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Friday, 16 November


Palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, and Hershey resumes deforesting in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, Hershey and Johnson & Johnson has resumed clearing intact forest in West Papua, Indonesia, despite pressure by other major companies, many of which have since severed ties with the producer. The deforestation triggered a series of automatic alerts by Global Forest Watch, a satellite monitoring system operated by the World Resources Institute (WRI). PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM), a subsidiary of Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ), has cleared 4.5 square kilometers (1.7 square miles) of intact forest since May. While this may seem like a relatively small area (in 2017 Indonesia lost 13,000 square kilometers, or 5,000 square miles, of tree cover), it is significant for the location, ANJs previous history, and the fact that this action violates the well-publicized commitments many of its customers have made to not deforest, not develop on peatlands, and not exploit indigenous peoples, also known as NDPE. PPM first began clearing forest in 2014. In response, palm oil giants GAR and Wilmar dropped ANJ from their supply chains, and Cargill followed in 2016. Facing a global boycott, PPM temporarily suspended forest clearing, but resumed operations again in late 2017. The Forest Trust (TFT), a nonprofit organization that helps businesses establish sustainable sourcing policies, has worked with many of the above companies on their NDPEs. In 2014, TFT engaged with its members and ANJ to address the deforestation issue, but reached an impasse when the company said it had to clear the forest for plantation to remain profitable.


Govt Announces Action To Resolve Basamuk Los Concerns "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Landowners forced to take out media adverts to make Minister aware of human rights and other serious issues relating to MCC and the Ramu mine refinery

Post Courier | November 15, 2018

Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke has announced immediate action will take place to address the concerns of the Basamuk Limestone landowners of Madang Province.

Speaking from Goroka, yesterday, Mr Tuke said he was not aware of the alleged criticisms nor the human rights abuses and complaints made by the landowners until he sighted the one-page overly media release in this paper yesterday.

Mr Tuke said that he would in the next couple of days summon all concerned parties to his office for answers.

I appreciate the concerns of the Basamuk landowners and I am now very aware of the matter so in the coming days I will call up the MCC and Ramu NiCo Management, the Mineral Resources Authority, Department of Mineral Policy and Geo-Hazards Management, CEPA, and other government agencies involved in this matter to sit with me and tell me what is going on, he said.


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Thursday, 15 November


Major Project Agreements Must Be Reviewed To Benefit PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

There have been many complaints of a lack of benefits coming from the LNG project Photo: RNZI/Johnny Blades

The Current Business Model and Tax Concessions are Cheating PNG of Revenues and Landowner Benefits

Post Courier | November 15, 2018

In the period leading up to and eventual start of the multi-billion kina PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in 2014, there was much fanfare and grandstanding of the promise/premise that the project would single-handedly transform PNG.

In fact, the project has delivered some much-needed tangible developments in terms of major infrastructure, additional employment and spin-off business opportunities as well as foreign exchange revenue. However, there are still many unresolved issues that demand National Governments most swift and appropriate remedial action.

On October 30 2018, it was reported (Post-Courier) complaints by Paguale Kekero resources landowners association from Southern Highlands Province over benefits from the PNG LNG project. The report referred to major clans with population of over 2000 people left in the dark on LNG project...


Kokoda barricades: Official disengagement leads to Trail unrest "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kokoda - the fee noticeRASHMII BELL

BRISBANE The words were handwritten on a torn white plastic sheet, and the images appeared on Australias Channel 9 news on Sunday.

Reason for collection of gate fees

  1. You trekkers payed K350.00 to KTA, but that never reach the landowners in terms of service for the last 10 years
  2. For the last 10 years landowners never received ward allocation
  3. The landowners want KTA chairman to step down before gate will be open
  4. For that reason, we are collecting half of that K350.00 which is K175.00 for road to pass through

Plis pay K175.00 cash now to walk

On Remembrance Day, journalist Tim Davies presented a disturbing news story even as companion media were beginning to focus on the exorbitant expenditure of staging the APEC meetings in Port Moresby.

Davies succinctly reported on the modern-day battle that is taking place along PNGs historic wartime Kokoda Trail.

Footage of an expansive lawn, a hauswin and shirtless small children playing were overshadowed by audio of loud voices ricocheting around a quiet village. The camera cut to trek operator Adventure Kokoda staff and several village people engage in strained but peaceful negotiations.

Kokoda barricade
One of the barricades blocking the Kokoda Trail

Davies described how the Papua New Guinea government agency, Kokoda Track Authority (KTA), charged each trekker a fee of K350 (...


