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Tuesday, 04 December


We Want Greater Share: ONeill "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Gorethy Kenneth | Post Courier | December 4, 2018

PAPUA New Guinea wants a greater share of benefits from major oil and gas companies operating in the country, Prime Minister Peter ONeill said when officially opening the 15th PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference in Sydney yesterday.

Mr ONeill told delegates and major oil and gas companies operating both in PNG and those who have interests in the resource sector that the country needs and wants a fairer share of the benefits flowing from the development of these resources.

He said that PNG wanted them to invest in its oil and mining sector and at the same time wanted returns that benefit the people and resources owners.

I know you will continue to invest in the sector and the government is very much familiar with the ups and downs in the sector which we have all gone through, Mr ONeill said.

The resource sector has the first opportunity to deal with many of our landowners issues and concerns, in many of our remote communities.

They want to be included and must be part and parcel of the decisions...


Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Marlene Potoura and newspaperLets help Marlene & her two kids get a better life this Christmas

DONATIONS SO FAR (received in bold) K3,625 ($1,515): Bill Welbourne; David Ransom; Ed Brumby; Jo Holman; Lindsay Bond; Jan MacIntyre; Phil Fitzpatrick; Elissa Roper; Robin Lillicrapp; Tess Newton Cain; Keith Jackson

The first 24 hours has gone well. Our appeal to get Papua New Guinean writer and single mother Marlene Potoura and her children out of their Lae slum is being well supported by readers. Let's keep it going. Marlene has been robbed twice this year, losing many of her few possessions. Now she needs to get out of this situation. You can help. Link to more details here


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Monday, 03 December




The prime minister Peter O'Neill has not resigned as yet with his deputy prime minister and minister for Treasury Charles Abel after passing a string of fake budgets over the years including the 2019 appropriation bill which was distraught with fraud as it did not capture the existing foreign debts , especially from the Republic of China and the component of debt servicing which would be as high as 50 percent leaving very little to maintain concurrent services.

The moral and ethical benchmark for proper conduct has declined since independence forcing inductees over the years to become prototypes of their predecessors who themselves were swimming in corrupt behavior.

To begin with the grand statesman Sir Michael Thomas Somare was found guilty of misconduct in office by a leadership tribunal Court for failing to report his financial statements as a public office holder and yet he clung onto public office as if it was his God given inheritance , not to mention the community college scheme which drained valuable state money , of which a bribe was paid to him and one of his siblings with an outstanding Singaporean Court order for his arrest.

Chan and Wingti are even worse for their involvement in the Cayman Island Saga where K3 billion kina had fallen straight into the Bermuda Triangle leaving no trace of the money ably assisted by Mekere who put the leader over the investigation in his term as prime minister.

Mekere has probably done more injustice to the people of Western Province and the nation when he colluded with BHP Billiton in passing the OK Tedi supplementary mining agreements which provided indemnity for BHP to destroy the environment alone the Fly River waterways which is the livelihood of 100,000 people.

Not only that he approved of the PNGSDP which siphoned billions offshore still controlled by BHP as the people of Western Province still suffer from the lack of essential services.

The leader of the opposition is in an unenviable situation where he is struggling to fend off charges of misappropriation.

In between the big players you have bishops who have been introduced as fully pledged members of the Waigani Club who are conditioned to operate and perform robotically as long as PNG remained as a vibrant democracy there was enough to go around.

The prime minister had been involved in so many fraudulent deals including the "...


PNG LNG expansion obliged to reserve gas for domestic market "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Hides gas field is set to supply more gas for PNGs LNG expansion. Richard Dellman/AdvantagePNG

Angela Macdonald-Smith | Australian Financial Review | December 3, 2018

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill has revealed that 10 per cent of the gas in the next phase of LNG expansion in the nation will be reserved for domestic use, while the tax structure from the $US12 billion project will be engineered to ensure a flow of revenues for the government even when commodity prices sink to their lowest point in the cycle.

The news on some of the key terms around the LNG project puts some meat behind the memorandum of understanding between the government and the Total-led Papua LNG venture announced during the APEC summit in Port Moresby last month.

But as signalled by that announcement, the timetable for the project has slipped, with the partners now only set to start initial engineering and design work on the expansion in the June quarter of 2019 after the delayed gas agreement&#8221...


We only ask for your support when theres a real need "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Marlene Potoura and newspaperKEITH JACKSON

NOOSA - Two months from now, Ill have been publishing this blog for 13 years. According to the statistics, thats about one-fifth of my life expectancy.

During that 20% of my life, Ive wanted no reward from PNG Attitude except to keep it serving its main purpose, which is to maintain the links between Papua New Guineans and Australians. Thats a good reason and enough reward.

And when this blog is no longer required, when its replaced by something better, or when I tire, Ill draw the curtains and slip away.

But for now there are thousands of people who value this small space on the internet. I value them and they constantly motivate me to continue this project.

One thing PNG Attitude does from time to time is to ask readers to assist with small but important activities in PNG. We began doing this even before the term crowd-funding entered the dictionary and when our readership was tiny. We saw it as a means by which readers could give some money and contribute to the relationship this blog seeks to maintain.

And so it has been that readers have assisted people in PNG who required hospital treatment and medical support, they sponsored PNG writers through travel, fellowships, mentoring, awards and publishing, they provided the means to stock schools with books and equipment, they were front and centre in supporting Papua New Guineans in their quest to root out corruption, facilitate equality and bring honesty to the relationship between our countries. And more.

