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Wednesday, 23 August



by Professor Kristian Lasslett 


The problem with corruption in PNG, at its most grand levels, is that it is everywhere and nowhere. Its morbid symptoms are apparent for all to see, but the particular mechanisms through which the disease of corruption infects governments and markets, and disables the body of the nation, proves difficult to observe, owing to its secretive nature.

Yet in order to fight corruption effectively, we need to answer elementary questions relating to its core characteristics. For example, what type of corrupt transactions are most common and damaging in PNG, who are the participants, what motivates them, how do they make their illicit gains, what do they spend it on, and which institutional structures permit these illegal activities to take place?

Despite the difficulties associated with observing corruption, we can still pull together enough credible data from the civil and criminal courts, commissions of inquiries, national audits, public account committee hearings, Ombudsman Commission reports, and independent research, to formulate hypotheses on these different dimensions of the corruption problem, for testing and refinement.


And, in this respect, there is one general thread that runs through a vast range of corrupt schemes observable in PNG, whether it be rigged tenders, land fraud or sham litigation they employ, on the surface, a range of legitimate commercial/legal transactions, to cloak what is in fact crude theft from the public purse.

Often a real service is provided, for example a road is built, or expert advice is provided to a government department. However, the primary commercial motivation of the corrupt parties involved in these transactions is not to profit from providing the contracted good or service, at say a 10% rate of profit. The real motivation is to use the contract as a front, behind which a deal is rigged, that allow costs to be inflated well beyond market value, leading to substantial returns.

In this context the 10% rate of profit is small potatoes, when riggi...


Young voices to oppose seabed mining off Patea coast "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

School groups hope for better weather than these protesters encountered at Mana Beach in Patea last Sunday. Photo/Lewis Gardner

Liz Wylie | Wanganui Chronicle | 22 August, 2017

Pupils from schools in the region will gather on Mana Beach at Patea to let the world know their feelings about how the decision will affect them. South Taranaki youth will be voicing their opposition to ironsand mining off the Patea coast on Wednesday.

Organiser Bianca Mitchell will be filming the protest for distribution on social media and says young people in the region want to add their opposing voices.

They have very strong feelings about the kai moana and coastline which are central to their lives.

Patea Area School students reacted strongly on August 10 when the Environmental Protection Agency announced that...


Global mining major needed to re-open Bougainvilles Panguna copper mine? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kevin McQuillan | Business Advantage PNG | 18 July 2017

Moves to re-open the Panguna copper mine on Bougainville are gathering momentum. Funding the re-opening is a key concern, however, says Bougainville President, John Momis. Could one of the global mining majors get involved?

Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL) is currently advertising for a local Bougainville-based manager, and are looking at the payment of K14 million in rent and compensation that was owed to the 812 customary clan groups who own the blocks of land within the mining lease areas.

Autonomous Bougainville Government President John Momis tells Business Advantage PNG, that over the next year, he expects BCL to open an office and start dealing with some of the legacy issues, demonstrating BCLs commitment, in a just and fair way, to some of the real issues that have been bothering the land owners.

That includes, he says, the ecological, environmental, and health d...

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Tuesday, 22 August


INDONESIA: Stop unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

INDONESIA: Stop unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans

August 21, 2017 []

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the unlawful deprivation of liberty of Papuans which has occurred frequently of late. The AHRC has learned that the Indonesian Security Forces have been using excessive force and flaunting their authority to illegally arrest indigenous Papuans. They are simply exercising their rights to freedom of expression and opinion and peaceful assembly.

For instance, take the case which took place on August 20, 2017. Police officers of the Fak-Fak Police Station (Polres Fak-Fak) arbitrarily arrested 24 indigenous Papuans. They are members of the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB). The AHRC was informed that they were illegally arrested because they are registered to attend a meeting organized by KNPB in Fak-Fak Regency, West Papua Province.

Previously, the AHRC noted some similar cases faced by members of KNPB Papua. Consider the case of Mr. Yanto Waine, a member of the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB). He was illegally detained in the Nabire Police Station (Polres Nabire) after distributing leaflets to the public. And 29 student activists, mostly Papuan students, were arbitrarily arrested in Yogyakarta Province. Additionally, 32 student activists in Jakarta and 46 student activists in Semarang were also arbitrarily detained.