Journalists live on board for APEC in Port Moresby "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pacific Jewel
Most journalists in Port Moresby for APEC are being accommodated aboard P&O's Pacific Jewel


ABOARD THE PACIFIC JEWEL Quoits deck, plunge pools and sunset yoga: For security and logistical reasons, thousands of delegates and journalists attending this years APEC summit are being quartered on hulking cruise ships.

Like nothing on Earth, screams a slogan in huge dark lettering against their gleaming white hulls, moored off Papua New Guineas crime-ridden capital of Port Moresby. Indeed, few attendees can have experienced summit accommodation like it.

The 245-meter Pacific Jewel, where mainly journalists are housed, has 14 decks and berths for nearly 1,700 people, ranging from small interior cabins to spacious suites with an ocean view.

It boasts an array of restaurants and bars from the Mix Cocktail bar to the darker and jazz-filled Orient. Other entertainment includes the Marquee theatre for shows and Gatsby and Back to School parties.

Those who have not had their fill of high-wire summitry can try walking the plank being suspended by a rope 14 floors over the sea or rock climbing up the ships funnel.

Others can try their luck at the casino, with plush blue-baize blackjack tables and dozens of blinking slot machines.

Sporting memorabilia adorns the walls, from Magic Johnsons famous 32 LA Lakers shirt to stamps featuring the legendary Australian cricketer Donald Bradman.

Summit organisers turned to the cruise ships amid a lack of sufficient facilities in Port Moresby.

We simply do not have enough hotel rooms in Port Moresby to accommodate all delegations, admitted Justin Tkatchenko, minister in charge of APEC, in a recent parliamentary speech.

The other concern was how to keep officials safe in Port Moresby, one of the most dangerous cities on Earth. Car-jackings have become commonplace, often carried out by the notorious raskol street gangs, and petty crime is rife.

The Economist Intelligence Unit this year ranked the city 136th out of 140 on its li...

The short attention span of the PNG public "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Martyn Namorong on ABC TV
Voices like Martyn Namorong, Bryan Kramer MP, Governor Gary Juffa, Bal Kama and PNG Attitude writers do exist on social media but they struggle to be heard and find it hard to get traction


TUMBY BAY - One of the tactics that the politicians of Papua New Guinea rely upon is the fallibility and short life span of public memory.

The way it works is fairly simple. When an uncomfortable truth is revealed about their behaviour, PNG politicians resort to bluster and threats and, if that doesnt work, stalling in the courts until everyone gets bored and forgets about it.

The stalling in the courts is relied upon as a regular source of income by a whole cadre of lawyers with questionable ethics. That income is usually supplied from the public coffers.

Prime minister Peter ONeill is a master of this sort of tactical deception. Its not his invention, there are many precedents for its efficacy, but he has refined it to a fine art.

There are a couple of ways by which it can come unstuck.

The first is the pursuit of the issue by statutory bodies set up to monitor such things. Task Force Sweep was one of those.

Peter ONeill soon realised how dangerous Task Force Sweep was to his nefarious dealings and quickly cut off its funding. In a similar way he has resisted the setting up of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

That he defunded Task Force Sweep and refuses to advance an anti-corruption commission is like a flashing neon sign telling everyone that this prime minister and his government have a lot to hide.

The second way the tactic can come unstuck is through a conscious effort by the media to pursue anything it perceives as questionable in the way the government behaves.

It is one of the main reasons why any nation claiming to be democratic needs a strong, inquisitive and fearless media.

We have many fine examples of brave and dedicated journalists in Australia who are able to bring the government to account. The most recent example was the journalism leading to a banking r...


Momis manages expectations about referendum outcome "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bougainville-flagANTHONY KAYBING

BUKA - The integrity of the referendum to enable the people of the province to vote on Bougainvilles ultimate political future is an essential part of the self-determination process for the autonomous region.

The world will be watching, and the actions of all of us in this House will be held to account, Bougainville president John Momis told parliament this week.  We must therefore ensure that we manage these expectations.

The referendum is a milestone, but it will not lead to any immediate outcome, Dr Momis said. The day after the referendum the hard work of negotiation must begin.

Our people must be made to understand that the referendum is the start of a longer-term process.  They cannot expect to become independent immediately, if that is what they choose to express.

He explained that people must understand there is a clear process in the respective constitutions of PNG and Bougainville, as well as the Bougainville Peace Agreement, that must be followed.

Dr Momis warned that unrealistic expectations may not be met. If this occurs, there is a very real danger of conflict. Simply put, we must not allow this to occur, he said.

After the referendum there will be a detailed consultation about the outcome to consider the implications arising from the result.

Then there will be a need to seek the approval of the PNG parliament, as it will have a final vote and ratify future arrangements.

Dr Momis said while the referendum is non-binding, it will have a moral authority which cannot be ignored.

Its outcome will provide the basis for negotiation and the will of the people of Bougainville must be taken into account in this process.