I dont often ask readers for money, and when I do its because Ive identified a vital need. This is one of those times.

Marlene Potoura (pictured above) has been kicked around lifes park these last few years. Shes deserved a break and has not been given one. I hope we can raise enough money through this appeal to enable Marlene to get herself and her kids out of the terrible predicament she finds herself in.

Trapped in a Lae slum; robbed at random by people as badly off as she is; lacking the means to get out and move to a place of safety and security.

You can read her story here.

Im sure you can...


Xi Jinping Visits Nations of Southeast Asia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The Chinese leaders one-week tour began on 15 November and included visits to Papua New Guinea, Brunei and the Philippines. These countries are situated in a region that has borne witness to clearly heightened tensions, on various fronts, between the two world powers, the USA and China.

The escalations are particularly noticeable on the backdrop of the slowdown in positive developments previously achieved on the Korean Peninsula. And although the inter-Korean dialogue continues (in guerilla warfare style), the two main players involved in the Korean issue (i.e. the United States and PRC) seemingly cannot find the answer to the question of what happens next.

It is difficult to envision positive developments in the northern part of a region engulfed in a power struggle between the USA and China, especially when tensions are escalating in its southern parts. A place, where the rivalry, between China and the US Australian tandem, to exert influence over the island states of the Pacific Ocean is becoming more noticeable.

An important step towards strengthening the position of Australia and the US in the region was the announcement that their joint military base is to be constructed in Papua New Guinea. The news came on the eve of Xi Jinpings arrival in its capital, Port Moresby.

The fact that the United States (together with Japan, Australia, and possibly India) started working on the planning stages of a project, meant to rival the New Silk Road, in recent months served as further proof of the worsening political climate in the region. Over the last few months, Western media outlets have not tired of reporting on the shortcomings of the Chinese initiative, which have allegedly become apparent in Malaysia and Pakistan.

Attempts are being made to pour new (trade and economic) wine into the old wineskins of the initiative to create the Asian NATO (with its core constituted by the USA, Japan, Australia and India). The wine is being used to try and win over the right, from China, to exert influence over the nations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Brunei and the Philippines are among such countries.

Evidence of acute tensions, engulfing the region, came in both subtle and open, back and forth verbal attacks,...


Did APEC deliver on the dream? Not to rural PNG it didnt "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pauline Mago-KingPAULINE MAGO-KING | Pacific Media Centre | Asia Pacific Report

AUCKLAND - It has only been two weeks since the conclusion of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, yet much has transpired to the dismay of host country Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guineas trajectory to this monumental event has been one involving great strides from the moment it secured the bid to host APEC in 2013.

In preparation for the summit, the PNG government stretched its expenditure to clean up the nations capital of Port Moresby a move to improve international perceptions that will eventually translate into investment opportunities.

One can see this clean-up in Port Moresby via newly sealed roads, the K145 million upgrade of Jacksons International Airport, and the extravagant APEC Haus and Convention Centre.

Not to mention the controversial boulevard consisting of a six-lane road, outside the National Parliament.

Prior to the 21 member states two-day meeting, Prime Minister Peter ONeill described the event as one that would place PNG on the world map by boosting tourism and lucrative resource project agreements.

These advantages could lead to more employment, especially in an economy where only 15 percent of the population are employed in the formal sector.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to tackle skills shortages within PNG.

Yet for all the economic advantages that await PNG, a myriad of issues continue to beset the country and this has been magnified through APEC.

The cost of rehabilitating PNGs waning image has ultimately placed the peoples needs on the backburner, even after Australias donation of $100 million and China giving $35 million.

Currently, polio has re-emerged with three new cases having been reported just last week, now bringing the total to 25 and one death so far.

Apart from polio, tuberculosis continues to be a formidable challenge for PNGs health system.

This is the bitter reality for most Papua New Guineans who lack access to basic health services.

While Port Moresby has new roads, much of the rural areas in PNG remain disconnected with services nowhere to be found.

Granted, if there are aid posts and clinics, it is likely that medicine is unavailable, as exemplified by prominent jou...


Public tender decision on APEC assets welcome, but not enough "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


PORT MORESBY - I welcome finance secretary Ken Ngangans announcement of a public tender for APEC Authority assets, which is a step in the right direction after years of ONeill government deception and deceit about APEC, but is not enough.

Full accountability and transparency are required.

The problem is not confined to the sale of assets. It encompasses almost all aspects of the APEC Authority and government involvement in it. Indeed, the decision to hold a public auction of assets is only a small first step of many that need to be taken to lift the clouds of suspicion.

When the public tender goes ahead, it should be on the basis of a list and other vital details confirmed by an audit by the auditor-general.

The public has a right to know certain information such as the purchase price paid for each item, details of the supplier, invoices, proof of payment and the documents authorising procurement.

This is especially important in relation to the purchase of the Bentleys and Maseratis. Full disclosure is required by prime minister Peter ONeill, APEC minister Justin Tkatchenko and APEC Authority CEO Christopher Hawkins.

They must provide evidence of official authorisation of these purchases, by whom and whether a public tender was called as required by the APEC Authority Act.

Documentation for the sale of these cars should include evidence of the overseas remittances made for the purchases, as well as details of any commissions paid. Mr ONeill must table the NEC submissions and decisions on all APEC-related purchases.

The Bentleys were bought from a Kuala Lumpur company associated with Borneo Pacific and the prime ministers brewery venture, and the Maseratis were bought from a Sri Lankan company said to be associated with a government official.

