.


K60 million TFF fees to be paid next year "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 7, 2017 

EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman says the final payment of K60 million in tuition fee-free funds will be paid to school next year.
There was a balance of K60 million. We got some money in the account but we wont pay. We will hold on to the money and allow schools to close on Friday, he said.
This money will be available as soon as they start school next. I did that last year for this year. And Im going to do that this year for next year, because the schools will be closed.
They wont need it to run operations. It might go to the wrong hands if we give now. It will be in the central bank account.
It will be quarantined until the schools open next year the money will be available and they can pay all the outstanding bills incurred in the last three months.
Kuman said the TFF was the only education fund managed at the national level. Other funds are disbursed to provinces to manage.
In September, Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said Government had budgeted more than K600 million for this years TFF.
In 2017 we got a budget of K602 million so at the end of term two, we disbursed close to K300 million. Every term we are disbursing K150 million.


PNG leads Mini Pacific Games Medal Tally "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea is leading the Mini Pacific Games Medal Tally after the 4th day  of games in Vanuatu. PNG now leads with 14 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze, Samoa have jumped in behind them with 13 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze, Fiji have dropped to third position with 11 Gold, followed by New Caledonia on 10 Gold and the Solomon Islands bring up the top 5 winning 4 Gold.


Former New Zealand PM criticises treatment of Manus Island refugees and more zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke has criticised Australias treatment of refugees detained on Manus Island, and says humanity needs to be shown by allowing her country to resettle some of the refugees.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly declined New Zealands offer to resettle one-hundred-and-fifty out of the six-hundred refugees currently held in detention centres on the Papua New Guinean island.

Ms Clarke says that during her time serving as PM, New Zealand was able to successfully resettle many refugees in 2001.


Labor wins Townsville, giving the party 48 seats

Labor has claimed a win in Townsville, giving the party forty-eight seats in the Queensland Parliament.


Locals file case to stop seabed mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jemimah Sukbat | Loop PNG | December 8, 2017

The Solwara Alliance has filed a case against the government at the Waigani National Court to stop the operation of seabed mining in West Coast New Ireland.

Filed on Thursday afternoon, the Alliance wants the Government to make public all necessary and relevant documents under seabed mining agreement, who is involved in approving the project and on what grounds and why the government is still pursuing the project.

Jonathan Mesulam, a West Coast New Irelander and a member of the Solwara Alliance, says the people in the village are strongly against seabed mining because their livelihood will be affected by the project. They want the Government to ban the project.

No one knows the environmental impacts of this project. There is also no independent environmental studies so why is the government pushing for this project?

There will be negative impacts in the local and national...


Truth overboard again "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

When the New Zealand government started making serious noise about Australia's immoral refugee concentration camps, and offered to free people from them and give them a new home in New Zealand, suddenly there were Australian claims of "boats heading for New Zealand". Of course, it was all a lie:

There have been no intelligence reports that boat-people are targeting New Zealand more since the change of Government, nor any suggestion of a credible attempt by people smugglers to reach these shores by boat, the Government says.

And Andrew Little, Minister responsible for intelligence agencies the GCSB and the SIS, says that the boat-people who Australia says wanted to come to New Zealand probably didn't even know where New Zealand was.

His comments support those of a senior Foreign Affairs official, who told the Foreign Affairs select committee this morning that there was no evidence boat smugglers are targeting New Zealand more since the standoff over Manus Island.

This isn't surprising. The Australian government has shown a willingness in the past to lie to its own people to bolster its monstrous policy - as in the case of the "children overboard" affair (where the Australian Liberals used such lies to win an election). At the same time, Australia is supposed to be our closest friend. And yet, they're lying to us in an effort to manipulate our public and our policies. This is not the action of a friendly nation. But I guess, Australia hasn't been friendly for quite a while.

Meanwhile, remember: if you don't like Australian policy, Australian cruelty, and Australian lies, don't buy Australian. Its very easy once you get into the habit.

Thursday, 07 December


The knife "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

I'm in the final trenches of the space opera I've been writing. (Although the characters seem to spend more time fighting in trenches than space).
As most of you know, I've been a plotter since Weapons of Choice, which taught me a few hard lessons about not working with a plot outline. For THE CRUEL STARS I have a comprehensive scene-by-scene blueprint in Scrivener. I do let the characters walk their own path if they insist, but we always come back to the main narrative arc.
I can see from the outline and the words I currently have in the manuscript bank that this book would run about 30-40% over its contracted word length (90K) if I let it.
I'd like to, but can't. The audiobook people, for one, would freak.
So this morning is all about taking a knife to that outline.

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