The ULMWP calls for an end to Indonesian military operations in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"
The ULMWP calls for an end to Indonesian military operations in West Papua
The ongoing joint Indonesian military and police operations in Lanny Jaya and the surrounding areas in West Papua are causing widespread death, terror, and displacement towards West Papuan people. The ULMWP therefore calls for the immediate cessation of such brutal Indonesian state operations and hostilities.
Over the past few days, the Indonesian military and police have intensified their operations in Lanny Jaya. Several West Papuans are believed to have been killed, with thousands more fleeing into the jungle.
This rampant, state-sponsored terror is leaving innocent West Papuan civilians branded by the Indonesian Security Forces as separatists in an attempt to justify killing anyone accused of supporting self-determination.
These recent human rights violations began after an Indonesian military commander recently proclaimed himself as a local West Papuan chief. He has since been trying to use this title to call for further military operations in Lanny Jaya and nearby areas. The ULMWP is deeply concerned for all those affected in these operations. West Papuan woman and children are particularly at risk in this militarized zone and currently many people have been left without enough food and are afraid to go back to their gardens for fear of further military violence.
Such brutal military operations against the West Papuan people call into question the Indonesian governments status and self-proclaimed values at international fora.
For example, Indonesia is an Associate Member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), yet these human rights violations clearly show the Indonesian government has no regard for Melanesian lives in West Papua. Indonesia will also be a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council (2019/2021 term), yet such an increasing military build up has led to West Papua becoming the most militarised zone in the Pacific; posing a grave security threat towards West Papuans and the region at large. Finally, Indonesia proudly claims to be a democratic country, yet clearly democratic principles are not being upheld in West Papua. The systematic denial of our democratic and fundamental right to self-determination continues to leave West Papuans as colonial subjects, oppressed for peacefully striving to be free in our own country.
Therefore, on behalf the people of West Papua, the ULMWP calls upon the Indonesian government to immediately stop these brutal operations in Lanny Jaya, Wamena and all other areas, and to withdraw all Indonesian Security Forces personnel from West Papua.
The ULMWP also calls upon human rights organisation...


Australias Trump Lite is overseas seeing what other trade opportunities he can wreck "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Australian, 13 November 2018, p.2:

Scott Morrison has mounted the strongest defence of any allied leader so far of Donald Trumps trade policies, denying that Washington has turned protectionist because of its imposition of tariffs on China.

The US wants to see greater trade and more open trade and they want to see it on better terms, the Prime Minister told The Australian in an interview in his Sydney office. It is yet to be established that the US is pursuing a protectionist policy. 

Mr Morrison said he did not agree with the protectionist interpretation of the administrations trade policy.

Mr Morrison leaves today on a trip to Singapore and Papua New Guinea for APEC and ASEAN-related summits, during which he will meet US Vice-President Mike Pence, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a range of regional leaders.



How the worlds media is reporting APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The eyes of the worlds media are on Papua New Guinea as delegates arrive in Port Moresby for APEC Leaders Week. Heres a overview of how the country and the event has been covered by the worlds press this week.


The Xi Show. The Summit on a Boat. The regions poorest member hosting its richest event.

The international media has discovered APEC 2018 in PNG and is starting to file stories about the event and the country itself. They arent all complimentary. Yet.


Even though PNGs Pacific-scale APEC is costing dramatically less than many previous APEC meetings, the expense of hosting the event is one focus of international reportage.

After three decades of promoting free trade as a panacea to poverty, the APEC grouping of nations that includes the U.S. and China is holding its lavish annual leaders meeting in the country that can least afford it, reports Associated Press, in a piece which has been widely syndicated, including in the Washington Post.

Time magazines Charlie Campbell is apparently alr...


PNG experimental seabed mining project another failed investment, says ex-minister "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The proposed production method for Solwara 1 Project. Image Nautilus

Pacific Media Centre | November 14, 2018

The controversial Nautilus Solwara 1 deep sea mining project has been accused of being another Papua New Guinean government failed investment on the verge of bankruptcy, claim campaigners citing a former attorney-general.

In a statement by the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, former PNG Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Sir Arnold Amet is quoted as saying:

Nautilus is propped up by US$15 million in loans from its two major shareholders, its been forced to reduce its workforce and to terminate contracts for the construction of equipment.

Even the production support vessel crucial to Nautilus o...

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Wednesday, 14 November


PNG budget shifts massive funds from provinces to Waigani "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Port Moresby 181110
Port Moresby this week. Constituency politician alert: You're losing your discretionary  funds and they're coming home to Uncle Pete


NOOSA In an expansionary budget that Papua New Guinea may not be able to afford, the biggest winner was. the people.