Mr Tkatchenko publicly boasted that they were being sold to cover the APEC Authoritys costs, and that they are selling like hot cakes. Has money been paid to the APEC Authority to buy any of the Maseratis? Who by? Has the Malaysian associate paid for one of the Bentleys?

If full disclosure is not made, potential buyers cannot be sure of the legitimacy of their proposed purchases. Lack of clear title could put any purchases at risk of legal challenge. Without full disclosure the people cannot be sure they are getti...


Tourism awareness for the Gobadic people of Morobe "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mrs Bailey speaks to villagers (Iso Yawi)ISO YAWI

BUSU Two of my former classmates and I from Busu Secondary School in Lae shared an adventure with our former English teacher Mrs Bailey recently.

Together with the five students from the Grade 11 tourism class, which Mrs Bailey teaches, and a UPNG medical student, the three of us - Komuna Karo, Kimson Giyactulu and I embarked on an awareness-raising expedition to the people of Gobadik in the Nabak area of Morobe Province.

(Mrs Bailey is seen here speaking to the villagers.)

The purpose of the trip was to explain to the people about two matters - tourism and APEC.

Our team left Busu Secondary School just before one oclock in bright sunny weather. We travelled along a mountainous track which my friend Komuna explained had been built in colonial days by a Western logging company. In fact, we were heading to his village.

Arriving at Gobadic Lutheran parish church, we greeted the pastor, local village leaders and others and gathered everyone in the meeting house.

The villagers listened attentively as the tourism students took the stage with their teacher and introduced the program.

They said that tourism is a sustainable industry meaning it can preserve cultural practices (languages, songs, handicraft, cooking) and the environment (plants, endangered species, rivers, caves) while also generating revenue for government and local people.

The students described the methods involved in nourishing the tourism industry especially on hosting an influx of tourists within the simplicity of a village.

The first method involves secure and safe communities. This encourages people to have a friendly attitude which will create an environment conducive for tourists. Security is paramount. Visitors need to be taken care of and walk freely during a visit to a remote place.

Another very important aspect in this industry is accommodation. Guesthouses, lodges and motels all play their role. If a scenic site is located in a village like Gobadic, then guest houses or a motel must be built in order to cater for visiting tourists with revenue being the expected outcome.

Food is important. In this respect traditional Papua New Guinean recipes like igir, tongton, nangu and banana cake. When tourists try these traditional foods, they pay f......


233 Papuans Not Arrested but Protected from Angry Masses: Police "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

MONDAY, 03 DECEMBER, 2018 | 11:48 WIB

233 Papuans Not Arrested but Protected from Angry Masses: Police
Papuan activists march as police keep watch during a rally to commemorate the West Papuan declaration of independence from Dutch colonial rule in Surabaya, December 1, 2018. REUTERS/Sigit Pamungkas
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The East Java Police clarified that the Surabaya Police resort has not arrested 233 college Papuan students and civilians in Surabaya on Sunday, December 2.

East Java Police Spokesman Grand Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera said that police personnel was securing the hundreds of students for protection purposes following

a report of a number of mass-organizations provoked by the Papuans that reportedly chanted about Papuas freedom.

We, in fact, secured them because there were groups outside that were already triggered, groups like KPPI, Pemuda Pancasila (Pancasila Youths), and many more, said Frans on Sunday.

Read also: 233 Papua Students Left Surabaya Police Custody

He explained that this was deemed necessary by police since the mass-organizations were already surrounding the area where the students were.

They chanted slogans that enraged other groups such as the free Papua chant. We secured the 233 people to the police station for the sake of their own safety, Frans explained.

537 people were arrested following the December 1 movement which commemorates Papua`s independence movement. The hundreds were arrested in Kupang, Ternate, Ambon, Manado, Makassar, Jayapura, Asmat, Waropen, and Surabaya. Surabaya was where the movement was concentrated.





New Dawn FM news

A local Bougainville artefacts distributor, THOMAS MOIKENU today voiced his concern at the sudden crowding of the Buka town market.
He told New Dawn FM this afternoon that the Buka urban Community Government must look into building more benches for the market to accommodate more sellers who are trying to sell their goods to find monies for their childrens school fees.
MR. MOIKENU said that it is not good for sellers to put their goods and vegetables on the floor.
He said that with the drop of commodities like copra and cocoa the only option left for families is to join the sellers and the Buka town market.
Our attempts to get comments from the Buka urban town community Government were unsuccessful.


Mobile031218 117



New Dawn FM NEWS

The member for South Bougainville and Deputy Opposition leader, TIMOTHY MASIU today presented NINETY THOUSAND KINA to three Education establishments in the Wisai area of KONNOU, Buin district.
The cheques were for the HAIRU Primary School, HAIRU Elementary School and the TEIMA Learn and Play School in Oria.
Tomorrow the member will officiate at the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the proposed KANGU Border Post in Buin South Bougainville.
Funding for the Kangu Border Post totalling TEN MILLION KINA was budgeted by the National Government in 2008.
With the Ground Breaking ceremony these funds can now be released to start the KANGU Border Post.