Considering the massive unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans, the AHRC strongly recommends the Government to re-evaluate its policy and the behaviour of its Security Forces. The Government should ensure that there is no policy in practice that clearly violates or goes against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Indonesia became a State party to this Covenant by enacting Law No.12 of 2005.

Under Article 19 of the ICCPR, it states

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally...


Papua New Guinea: Lets be honest about the debt "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


IN the face of foreign media reports indicating a lack of liquidity in government coffers, I urge the prime minister to come clean about the country's debt situation.

Why is it that we continue to hear stories of government workers facing lockouts because rental payments are not being made, both here in PNG and abroad in places like Washington DC and Singapore?

We also hear of unpaid United Nations fees and electric power being cut to government departments.

Is all of this due to mistakes, glitches  in the system, incompetent  public servants?

We have heard every excuse in the book - now it's time to tell the truth.

Furthermore, as the government looks to borrow more money, it is important to ask why we are moving ahead with these measures without all members of parliament being fully briefed on existing national debt levels.

It is the right of every government to borrow, all I ask is that the decision to borrow is made responsibly and does not mean that overall debt will exceed the public debt ceiling.

As elected leaders, how can we members of parliament be expected to support anything blindly?

It would be a disservice to the people who elected us and a severe dereliction of duty on our part.

Hon Kerenga Kua MP is the member of parliament for the Simbu electorate of Sinasina Yongomugl, leader of the PNG National Party and a former Attorney-General


Papua New Guinea expresses gratitude for Australian support "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

MEDIA STATEMENT | Office of the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill Bruce Davis & Bronte Moules

PRIME minister Peter ONeill has welcomed partnership activities between Papua New Guinea and Australia that are building capacity in healthcare, and providing support for the hosting of APEC in 2108.

Following a courtesy call by Bruce Davis, Australias high commissioner to Papua New Guinea (seen here with deputy high commissioner Bronte Moules), Mr ONeill said the bilateral relationship with Australia continues to strengthen.

The ongoing co-operation between our two governments is very strong which is also enhancing business links, and delivering capacity building support, he said.

Australias commitment to improving healthcare in Papua New Guinea is delivering tangible results, particularly in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.

Cooperation activities are underway, together with World Bank support, to deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives.

We thank Australia for this ongoing healthcare co-operation that is also strengthening infrastructure and service delivery.

Current projects include the new nursing school, dental clinic and maternal and child health ward at Angau Hospital.

Mr ONeill said Australian support and co-operation is particularly important as Papua New Guinea prepares to host APEC.

In 2018 the leaders of APECs 20 other member economies, together with more than 15 thousand delegates, will come to Papua New Guinea.

This is an enormous logistical undertaking, and Australia is providing support that is building our capacity, particularly in the area of safety and security.

I have expressed my appreciation to high commissioner Davis for the support that Australia is providing, including the allocation of Australian Federal Police in training and mentoring.

Papua New Guinea will deliver a very safe and successful APEC year and leaders summit in 2018, and we thank Australia for its ongoing contribution.

During the courtesy call the prime minister and high commissioner further discussed the closure of the Manus regional processing centre that is underway as planned and the outcome and processes of the 2017 national electio......



By Aloysius Laukai

Bougainville Peace Agreement signatories from North Bougainville have put in another petition supporting earlier petition by North Bougainville Former combatants for the Bougainville Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU to resign as soon as possible.
The new petition was signed by MR. DONALD HAMAU representing the Bougainville Resistance Force and MR. DAMIAN KORA representing the Northern Command of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army.

The earlier petition called for him to resign within 48 hours and that 48 hours lapsed last Friday.
In a meeting last Wednesday with the ABG Minister for Finance, ROBIN WILSON and the former combatants they agreed to meet with the Chief Secretary JOSEPH NOBETAU to meet tomorrow.
However in the second petition, the two commanders were not happy in the way the leaders responded to the petition on the media.
They said they wanted written explanation to them and not in the media.
The second petition wanted all ABG members to open Constituency accounts and not to put these funds into their private accounts.
They said that as custodians of the Peace Agreement they were more concerned at protecting Peace building and Good Governance on Bougainville.