No, just kidding. The biggest winner was the centralised administrative sector says Paul Flanagan, an economist who includes amongst his specialisations a close familiarity with Papua New Guinea.

In what at first glance looks like a perverse budget outcome, there was a transfer of nearly K1.1 billion from provinces and districts, effectively removing the discretionary spending previously controlled by governors and constituency MPs.

Despite drug and medical equipment shortages and escalating disease problems, the health sector was cut by 2% after allowing for inflation. And education received only a 1% increase, at odds with the governments planning commitment to massively hike the number of teachers.

To me, this just doesnt compute as being commensurate with the challenges facing PNG and is at total variance from the interests of the PNG people.

Flanagan sums it up as a transfer of power to the central government and away from the provinces and observes that the political ramifications will be interesting.

At least interesting, possible incendiary. Waigani doubles down on its neglectful approach to the people to favour what can only be seen as the best interests of a small cadre of politicians and cronies who really run the country.

Taking a longer-term perspective from 2015 to 2019, Flanagan writes, there have been real cuts in transport of 36%, education of 30%, health of 17% and law and justice of 17%.

The big longer-term winners have been utilities, debt servicing, the economic sector and administration.

Note debt servicing those loans come wit...


Gende is losing its virginity in the name of development "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bundi land (Harry Greenwell)JOSEPH TAMBURE

Part 1

Birds sing and dance on their dancing branches
attracting other admirers without disturbance
Wild animals roam their jungles
feeding and breeding without fear
Cold crystal clear rivers, streams and creeks flow a forever journey
without ever changing their course
Frogs croak out their deep throaty sound
and sleep without intrusion
But today everything is changing in the name of development

Gende people are peace loving
minding their own affairs with no fear
Community welfare is our responsibility
without seeking outside help
Strangers and travellers
find free lodging without rejection
With no doubt sharing and caring
is a gift from the people of Gende
But today everything is changing in the name of development

Gende people live healthily on the produce of their land
without worry about food shortage and water scarcity
Sickness is just ailments and flu
without spreading death
Long sickness and death is from our spirit ancestors
it needs our attention to relationships
so we can live on without fear
The cold climate and forever surplus
nourishes us to long life without unnecessary death
But today everything is changing in the name of development

Bundi-Chimbu roadPart 2

Instead of birds, helicopters fly about
scattering living creatures in fear
Wild animals seek new territory
retreating before man and machine
Frogs and insects are heard no more,
sweet melodies lost forever
Cold clear water now smelly brown with oil streaks
chemicals destroying life on their perpetual mission
All this is happening in the name of development

Gende people see...


PNG budget loss of discipline heralds rough ride ahead "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Planning Minister Richard Maru and Treasurer Charles Abel (ABC)
Planning Minister Richard Maru and Treasurer Charles Abel (ABC)

PAUL FLANAGAN | PNG Economist | Edited extracts

CANBERRA In this analysis of Tuesdays Papua New Guinea budget for 2019, I conclude there is a distinct risk that the country is moving away from fiscal discipline and back into a boom-bust cycle.

The planned 21% increase in expenditure from 2017 is risky and depends on the achievement of high oil prices and GDP growth, both outcomes far from certain.

The fiscal anchor underpinning the 2019 budget was severely breached due to the government spending almost the entire K1 billion bonus from higher oil prices (expenditure, I would note, probably illegal under PNGs Fiscal Responsibility Act).

The sudden reversal in fiscal policy towards a loose setting in the 2019 budget is probably the major short-term policy concern. The budget strategy released in August indicated expenditure in 2019 of about K14,960 million, a modest increase from 2018s expected K14,718 million. That seemed fine.

But the actual budget announced on Tuesday turned out to foreshadow spending of about K16,130 million, an increase of 9.6% - a variation that has occurred in less than three months.

One would have hoped that the standard reasons for expenditure growth had been fully built into the 2019 budget strategy (e.g., wage increases, the medium term development plan etc). The quality of this extra K1.4 billion in spending that is, what exactly it is for - needs close scrutiny.

There had been a major reduction in budget expenditure from K15,454 million in 2014 to K13,319 million in 2017. In nominal terms, this has now been entirely reversed, so 2019s budget expenditure represents a substantial increase over 2017 of 21.1%.

This significant loosening in fiscal policy is a very different story from the one included in the 2019 budget speech.

As part of its recent budget support loan from the World Bank, PNG agr...


The China shift in Pacific trade "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

World leaders are gathering in Port Moresby this week for the APEC Leaders meeting. On the sidelines, Xi Jinping will be meeting with leaders of Pacific island countries that recognise the one China policy. The meeting will be watched closely in Australia. Xi Jinping is widely expected to make announcements relating to enhanced cooperation with the region, and Chinese lending is sure to be a focus of resulting commentary in Australia. However, it is the changing nature of trade ties with the region that present a more significant challenge to Australian policymakers (even if the two are somewhat related).