Mobile031218 115



New Dawn FM News

Good news to the people of South and Central Bougainville, Air Niugini will launch a weekly direct flight from Port Moresby to KIETA and KIETA to Port Moresby starting Tuesday 18th December 2018.
The flight will operate POM/KIETA on Tuesday and KIETA/POM on Friday.
Details are PX262 will depart Port Moresby ON Tuesday at 0750 hours and arriving KIETA 1040.
PX 263 on Fridays will depart Kieta 1435 hours arriving Port Moresby at 1515 hours.
The flights will go through Buka on each direction.
Air Niugini also announced that the daily services between Port Moresby and BUKA will remain except Tuesdays and Fridays where flights will go via Kieta.
The GM Commercial with Air Niugini DOMINIC KAUMU when making this announcement also thanked the member for South Bougainville, TIMOTHY MASIU for contributing with the payment of PAPI lights for AROPA which has made it possible for the Jet services to go into AROPA.


Manila211118 004



New Dawn FM News

The member for South Bougainville and Deputy Opposition leader, TIMOTHY MASIU has thanked the board for the AIR NIUGINI for this timely Christmas present to the people of Central and South Bougainville with the commencement of JET services by Air Niugini to Bougainvilles second airport, the AROPA airport in Central Bougainville.
He made these comments when welcoming news by Air Niugini to start Jet services to AROPA on December 18th, 2018.
Since the re-establishment of air services to Aropa on Dash eight aircrafts were using it until recently when PAPI lights were installed to allow Jet services to operate into AROPA.
Since the PAPI lights were installed Air Niuginis FORKER 70 flights landed at AROPA chartered by the Finance delegation that met in Buin, South Bougainville in September this year.
Bougainville is the only region in Papua New Guinea which has two national airports with another one proposed for Buin in South Bougainville.


Manila211118 003


PNG Geologist awarded scholarship under new partnership "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Geologist Ivano Ivano has been awarded a scholarship to undertake a Master of Science (Petroleum Geoscience) at the University of Adelaide in Australia next year.

Ivano, from Eastern Highlands Province, was nominated by his employer, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited.

Ivano was selected as a result of his outstanding performance and the leadership potential he has shown in his workplace.

I am very grateful to my employer Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Santos Limited and the Australian government for this privilege to further my studies. Such partnerships are needed to help facilitate progress and development of nationals in PNG and I am humbled to be given this opportunity, he said.

He is the first recipient under this new partnership between the Australian government and Santos Limited.

Australian High Commissioner, Bruce Davis, said the award is a great example of the public and private sectors collaborating to support national growth.

Mr Ivano exemplifies this award through his leadership and drive within Kumul Petroleum. He is a fine example of this public private partnership building leadership and capacity to the natural resources sector, Davis stated.

Ivanos study will include industrial training in one of Santos operations.

Santos Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gallagher said Santos is passionate about investing in local human resources, not only in the communities where it operates, but also in national staff who work in PNGs oil and gas sector.

Gallagher stressed the importance of building capability within the local workforce. The idea is that Ivano will take this knowledge back to PNG and play a bigger part in helping the nations economic development, for the benefit of the broader community and Santos is happy to be a part of that growth through this partnership with the Australian government.

(Ivano Ivano - KPHL Geologist will take up Masters of Science studies in Adelaide 2019, under the Australian government and Santos scholarship)

Press release


PNG's Resources Industry Showcase at Sydney Conference "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference, widely regarded as the nations premier international conference, will be held from 3 to 5 December 2018 at Sydneys Hilton Hotel.

The event will feature prominent speakers from the PNG government, mining and oil & gas companies. Papua New Guinea has a well-established mining industry, attracting investment from many of the worlds leading mining companies. Minerals currently being mined include gold, silver, copper and nickel.

PNG also has a long history of producing and exporting oil, and more recently liquefied natural gas (LNG). The upcoming conference is being hosted by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, the industrys peak industry body.

This is the 15th conference we have held outside of PNG in Sydney. It is an ideal forum for potential investors to learn more about PNGs mining and petroleum industry, said Dr Albert Mellam, Executive Director of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.
We are expecting in excess of 1,300 delegates and over 50 exhibitors from resource and service companies, government organisations, landowner groups, the international finance sector and aid organisations to attend our 2018 conference.

Under the theme PNG Resources Industry: Investment and Partnership to enable PNGs Growth and Development, the conference will once again showcase the exciting developments occurring in PNGs resources sector.

Speakers include the PNG Prime Minister, Hon. Peter ONeill, along with a number of Government ministers who will provide delegates with insights into the governments policies in areas such as energy and environmental protection.

Senior representatives from the countrys major petroleum and mining companies will provide updates on their current and proposed projects, new discoveries and exploration.

The conference also offers an opportunity to reflect on the recent APEC summit, which was held in Port Morseby earlier this month.

An important project to be featured during the conference is the countrys upcoming Papua LNG project, of which a Memorandum of Understanding on this project was signed by the projects joint venture partners Oil Search, Total and ExxonMobil, and the PNG Government during the summit.

The Wafi-Golpu project, a 50-50 joint venture project owned by Australian-owned Newcrest Mining, and South African mining giant Harmony Gold which earl...


Prode on CS Officers who stormed Parliament Haus expected to conclude this week "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A preliminary investigation internally for Correctional Services officers who stormed parliament is expected to be completed this week.

CS Acting Commissioner Stephen Pokanis reveals that last week 20 officers received notices for allegedly storming the parliament and more is expected at the end of this week after the completion of the investigations.

The notices were given by the CS Deputy Commissioner Operations Dennis Piandi who was tasked by the Acting Commissioner last week.
Pokanis said the focus now is to identify really who was involved in the incident on Tuesday 20th November and from there further charges would be laid against them under laws of CS.