By Aloysius Laukai
The Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA says that the Bougainville Affairs Office is just a rubber stamp of the Prime Ministers office and the National Executive Council and has no power to carry out its work independently.
He said this Ministry is not governed by an act of parliament making it just another office under the Prime Minister and NEC.
He said that unlike other ministries, the Minister does not have the power to make decisions on issues and also does not have direct funds for operations.
MR. LERA made these remarks at the handover take over yesterday and said that this needs to be corrected to give power to the ministry.
Bougainville saw some developments on Bougainville under this ministry when, SIR MOI AVEI and SIR PETER BARTER were the Ministers for Bougainville Affairs before the signing of the Bougainville Peace Agreement in 2001 and the establishment of the ABG in 2005.
After that the Ministry and NCOBA office were just names only known in Port Moresby.




By Aloysius Laukai

The new member for Central Bougainville and Minister for Bougainville Affairs, FR. SIMON DUMARINU has vowed to work with the National Government and the ABG to fast-track issues that needs to be sorted out before Bougainvilleans go for th Referendum vote to decide the political future of Bougainville.
FR. SIMON made these remarks at the Handover ceremony of the ministry to him from the former minister and Regional member JOE LERA in Port Moresby yesterday.
He told the gathering that a lot needs to be done to speed up the process.
FR. SIMON said that the National Government needs to come out and support the ABG with outstanding grants owing to it so that it can prepare Bougainvilleans well for the referendum.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG members from North Bougainville this afternoon met with the North Bougainville Ex-combatants concerning their petitions presented to the office of the Chief Secretary last week.
This was in an attempt to cool down and to properly understand their stand before they meet with the Chief Secretary tomorrow.
Last week the first petition was served to the Chief Secretarys office in his absence.
It was later decided that they meet with the chief secretary this Wednesday.
The meeting is expected to be held tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Police has been keeping a close watch at the Administration Offices since last week.



Borneo Pacific meets supply requirements, says PNG Health minister "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals is one of 56 established suppliers in the country and has won a contract to procure medical supplies and should not be seen as the only company supplying medical kits, Health and HIV/Aids Minister Sir Puka Temu, says.

Sir Puka said this in response to recent public commentary on Borneo Pacific being contracted to procure 100 per cent medical supply kits for aid posts and health centres.
All pharmaceutical suppliers that deal with NDOH (National Department of Health) are registered with the Pharmacy Board of Papua New Guinea.
This registration attests that these companies meet storage and operations requirements stipulated by the Medicines and Cosmetics Act 1999.

Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals is also one of the three companies that have attained ISO 9000 certification, the others being Sesago Limited and Boucher and Muir Limited, Sir Puka said.
He said this certification attested that these companies had quality management systems and the department would continue to deal only with pharmaceutical establishments registered with the Pharmacy Board of Papua New Guinea.
This is to ensure compliance with pharmaceuticals services standards so that these companies import safe, efficacious and quality drugs.

NDOH now has a medicines laboratory equipped with two high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machines that will be able to test drugs that are brought into the country. These machines have been set up, commissioned, and should be operational by the end of Oct 2017.
The testing undertaken at this new laboratory will give the public confidence that drugs imported into Papua New Guinea are safe, efficacious, and of good quality for the implementation of the Governments free primary health care policy, he said.

He emphasised that all drugs procured by Health Department were sourced from manufacturers that complied with World Health Organisation good manufacturing practices and norms. The department will implement new measure to improve the distribution of medical supplies in future to make sure the country has a reliable supply. The National/PNG Today/ Press Release


Connectivity To Be Priority "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Post-Courier


Completion of the National Broadband Network and Terrestrial Network upgrade (submarine cable band-with) are among governments priorities for the next five years.

These commitments are specific to the information, communication, and technology (ICT) industry contained in the Alotau Accord II.

This was highlighted by Minister for Information, Communication, and Technology Francis Manake last week, in a meeting he held with the agencies concerned.

He challenged these priorities to be crafted into their respective work plans.

In laying down his expectations Mr Manake noted the onset of the digital age and the potential impact it already had in going forward, however, he was concerned that the masses particularly those in the rural areas are still out of touch.

Many dont have access to a phone, mobile communication and internet services. Some are not reached by radio and many cannot view television something we can change, the managers were told.

Other commitments which the minister said were industry specific which the government was keen on achieving over the next five years was to encourage e-commerce, e-health, e-education, e-agriculture with a view to embracing the smart government concept.