As the Australian government seeks to step up its engagement with Pacific island countries, Australian-Pacific trade is stagnating. At the same time, trade between China and Pacific island countries (PICs) has grown rapidly, assisted by Chinas growing economic clout.

The increasing importance of trading ties with China is evident from even a cursory examination of international trade statistics collected by UN Comtrade (see Figure 1). The trajectory of Pacific imports from China is especially striking (note we are excluding PNG here, as it is discussed separately below).

Since 2000, there has been a twelve-fold increase in the value of Chinese exports to the region. Over the same period, imports from Australia have remained stagnant, with their value in 2017 lower than that in 2004. These trends would suggest that Pacific consumers are substituting Chinese goods for Australian goods probably due to lower prices. More detailed analysis is needed.

The story is similar for Pacific exports, though the numbers involved are much smaller. Pacific exports to China have risen dramatically from a low base of $46m in 2005 to almost $400m in 2017 (all figures are in USD). There has been no such pattern for exports to Australia, which have moved up and down over the period. Exports to Australia were lower in 2017 ($160m) than in 2005 ($210m), though they were higher in 2012 ($340m).

The combined result is that both Pacific exports to China, and imports from China, have overtaken those to/from Australia in the last five years. This remains the case whether we examine trade statistics in US Dollars (as above) or account for currency fluctuations by examining trade flows in Australian Dollars and Chinese Renminbi.

Figure 1: PIC exports and imports to Australia and China 2000-2017, excluding PNG (US$m)



We need politicians wise before the event, not after "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Phil Fitzpatrick at mic
Phil Fitzpatrick - "It is obvious 'cruelty and ignorance' play a big part in the ONeill government and governments before it. We might even call APEC cruel"


TUMBY BAY - Cher Bono, perennial pop singer, actor, activist and part Cherokee Native American once wondered what it would be like if she could turn back time.

Quite a few politicians have had the same thought. John Howard in Australia tried very hard to turn back time and US president Donald Trump is engaged in a similar but decidedly more destructive exercise.

In a less grander style, we also have politicians who, having served their time, trying to return to it by pushing what they consider to be the wisdom they gleaned from their past political experiences.

Some of the ideas they now peddle can be enlightening but you cant help but wonder why they didnt plan and act on them when they were in power.

When asked, they excuse themselves by explaining they were constrained by their political party or by external pressures beyond their control.

They were, they explain, forced to march to the beat of a drummer whose tune they didnt particularly like but which they had to obey.

In everyday terms this is called selling out compromising their beliefs and letting down the people who voted for them.

Politicians of every stripe and in every country, including Papua New Guinea and Australia, are capable of selling out. Im sure you can think of many examples. In Papua New Guinea, for instance, think Michael Somare.

This begs the question of why we should listen to them now.

Having said that, I would argue that there are a few politicians still worth listening to: those who stuck by their guns, fought hard but unfortunately failed to change anything for the better.

Among those Id list people like Barry Jones, boy genius and Labor stalwart whose potential eventually came to nothing.

He recently wrote an article called Saving Planet Earth for The Saturday Paper sum...


Bougainville cracks down on public service corruption "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bougainville police chief Francis Tokura and President John Momis
Bougainville police chief Francis Tokura and President John Momis


BUKA - As Bougainville stands on the verge creating political history through a process of self-determination, it is not immune from the systematic corruption that hounds Papua New Guinea.

The last three months have seen the dismissal of several of members of the Bougainville public service after an audit of the payroll system found employees of the Department of Personnel Management had defrauded the autonomous government of more than K360,000.

Other officials in the Department of Community Government were also implicated in another scandal where K2 million from the disaster trust fund account was misappropriated resulting in the sacking of the secretary of the department.

President John Momis said corruption was still rampant despite the Autonomous Bougainville Government having a modern legal system and an effective model of representative government where democracy prevailed.

Good governance is an issue that continues to concern me and many members of this house, he told parliament on Tuesday.

It is the cornerstone of autonomy and must form the bedrock of independence.

Without good governance and effective systems and processes we cannot achieve our end goals.

And whilst we have elected leaders and senior public servants who continue to undermine our systems of governance, we cannot achieve our goals, Dr Momis said.

A joint autonomy review found that the government and public service consistently failed to adhere to public finance management legislation, allowing corruption to seep into government services.

I continue to speak forcefully on the need to ensure our leaders are held to account, and I am heartened by advice that the fraud squad will soon be deployed to Bougainville to investigate, he said, adding that nobody was above the law and everyone must be held to account for their actions.