This is the beginning of the probe and from the responses, other administrative disciplinary actions will follow. Pokanis said different approaches are taken to deal with the issue of APEC allowances and the storming of parliament. He stressed this when asked if officers involved in the storming of parliament wouldnt be paid if they were found to have been involved in the storming of parliament.

Pokanis said the issues are separate and police commissioner is taking the lead on the allowance issue whilst the storming of parliament has been dealt with separately by respective law enforcement agencies to instil discipline.

Officers must be paid as it is the responsibility of the government and payment must be made despite the damages to the parliament, said Pokanis.

He further stressed that he presumes APEC allowance owed to its members who took part in providing security during the APEC meet have been paid.
Pokanis mentioned this saying no more complaints have been raised to him of the allowance issue after the storming of the parliament by Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) members including CS officers.

When asked how much was actually owed to CS officers, he said only the JSTF Commander and Police Commissioner Gari Baki knew.

LegendFM News


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West Papua flag raised in Port Vila "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in partnership with the Vanuatu West Papua Association and the South Moluccas association have joined in with West Papuans around the globe to commemorate the West Papua Day, celebrated annually on 01 December at the Chiefs Nakamal compound in Port Vila.

West Papua first raised its Morning Star flag on December 1, 1961.

The celebration began with the President of Malvatumauri Council, Chief Willie Grey Plasua, making a welcome speech to the special guests and the public to witness the flag raising and commemorating the day for the people of West Papua.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of those killed in the struggle for self-determination.

Chief Plasua appealed to the churches, non-governmental organisations, the public and Melanesia to unite and stand beside West Papuas struggle for freedom.

He assured the ULMWP delegates of his council support.

Chairman of West Papua Association and Reconciliation Committee, Pastor Alan Nafuki, said the time has come for West Papua to achieve their right to self determination and their freedom.

He said through God alone anything is possible.

Government representative and special envoy to the West Papua Movement, Lora Lini said Vanuatu, a small country with a loud voice, has been in the frontline always and will continue to advocate towards West Papuas self determination and freedom.

She said Vanuatu understands the urgent need and the struggle for West Papuans because Vanuatu came out from such struggles from two colonial powers in 1980.

Dr Alexander Manuputty, Leader of the South Moluccas acknowledged the ULMWP role of pushing for self-determination.

He said it was time West Papua, South Moluccas and Vanuatu build mutual friendship and trust towards the principle of equal rights and the self determination of the people in West Papua and South Moluccas.

Andy Ayamiseba, a long time Vanuatu resident urged youths to take up responsibility in the struggle as the time is near for them to step down and allow active strong advocators back the West Papua movement. He encourages unity always among youths for success.

Paula Makabory, ULMWP executive member acknowledged Vanuatu for its continuous support and said the flag raising ceremony is not just an identity for West Papuans but also a stamp of the existence of West Papua in the global arena.

West Papuans wan...


The gender diplomacy trap and the security race "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Manus Island in Papua New Guinea has again been cast into the international spotlight as the geopolitical contest for power intensifies. During the 2018 APEC meeting, Chinas growing interest showed at the highest level with the Presidents visit  the redwashing of Port Moresby with Chinese flags and symbols, and the opening of several major construction projects. Australia responded by launching its own investments and, with the US, announcing a trilateral arrangement to re-establish the Manus Island naval base.

Putting aside tensions between China and the US, two issues gender and security are important to the relationship between PNG and Australia. For many PNG women and the daunting challenges they face, the bilateral program is a beacon of hope, and programs funded under the partnership have led to great progress. Support from Australia is critical because the PNG Government provides limited budget allocations towards issues like gender-based and sorcery accusation-related violence.

On the other hand, security, a male-dominated domain, binds PNG and Australia together. Bruce Hunts 2017 book Australias northern shield notes that, although Australia has historically viewed PNG as a shield against external threats to Australia, recent defence cooperation has moved towards mutual security interests. See this recent blog for a review of these contemporary strategic considerations and the associated risks.

In using the term gender diplomacy I situate gender within the Australian Foreign Policy White Paper alongside other terms such as economic diplomacy (p. 64), commercial diplomacy (p. 76); digital diplomacy (p. 111); science diplomacy (p. 113-114); sports diplomacy (p. 114); police-led diplomacy (p. 115) and cultural diplomacy. Even though gender is not couched explicitly in terms of diplomacy, it is listed in the Foreign Policy White Paper as one of the values that are foundational for Australias international engagement, and a source of influence internationally (p. 2-3). The phrase gender diplomacy trap situates gender within the frame....


Boeing Delivers Fiji Airways First 737 MAX Airplane "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

We are thrilled to take delivery of our very first 737 MAX 8, named Island of Kadavu," said Andre Viljoen, Managing Director and CEO of Fiji Airways.

The introduction of the 737 MAX is the beginning of a new chapter for Fiji Airways and we look forward to taking advantage of the airplanes superior performance and economics. These new airplanes will enable us to offer a world-class customer experience through the new Boeing Sky Interior cabins with in-seat entertainment for all guests.

Fiji Airways plans to take delivery of five MAX 8 airplanes, which will build on the success of its fleet of Next-Generations 737s. The MAX incorporates the latest technology CFM International LEAP-1B engines, Advanced Technology winglets, and other airframe enhancements to improve performance and reduce operating costs. 

Compared to the previous 737 model, the MAX 8 can fly 600 nautical miles farther, while providing 14 percent better fuel efficiency. The MAX 8 can seat up to 178 passengers in a standard two-class configuration and fly 3,550 nautical miles (6,570 kilometers). 