He challenged that they strive in the next five years to make a difference for the better.
Having access is one thing but if we can make it cheaper and affordable it would be even better and I am committed to seeing that this happens, he said.
During the meeting, Mr. Manake also highlighted his priorities for the coming month.
Top of the list were a stock take on all assets, APEC 2018 preparations, appointments including Secretary for the Department of Communication and Information, the National Information, Communication, Technology Authority (NICTA) board, 2018 budget submission for the sector.

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Papua New Guinea can boost economy through better use of human resources, says study "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A survey of human resources in Papua New Guinea has found that the country could make big gains by using its people better. But there are significant skill shortages, especially in management and the professions.

PNG skill needs index (more than 1 means supply does not match demand). Source: Deloitte and UNDP

The human resources survey, Fulfilling the land of opportunity: How to grow employment in Papua New Guinea, was conducted jointly by Deloitte and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It has identified four key areas where PNG has an opportunity to improve.

It is estimated that some 2.5 million people work in the informal economy, compared to only around 500,000 in the formal sector. Transferring even a modest share of those in the informal sector to the formal sector would create considerable economic gains, in terms of productivity and tax revenue, the report says.

Second, PNG has an extremely large and growing young population, with over 40 per cent of the population under the age of 15 and thus expected to enter the labour market in some form (be it formal or informal) within the next decade.


The report says that women are under-represented in the labour force, only making up an estimated 27 per cent of the total.

For an economy to thrive, women must be given the opportunity to excel, the report says.

PNG is rich in culture and social diversity. This diversity, when fused and endowed with sufficient capacity, will be able to spur innovation, creativity and problem solving.



In brief: No new taxes, says Prime Minister, and other business stories "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

ONeill says Supplementary Budget wont contain any new taxes, Oil Search MD says oil and gas sector could earn K60 billion over the next seven years, and central bank prepares to use block chain technology. Your weekly digest of the latest business news.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill has reportedly told business leaders there will be no new taxes in the planned 2017 Supplementary Budget. ONeill also assured the business community that the Government was aware of the ongoing concerns that they had about foreign exchange shortage and that it was working to ease these pressures in a timely manner.


Oil Search Managing Director Peter Botten has estimated that the oil and gas sector will attract more than K60 billion in investment in the next seven years if given the right environment. According to The National he told a business leaders breakfast there was a need to improve the way benefits delivery from the PNG LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project were distributed, adding that more than K3 billion had been paid by the project in royalties, development levies and equity distribution to the state and landowners since 2014.


Loi Bakani, Governor of the Bank of PNG

The Bank of PNG is considering using blockchain technology as a means to tackle financial inclusion problems in the country. Governor Loi Bakani has reportedly told a seminar it could also strengthen PNG banking systems, remittance, identification, credit history and balance payments, create efficiencies and reduce operational costs.


Gulf Province Governor Chris Haiveta reportedly says he wants to discuss b...


People moves: Paradise Foods, Frabelle Fishing Corp "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A CEO for Paradise Foods, a new General Manager at Frabelle

Michael Shields has been confirmed as Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Foods. He replaces David Peate, who stepped down after serving 45 years with the company. Formerly Chief Financial Officer, Shields has extensive business experience with Arnotts Biscuits, Golden Circle and Boral in senior executive positions.


Frabelle Fishing Corporation has appointed Daniel Noble as its new General Manager, replacing James (Johnno) Johnston, who is now a consultant with the company.



The post People moves: Paradise Foods, Frabelle Fishing Corp appeared first on Business Advantage PNG.


PNG Forest Products plans fourth hydro power station as it diversifies "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Forestry and timber company PNG Forest Products is expanding its diversification program as it prepares to build a fourth hydro power station. CEO Tony Honey tells Business Advantage PNG that its plan to build timber bridges and decking for export and domestic clients is also starting to get traction.

PNGFPs intake dam. Credit: PNGFP

PNG Forest Products already operates three hydro power stations with a combined installed capacity of 14.9 MW at Baiune, 20 minutes from Bulolo, 110 km from Lae.

They supply energy for all the companys production, commercial and residential power requirements, as well as to PNG Powers Ramu grid and to Wau.

A fourth power station, with 11.4 MW capacity, is planned to be up and running by late 2019. The source of power is to be the Baiune River.

Long-term were looking to develop our power divisionmore so, CEO Tony Honey tells Business Advantage PNG.

Its a good business to be in. Our fourth station will supply power solely to the Ramu grid.