PNG police commissioner Gar...


Kiaps repressed warfare, they did not repress the people "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Warwick-Anderson-and-Fore-people-Okapa (Thomas-Strong)
Australian historian Warwick Anderson amongst the Fore people of Okapa in the PNG highlands, also studied by Tobias Schwoerer


LUCERNE - I am rather pleased that my research has caught the attention of someone from PNG Attitude and that it decided to showcase this on its website.

I welcome this interest and hope that some readers will consider buying the book I am currently working on once it is published.

I am grateful to the comments from Chris Overland and Philip Fitzpatrick which made me aware of potential misunderstandings that can emerge from my use of the word repression.

I used repression in the sense of the repression (or suppression) of warfare, not the repression (or oppression) of people.

In my thesis, and also noted by Chris, I show that Australian kiaps and New Guinea police used a wide variety of enforcing tactics to stop armed conflict.

These were for the most part benign uses of police in the form of arrests and imprisonment, in a few cases destruction of property (burning houses) or corporal punishment (caning), and only rarely (and then mostly in cases of self-defence) involving the use of potentially lethal force by firing guns.

Let me also state that I have the utmost regard for the work of the Australian kiaps, as they operated in sometimes very difficult and hostile circumstances and mostly went out of their way to prevent situations in which they would have to use firearms.

The number of victims of pacification in the area I studied is small (I have collected testimonies for a total of 32 deaths) and pales in contrast to those that would have died had indigenous warfare continued.

There were, however, a few isolated incidents in the late 1940s and early 1950s that warrant the term excessive violence.

These incidents were mostly perpetrated by unsupervised New Guinean policemen, whic...



New Dawn FM News

The ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS says Good governance is an issue that continues to concern him and many members of the Bougainville House of Representatives.

As it is the cornerstone of autonomy and must form the bedrock of independence.

Without good governance and effective systems and processes we cannot achieve our end goals.

And whilst we have elected leaders and senior public servants who continue to
Under-mine our systems of governance, we cannot achieve our goals.

That is why the recently concluded independent expert reports to inform the Second Joint Review of Autonomy Arrangements are so important to Bougainville.

He said that their reports are insightful as they show that we have a long way to go.

They do not apportion blame but make it clear that shortcomings are as much a result of the National Governments failings as our own.

President Momis also said that there are also positive elements.

We have a modern system of laws; an effective model of representative government and democracy prevails.

But the report also demonstrates that the ABG has been chronically underfunded over the life of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, and where we have received precious funds, these have not been managed well.

The report found that the Government and the Public Service consistently fail to adhere to public finance management legislation, and corruption has at times taken hold.

This is why he continues to speak so forcefully on the need to ensure that our leaders are held to account, and he was heartened by advice that the fraud squad will soon be deployed to Bougainville to investigate allegations of fraud.

President Momis said that nobody is above the law and everyone must be held to account.

The ABG President Momis made these remarks during his presentation to the Bougainville House of Representatives yesterday.




New Dawn FM News

The ABG President in his address to the Bougainville House of Representatives yesterday noted that we must embrace the institutions that are needed to support good governance.

He said this requires a robust audit capability, investigative mechanisms, with a well-funded police force and effective revenue raising capacity.

The independent expert reports note the significant failure of government departments in addressing compliance issues and administering our laws.

As our Strategic Development Plan informed us earlier this year, this requires investment in capacity building measures and the development of workable systems and processes.

At the same time, we must harness those legal powers that are available to us.

He said we have excellent laws, but we fail to administer them.

President MOMIS said that the Bougainville Peace Agreement is often hailed as a worlds best practice document, but implementation has been poor.

He said that these are issues that must also be addressed jointly with the national government.

These are the foundations that he has spoken about, and to make it very clear, our elected leaders are just as responsible for this work as our public servants.

Leadership must come from the top, starting with him as the President, and all Ministers should be stepping up and working with Department Heads, not hiding in their electorates.




New Dawn FM News

The KOHENOU ward in the PEIT constituency will have its ward reconciliation this Friday.
The venue of the ceremony is the KOHENOU playground.
According to the Program, Kohenou wards former combatants will hand over traditional authority to the clan chiefs at the ceremony in which officers from the Peace Agreement Implementation Department have been invited to witness.
Other guests invited are the National Government members including the Regional member JOE LERA and the former BRA Commander, ISHMAEL TOROAMA.




New Dawn FM News
Bougainville schools continue to make school excursions as part of their end of the year learning programs for Grade eights.
And today, the TUBIANA Primary School in Kieta visited the ABG House of Representative in session.
They observed the morning session when the Questions without notice was on and later during lunch break actually sat on the members chairs for some explanations from the Parliament staff on how the ABG House of Representatives operate.
Other Schools have also visited the Parliament as part of their learning program this year.