We are delighted to welcome Fiji Airways to the MAX family of operators and we are thrilled they will be the first 737 MAX operator in the Pacific Islands, said Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of Commercial Sales & Marketing for The Boeing Company. "We are honored by their continued partnership and confidence in Boeing products. The market-leading efficiency of the MAX will pay immediate dividends for Fiji Airways and will help them improve their operation and route network. 

Based at Nadi International Airport, Fiji Airways serves 13 countries and 31 destinations/cities including Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands (Oceania), the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. It also has an extended network of 108 international destinations through its codeshare partners.

In addition to modernising its fleet, Fiji Airways will use Boeing Global Services to enhance its operations. These services include Airplane Health Management, which generates real-time, predictive service alerts, and Software Distribution Tools, which empowers airlines to securely manage digital ground-based data and efficiently manage software parts.

The 737 MAX family is the f...

Sunday, 02 December




It is so sad the PNGDF Air Element has been hijacked by certain PNGDF pilots and Engineers for sinister reasons. It is amazing to note that the same thieves within PNGDF have been abusing the aircraft by way of engaging into commercial operations at the expense of Tax Payers to make millions in clear profit.

On 13 July 2016, whilst doing one of such commercial flights from Telefomin to Vanimo, the aircraft developed reduced oil pressure on its right hand engine Propeller Reduction Gearbox (PGB). The crew procedurally shut down the affected engine on reaching 18000 ft cruise altitude. Indications of imminent failure were detected whilst passing 15000ft on climb...thank God didn't happen on take off roll or immediately after take off.

After shutting down the engine, it was realised that the Propellers of the affected engine didn't feather. This resulted in creation of aerodynamic drag and reduction in performance. To maintain altitude, the crew was forced to fly at the brink of stall with stick shaker continuously activating. This was necessary in order to minimize rate of height loss to sustain flight until Vanimo. The captain instructed his copilot not to transmit any distress call to Flight Service which was something only a mad man can suggest.

The aircraft made it to Vanimo and landing was effected. Note that under the circumstances, a missed approach would not have been possible .
Following the landing, the pilots for some unthinkable reasons decided to give a ground run on the affected and in doing so, completely ruined the Propeller Reduction Gearbox. This necessitated a complete replacement which now would cost some K2 million for plain stupidity, ignorance, unprofessionalism and negligence.
Took sometime to do an engine change and the aircraft was ferried to Port Moresby.
I was formally asked by the former Chief of Staff PNGDF to carry out an investigation on this serious inflight incident which we duly conducted and released our report on 30 November 2016. It appeared that immediately following the incident, for some bizarre reason, the crew and the air element did not instigate formal investigation. We understand some tens of thousands of Kina had been paid by certain Telefomin businessman come politician but his task was not fully accomplished when the aircraft suffered the defect and that those funds had since been spent...


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Lets see if we can give Marlene & her kids a better Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Marlene PotouraKEITH JACKSON

Marlene Potoura lives in Lae and is a struggling teacher, accomplished writer (but there's no money in it) and devoted single mother. She scratches together a living to enable her two children to have an education and a future. Marlene who lives in poverty - has been robbed twice this year. Crime in Papua New Guinea occurs throughout society, but its at the bottom where its most cruel. Poor stealing from poor. Let Marlene explain.


LAE - Im feeling angry. In the early hours of Wednesday last week, my kids and I got robbed again.

Two Samsung phones. An electric sewing machine. Wrapped gifts my kids bought for their friends. New wrist watches I bought for my kids. Over K200 in cash. Sun glasses. And other shit.

Worldly things they are. Thats my only comment. I was robbed senseless on 23 February and again last Wednesday. There was no laptop this time. I learned that lesson well.

Stupid pricks. Pathetic really. I live in a shitty cave surrounded by the Hotel Morobe and the Travellers Inn. And yet assholes come and pick phones from me. Hahaha, bunch of losers!

Material worldly things. I am not worried? No.

But I am angry about these stupid lowdown animals who creep into houses at night like snakes and nick stuff. Lazy low down losers.

Im now packing school stuff to move out. The worst robbery happened in February this year. Two laptops, one external drive, 16 flash drives and two internet dongles were stolen. I was worried sick. I had lost more than 20 years of writing and I nearly went insane.

After weeks of grief, I pulled myself together and went through my hard copy files. I hand wrote a lot of my stories; months of commitment and hard work. I bought a desktop after months of writing by hand and typed everything again.

I was able to publish two youngsters books with Phil Fitzpatrick, but did not have enough money to buy hard copies.

They didn't take my desktop this time. I am thankful.

I have always loved Lae but finally its getting to me. I never got robbed when I lived in the settlement areas. Now my kids and I live in town and I've been robbed twice.


PNG Attitude is starting a Christmas appeal for Marlene and her two children; an...