Management thinkers call it vertical integration, which simply means that we control most, if not every, stage of the process.

PNG has a lack of capacity and theres going to be another gold mine developed in the next two-to-three years [Wafi-Golpu], which will require probably the total amount of power supplied to the grid at present. So, theres opportunity for us, he explains.

PNG Forest Product...


Skills Training And Development Needed For PLWD "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The fraternity of people living with disabilites in Lae is calling for continued and meaningful skills training development.

Benedict Hipom, President of the Morobe Disable Agency, a registered entity within the Morobe province told the post courier that it was sad to see the government support towards the people with special needs is slowly coming to a stop.

We want to be partners in the development of this country, Mr Hipom said.

He said government support was still lacking even though the agency and its members were an established group of people.

We are grateful for the charity that we have received but this has to stop because we as individuals need to be empowered, an agency member said.

Mr Hipom said the agency has been receiving mindset training from the Lae based Fijianabure consultancy and training but said there are still more people in Lae city and the Morobe province as a whole who would be in dire need of skills training and development.

We want to be trained people so that we are able to sustain ourselves because we do not want to be a burden to society, Mr Hipom said.

President Hipom challenged the Lae community to work the people with special needs to help them achieve more for themselves in life.

A representative from the Women of Desitiny, a new and small all-women community based organization Shirley Napolioni told the post courier that it was important to give skills training to the people with special needs.

We as members of a community should be able to help them (PLWDs) bridge the gap on immediate needs that can impart positive change in their lives so that, Mrs Napolioni said.

She added that there was also a widening gap between the government, business houses, the community and most importantly, the people.

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Papua New Guineas real estate market maturing, says Hausples CEO "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Chief Executive and Founder of real estate portal, Matthew Care, explains to Business Advantage PNG that the company is set to take advantage of higher rates of internet usage in Papua New Guinea. He expects rates of urbanisation to increase.

Hausples Matthew Care Source: Hausples

Hausples is an online real estate portal. It was started in 2013 and offers an agents directory as well as advertisements for the sale or rent of residential and commercial properties. It also covers land, and finance and insurance.

Our strategy is to help the real estate industryboth agents and the publicto move on-line, and to access a broader market, says CEO and founder, Matthew Care.

That is why we are partnering with agents, including providing customer relationship management systems so they can manage their information in a digital way.

On the public side, we have the real estate portal where people can access the details of property information and real estate news conveniently from their desktop PC, or mobile phone.

Plus, we have just launched the Real Estate Show, which will take place at the Sir John Guise Stadium in November and will showcase the best of PNG property developments, agents and related services.


Care says two challenges in PNG are the relatively low urbanisation rate and the PNGs multitude of different languages.

PNG is a unique market because it has a relatively high population compared with the other markets we operate in nearly 8 millionbut it has a very low urbanisation rate, so not many people live in houses within urban areas.

Over the next five to 10 years, government and private enterprise will become more aggressive about putting in place infrastructure to make housing affordable.

We believe over the next five to 10 years there will be a lot more people moving into cities and they will starting their search for houses and other services online.


Care says he expects t...


PM Welcomes AFLs Growing Popularity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Loop PNG

The Prime Minister says the growing popularity of AFL in Papua New Guinea is positive and provides another outlet for the nations youth to be healthier and participate in team sports.



He issued the statement following the PNG Mosquitoes victory in Melbourne this weekend, making them back-to-back champions.



I welcome the growing popularity of Aussie Rules in Papua New Guinea, says PM Peter ONeill.



It is a unique game in the world of sports and is another way that Papua New Guineans and Australians can form stronger bonds.



There is plenty of room for the different codes of football to expand in Papua New Guinea.



Our people will always have a great passion for rugby league, but we are a sports-loving nation and we will watch sports of all codes.



The PM pointed out how popular soccer has become with the FIFA Womens Under 20 World Cup, including rugby unions growing supporter base.



The Government will continue to encourage and develop grassroots sports around the country, as well as supporting the development of high performance athletes, states ONeill.



We have some great athletes in our country who compete on the world stage.



I congratulate all players, coaches, and staff for their hard work to win the AFL International Cup and bring the trophy back to Papua New Guinea.



Perhaps some of our young PNG Mozzies were spotted by talent scouts and they might have the opportunity to wear the jumper of an AFL team one day.