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Open-access journal editors resign after alleged pressure to publish mediocre papers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

All 10 senior editors of the open-access journal Nutrients resigned last month, alleging that the publisher, the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), pressured them to accept manuscripts of mediocre quality and importance. The conflict is familiar for many commercial open-access publishers: Because authors pay fees per published article (about $1800 in the case of Nutrients), the publisher has an incentive to publish as many as possible. On the other hand, scientists prefer to publish in choosy, reputable journals, and academic journal editors want to maintain this quality. On 15 August, the editor-in-chief of the journal, Jon Buckley, of the University of South Australia in Adelaide, received an email from MDPI announcing his replacement at the end of the year by someone who would "bring different ideas on board." Buckley says this was an excuse to push him aside because of his strict editorial policy. He resigned immediately, and nine other senior editors...



New Dawn FM News

This Friday 16th November 2018 has been declared a public holiday by the National Government.
This means all Government and Private Offices will close to observe the day as National APEC day.
This was announced today by the ABG Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU in a circular distributed to Government and Business houses this morning.
MR. NOBETAU said that as usual essential services and On call staff are required to continue working to make sure that essential services like Hospital and Power house continue to operate.
Normal work will resume on Monday November 19th, 2018.



#Indonesia: Call for international solidarity to the radical feminist Anindya Joediono! "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Indonesian feminist Anindya Joediono has recently been persecuted by government officials. Anindya is no stranger to students organizations and feminist collectives, having been involved in numerous leftist movements since 2016.

Originally published by liberation is life

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In December 2017, Anindya and her company of friends began advocating against urban poor eviction by the officials, and their fight still continues today. She never backs down in writing open criticism addressed to the government to challenge neoliberal policies, including one which regulates the infrastructure development.

On July 6 2018, Anindya was attending a discussion and movie screening invite in a Papua students boarding house. The event discussed about the human rights violation by the Indonesian government toward the Papuans. As a context, theres still a high level of racism against Papuans or Melanesian groups in Indonesia; therefore, Papua-affiliated events are always seen as separatism.

During the discussion, hundreds of the governments apparatus along with military officers barged in without any warrant and terminated the discussion. While confronting an official and asking for the warrant, Anindya was sexually harassed by one of the police members. Another woman in the location, Isabella, was dragged by them. After being dragged and harassed they were bullied by the police officers.

After the event, Anindya chronicled the case in her social media accounts for several days. Her house was watched by the officers. Her participation as a speaker in a seminar was disrupted when police officers came and interrogated the organizers regarding the nature of the event. Due to her writings in social media accounts, she was reported by the municipal police units (Satpol PP in Bahasa) for defamation. She might face four years in prison.

The chronology of the discussion in the Papuan students boarding house is online at the Asian Human Rights Commission page on...


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Air Niugini changes flight schedules to cater for APEC "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Due to increased movement of personnel and aircraft at Port Moresbys Jacksons International airport during the busy Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit, certain Air Niugini flights on the main APEC days, 17th, 18th and 19th November have been retimed to allow for movement of the world leaders and their entourage.

Most of our flights are per the normal schedule, however morning operations on the 17th and 18th November to/from Port Moresby and Gurney, Kavieng, Rabaul, Madang, Lae and Cairns have been retimed to depart up to an hour later.

Passengers who wish to check their new flight times on the dates mentioned can call your nearest Air Niugini Sales office, travel agents or the toll free number 180 3444 to confirm.

General Manager Corporate Services and ANG representative on APEC , Mr Marco McConnell, said the airline is closely monitoring all flights to ensure a smooth operation for both APEC and also the airlines scheduled flights.

He said We therefore request understanding from our regular customers as there maybe delays to certain flights on the 17th and 18 to allow for the movement of 21 leaders from the APEC economies, their entourage and aircraft.

We also request our passengers who are traveling during this period to start making your way to the airport at least two hours before the normal check-in time. Certain roads in the city will be blocked off to allow for movement of APEC participants and that may delay traffic going in and out of the airport.

APEC is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific region and to ensure prosperity for the people by promoting balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative and secure growth and by accelerating regional economic integration.

This is Papua New Guineas first time to host APEC and Air Niugini, like many organizations within the country, is doing everything it can to ensure we as a country deliver a successful outcome for this significant APEC event.