Yes, our political leaders are cynical "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Money_launderingJIMMY AWAGL

Political leaders in a democratic society
Are duly defined as the voice of majority
They are not mandated to dictate
But to be the voice of the people
Yes, our political leaders are cynical

They speak of the need for good governance
But aid in every way governance that is crooked
They boast of public benefit and good
But we are contemptuous of their words
Yes, our political leaders are cynical

With kina and toea buying less and less
We borrow from the world with no shame
Poor health and education in the ascension
Natural resources disappearing by sea
Yes, our political leaders are cynical

ONeill rules the country with dodgy cronies
Maseratis their desire, not the peoples good
Many are the corrupt; few are the jail terms
Police and security unreliable and untrusted
Yes, our political leaders are cynical

CorruptionThe people marginalised, confused, deprived
Poor get poorer and rich do what they please
The leaders being the richest of the rich
The people slowly wakening to their canny games
Yes, our political leaders are cynical

Our leaders words deceive to hide their self-gain
Ego, greed and vanity rule and dishonesty serves
Insatiability a growing culture of our leaders
Promoting crookedness and corruption as a norm
Yes, our political leaders are cynical


Hanuabada PNGs 'gay village' - offers sanctuary & hope "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kapera Patrick outside his home in Hanuabada (Peter Parks AFP)STAFF REPORTER | Agence France-Presse

PORT MORESBY As an openly gay man in Papua New Guinea, where sex between men is illegal and stigma and violence widespread, 24-year-old Kapera Patrick (pictured outside his home in Hanuabada) remembers thugs pelting him with abuse, stones and bottles.

His life changed when he was taken in by a family in Hanuabada, a settlement in Port Moresby that has become a haven of tolerance, offering sanctuary for dozens in a gay community that is gradually coming out of hiding.

A ramshackle collection of thousands of dwellings built on stilts over the water and connected by rickety and treacherous wooden planks, Hanuabada is a world away from the sanitised parts of the capital that recently played host to Asia-Pacific leaders.

The sprawling settlement, whose name means big village in the local Motu language, was built over the sea as locals believe the water protects them from sorcery coming down from the mountains.

A caged pig squats outside many of the huts for meat or barter and naked children at play squeal with delight as they skip expertly on the narrow and often broken planks that serve as the village's streets.

Home to as many as 50,000 people, Hanuabada has become synonymous with a small but thriving gay, lesbian and transgender community that has flocked here as word spread that they would be safe.

"I used to live in a place called Joyce Bay and I got abused. They threw bottles at me, stones at me. And then I heard about this place. I came here and the family brought me in and accepted me," says Patrick, who does informal jobs to get by.

Hanuabada is "a very free place and the people know me. They don't abuse me. I've been accepted for my sexuality," he told AFP, speaking through a Pidgin interpreter.

While nothing like as open as the West, the community has still hosted small drag parties and men both gay and curious come to Hanuabada to meet up, many having their first sexual experiences here.

Patrick's adoptive sister, Marelyn Baita, an eloquent 29-year-old, explained how the community grew.

"They used to live outside but some of their friends brought them here," she said. "The community knew t...


Media Release: West Papua Action Auckland "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

West Papua Action Auckland

Box 68419

Media Release: Foreign Minister called to act on arrests of peaceful demonstrators across Indonesia.

On 1 December peaceful demonstrations for West Papuas freedom in many centres were met with a harsh crackdown by Indonesian security forces. The demonstrations marking West Papuas national flag day, were held in Jakarta and many other Indonesian cities as well as in West Papua. At least 300 people were arrested, and many injured. In Surabaya demonstrators were confronted by a militia group armed with sharpened bamboo. The widespread protests across Indonesia represent a new era of activism in support of West Papua by Indonesian communities and it is outrageous that they are being attacked by security forces for peacefully expressing their views.

West Papua Action Auckland is calling on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to respond urgently to this outrage against the internationally guaranteed rights of the Papuan people and their supporters to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.

On 1 December well-supported solidarity flag raising ceremonies were held across Aotearoa. The people are responding to the pleas of their West Papuan neighbours and it is time for the Government to take note and take action.
For further information: Maire Leadbeater 09-815-9000 or 0274-436- 957
Letter follows:

2 December 2018

Hon Winston Peters
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Parliament Buildings

Dear Mr Peters

Yesterday, 1 December marked the 57th anniversary of the first raising of the Morning Star flag of West Papua in that countrys capital, then known as Hollandia. The date has deep significance for supporters of West Papuas freedom both in the country and around the world. The day was marked in Aotearoa by at least 5 flag raising ceremonies in Orakei nearly 50 people marked the day close to the Ngati Whatua marae.

Tragically, the Indonesian security forces cracked down on all attempts to commemorate this day both in West Papua and throughout Indonesia. We understand that as many as 300 people were arrested at peaceful commemorations in Jayapura, Jakarta, Surabaya, Palu, Kupang, Ternate, Makassar, Ambon, Poso, Sula, Timika, Merauke, Waropen and Tobelo. In Surabaya an anti-independence militia group staged a counter demonstration threatening the pro-freedom demonstrators with sharpened bamboo spears.

The widespread protests across Indonesia represent a new era of activism in support of West Papua by Indonesian communities and it is outrageous that they should be attacked by security forces for expressing their views.

Around 80 people are repor...


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Australian Parliament Should Back Refugee Emergency Care Bill "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Expand Protesters holding banners march in Sydney to urge the Australian government to end the refugee crisis on Manus Island on November 4, 2017. 2017 PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images Australian members of parliament (MPs) have the chance before year's end to address one of most egregious impacts of Australia's harsh border policies by backing a bill to give [...]


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Police stop pro-independence protesters from commemorating December 1 in Jakarta "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police arrest 99 Papuan activists at pro-independence rally in Ternate

Suara Papua December 1, 2018

Arnold Belau, Jayapura As many as 96 activists from the Indonesian Peoples Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) in Ternate, North Maluku, were arrested after police forcibly broke up a rally in front of the Barito Market.

A Suara Papua source from Ternate said that the FRI-WP action was closed down by police and intel (intelligence) officers and the demonstrators forced into trucks as they were about to begin protesting in front of the Barito Market.

The source said that several activists were dragged and assaulted as they were forced into the truck. "Several comrades who were at the action were dragged and forced to get into a truck by police and intel in Ternate", they said.

The source said that as many as 99 people were arrested, 12 of which were from West Papua and the remainder activists from FRI-WP. One of the protesters had to be rushed home because they were experiencing breathing difficulties.

"One of the people had difficulty breathing and was rushed home. 12 people were from Papua and the rest from Ternate. Currently they are being taken to Polres [district police station]", they said.

Ternate district police Tactical Police Unit head (kasat sabhara) M. Aninab was quoted by as saying that the protesters will be taken to the Ternate district police station.

"We will take them to Polres, question them. If in the process of delving into the matter it is discovered that they committed a violation then they will be charged, but we will bear in mind that are still young and [they should be] given guidance", he said.

Earlier, the protesters sent a written notification of the action to the Ternate district police but it was rejected with police saying that the planned action was subversive (maker).

Upon arriving at the Ternate district police station they will be registered and those who originate from Papua will be separated from those from North Maluku.

FRI-WP is demanding that the Indonesian government resolved human rights violations in Papua and that the Papuan people be given the freedom to hold a referendum to determine their own future.

December 1, 1961 marks the embryonic birth of the West Papuan state. Every December 1, West Papuan people throughout the world commemorate the date as Independence Day.

On December 19, 1961 the Papuan state was dissolved by Indonesia with the declaration of the Trikora operation by founding president Sukarnos in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta.

Suara Papua has sought confirmation of the arrests from Ternate district polic...


For immediate release-Over 300 arrested during Global Flag Raising commemoration for West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Over 300 arrested during Global Flag Raising commemoration for West Papua

DECEMBER 1, 2018

For immediate release

Today across West Papua over 300 people have been arrested.

In several regions of West Papua peaceful non-violent demonstrations took place in Jakarta, Surabaya, Palu, Kupang, Ternate, Makassar, Manado, Ambon, Poso, Sula, Timika, Meruake, Waropen, and Tobelo.

In addition to police intervention during public gatherings, we have received reports that Indonesian security forces also raided several student dormitories, and the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) headquarters was vandalised.

From monitoring team, below is the interim report of ARRESTS throughout West Papua and other parts of Indonesia:

1. Kupang 18 people
2. Ambon 43 people
3. Ternate 99 people. One of the activist was rushed to the hospital due to suffocation
4. Jayapura around 85 people from 4 different locations: Dok IX, Abe, Jayapura and Sentani.
5. Jakarta 140 people
6. Surabaya 100s involved in a long march towards Kamasan III student dormitary were confronted by tni-polri and few students were bruised from confrontation.
7. Manado 29 people
8 Waropen 7 people. Names: Jhon Wenggi, Yulianus Kowela, Monika Imbiri and Fiktor Daimboa
9. Sorong and Merauke, including KNPB HQ in Waena, Perumnas III: in LOCK DOWN and urgent need for advocacy at these places.

Today marks the 57th anniversary of the first time West Papuas flag of independence, the Morning Star, was raised. In commemoration of the historic event numerous non-violent peaceful demonstrations and prayer vigils were organised around the country. Worldwide flag raisings of international solidarity increase each year as the support for West Papuan independence gains momentum.

This situation comes at a time of increased violence in West Papua, including suspected extra judicial killings in the region. Urgent issues of concern also include increased military presence, the killing of civilians caught in crossfire in the mountain regions, and armed civilian movements of Papuans protecting their villages.

The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) compiles data on political arrests and violence in West Papua. This information has been made public through quarterly reports. The latest ICP reports can be found at



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rep. Karen Bass Elected to Lead Growing Congressional Black Caucus
California Democrat Replaces Louisiana Rep. Cedric L. Richmond

Nov 28, 2018 3:23 PM
Katherine Tully-McManus

The Congressional Black Caucus elected Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., to lead the group in the 116th Congress. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus elected California Democratic Rep. Karen Bass to lead them in the next Congress, as the group crosses a milestone 50-member threshold.

The CBC is adding nine new members, bringing its total membership to 55. Bass, who currently serves as the caucuss second vice chair, replaces Louisiana Democratic Rep. Cedric L. Richmond, who took the helm of the caucus in late 2016.

Theres much work to be done next Congress to ensure equality and justice for African Americans and other marginalized communities, and I am confident Congresswoman Bass will continue to provide strong leadership in this regard, Richmond said in a statement.

Since its formation in 1971, the CBC has been dominated by Democrats. The group focuses on serving African-Americans and other marginalized populations and in recent years has pursued legislative priorities including a criminal justice overhaul , education opportunities, affordable health care and addressing racial disparities in heath outcomes.

The CBC holds significant power within the Democratic Caucus and the chairmanship can be a launching pad into party leadership positions the current assistant Democratic leader, South Carolina Rep. James E. Clyburn, is a former CBC chairman. Members of the CBC are expected to chair five House committees and 28 subcommittees in the next Congress.

Bass was first elected to her Los Angeles-area seat in 2010. She previously served six years in the California State Assembly, where in 2008 she became the first African-American woman to become speaker of any state legislature.

Bass is set to lead the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations in the new Congress, which will give her a platform to promote foreig...


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