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APEC Announces Winners of the APEC Photo Contest 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The APEC Photo Contest 2018 winners were announced to the Concluding Senior Officials Meeting by Chair of the APEC 2018 Senior Officials, Ivan Pomaleu on Tuesday morning in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
First Prize Winner                    : Weave to the Web by Danilo Victoriano
Second Prize Winner               : Doors to the World by Glenn Campanilla
Third Prize Winner                   : The Urban Connectivity by Seong-Joon Cho
Popular Choice Award             : Doors to the World by Glenn Campanilla
Influencer Award                      : The Wind Farm That Creates Jobs for the Locals by Klienne Eco
The APEC Photo Contest is an annual initiative of the APEC Secretariat to collect stakeholders views on APECs messages and priorities. The contest seeks the publics visual interpretation of APECs priorities for 2018 including (1) promoting sustainable and inclusive growth, (2) deepening regional integration and improving connectivity and (3) strengthening inclusive growth through struc...



2019 Budget aims to broaden economy and increase expenditure and revenue "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Treasurer, Charles Abel, has handed down Papua New Guineas 2019 National Budget, revealing a sharp jump in revenues and expenditures. He said he is looking to broaden the economy and announced changes to personal income tax thresholds.

Treasurer Charles Abel at the Budget lock up yesterday. Source: INA

We need to spur investment, bring in foreign exchange and to create jobs, said Abel yesterday, on the aim of the 2019 National Budget.

(All) while we keep our eye on this broader based economy, which is what this Budget is all about: creating those longer term quality jobs, building the middle class of Papua New Guineans, that is so important.

Abel said employment is not growing as fast as we would like, but he said the trend is positive.

Total government revenue is forecast to rise from K12.731 billion to K14.266 billion. This is up 12 per cent.

We had shot up in 2014, with gas, and then went down with that major construction phase finished. But it has been, overall, trending upwards.

I think it is very important that the government keeps a strong focus on employment generation.


Total government revenue is forecast to rise from K12.731 billion to K14.266 billion. This is up 12 per cent.

Expenditure is expected to be up from K14.718 billion in 2018 to K16.133 billion, which consists of K10.63 billion in operational expenditure and K5.5 billion kina in capital expenditurean increase of K1.1 billion, or 9.6 per cent.

Funding priorities

There will be K130 million allocated to the upgr...


Set Sail on a New Voyage for Relations Between China and Pacific Island countries "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

I will soon pay a state visit to Papua New Guinea, famed as home to the birds of paradise, and attend the 26th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting there. It will not only be my first visit to the country, but also the first-ever state visit by a Chinese President. I have great expectations for this trip.

Being the largest and most populous Pacific island country and endowed with abundant natural resources, Papua New Guinea has enormous potential for development and is truly a land of great promise. In recent years, thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Peter ONeill and great work of the government and the industrious and enterprising people of this country, Papua New Guinea has thrived in national development and its society has taken on a new look. I sincerely wish Papua New Guinea even greater achievements in economic and social development and full success in hosting this years APEC meeting.

Chinas friendly interactions with Papua New Guinea go a long way back. More than 100 years ago, there were Chinese travelling across the seas to Papua New Guinea who settled down and, with their hard work, made important contribution to the economic and social development of the country. China and Papua New Guinea established diplomatic relations in 1976. Since then, our two countries have treated each other with respect and as equals, and have pursued mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Our relationship has stood the test of changing international circumstances and stayed as strong as ever.

In recent years, bilateral ties have entered a new stage of rapid growth. Today, Papua New Guinea is Chinas largest trading partner in the region, while China is the biggest foreign investor and project contractor in this country. For example, the Independence Boulevard and International Convention Centre, which will play an important role in Papua New Guineas hosting of the APEC meeting, are both built with Chinese assistance. For sixteen years running, Chinese medical teams have provided humanitarian health services to the people of Papua New Guinea. Hydropower stations, hospitals and school dormitories financed by Chinese government concessional loans have become landmark buildings across the country. And in an active response to the PNG governments Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030, Chinese companies have taken part in the construction of roads, bridges, airports and docks locally.

Eighteen years ago when I was Governor of Chinas Fujian Province, I personally pushed for a demonstrat...

Tuesday, 13 November


Amend Resource Ownership Law: Group "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Yombi Kep | Post Courier | November 13, 2018

The Resource Owners Federation of Papua New Guinea applauded the move made by former Primes Ministers, Sir Julius Chan and Sir Mekere Morauta in Parliament to change ownership laws in the country.

In a statement, the federation said that it appreciates the admissions by Sir Julius Chan and Sir Mekere Morauta in September parliament sitting, that the ownership laws of the country are wrong and needed to be changed to restore ownership of mineral and petroleum resources by those who own the land beneath which the resources are found.

The Resource Owners Federation of Papua New Guinea is pleased to note that the leaders of the country are realising they have in the past been deceived into giving up their mineral and petroleum resources free of charge to foreign companies and their shareholders, without any direct or indirect benefit to the country and its citizens including and especially the resource owners, the federation said.


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