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Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Our Security "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Barney Orere | Post Courier | August 22, 2017

Concepts such as Dutch Disease are risks that threaten macroeconomic stability and consequently the long term development of the economy. This requires a forceful and comprehensive response from Government at all levels.

Given the fact that there is heavy dependence on the non-renewable sector; that is, petroleum and minerals, the current generation arguably has clear obligations to ensure that the benefits from their exploitation is available to generations that will come later.

Of importance will be the manner in which the State manages the increase in economic activity and resulting fiscal flows. The implementation of large scale projects such as the PNG LNG in a small economy such as PNG poses considerable challenge in terms of macroeconomic management also.

To minimize the potential negative impact of the considerable increase in financial flows and economic activity on the national economy, the Government policy was to ensure that a Sovereign Wealth Fund structure was implemented in the lead-up to increase in fiscal flows.

A Government submission says that whilst PNG LNG Project forms the backdrop of...


Australia denies refugees medical care again "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Since 2013, Australia has been detaining refugees in concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island. The refugees face persistent neglect by the government that has a duty-of-care towards them - including an explicit denial of basic medical care:

Nearly 50 refugees and asylum seekers held on Nauru including at least three women seeking to terminate a pregnancy are being refused, or not considered for, overseas medical treatment, in defiance of doctors recommendations.

Three pregnant refugee women on Nauru have asked to terminate their pregnancies, for cultural, familial and health reasons. Doctors requests for them to be transferred overseas for the procedure have been rejected. Terminations are illegal on Nauru, a devoutly Christian country.

And Australian immigration department staff have confirmed to the Guardian that nearly 50 refugees and asylum seekers are on a waiting list for approval for medical transfer for a variety of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries that cannot be performed on the island.

Why is the waiting list so long? Because all transfers must be approved by the Nauru hospital overseas medical referral committee, which never meets. And in the case of abortion, will not approve overseas transfer because it is illegal on Nauru. And this suits the Australians perfectly - both because it increases the harshness of the conditions in the concentration camps, but also because it prevents refugees from exercising their legal rights once in Australia to avoid being sent back to torture and neglect - thus fulfilling the government's promise to never let them into Australia.

This is absolutely vile. As for the solution, there's an obvious opportunity for the New Zealand government to step in and provide the medical care Australia won't. But that would require politicians who aren't craven vassals of our racist neighbours.


Sacked Mining Minister Pacha is new Solomon Islands deputy speaker of Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Sacked Solomon Islands Mining Minister and  Member of Parliament for South Guadalcanal David Dei Pacha is the new Deputy Speaker of Solomon Islands Parliament.

Pacha was elected unopposed to the post when Parliament resumed on Monday.

Pacha and the Member of Parliament for East Fataleka Steve Abana were the two nominees for the position but the latter withdrew his candidacy prior to the resumption of Parliament.

The Deputy Speaker position was vacated after the Member of Parliament for East Are Are Andrew Manepora was reappointed as Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey in the recent cabinet shakeup.

That cabinet shakeup also resulted in the termination of Pacha as Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification.

Parliament was adjourned again after the Deputy Speaker election until next Monday 28 August to allow the Public Accounts Committee to enquire into the 2017 Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2017.

This is the second supplementary bill that the Democratic Coalition for Change Government has brought to Parliament this year alone.....




  • Hunters success kick starts rugby league frenzy in PNG
  • How PNG and Fiji could win way into NRL
  • Mead keen on PNG return
  • PNG Orchids squad named
  • Aitken blow for Bravehearts

Hunters success kick starts rugby league frenzy in PNG
The PNG Hunters created history by winning the Queensland Cup minor premiership last weekend and if the Kumuls can build on their success at the Rugby League World Cup it will inevitably revive calls for the nation to have its own NRL team.

With Papua New Guinea hosting their three World Cup pool matches against USA, Ireland and Wales, the country is set to be gripped by rugby league fever for at least three weeks as the Kumuls have played just Test on home soil - against Tonga in 2014 - in eight years.

However, the festivities have started early after the Hunters claimed their first silverware by beating Wynnum Manly 28-22 before a crowd of more than 12,000 at Oil Search National Football Stadium on Sunday to secure the Queensland Cup minor premiership with a game in hand.

The significance of the achievement for the only country in the world with rugby league as the national sport was demonstrated by PNG Prime-Minister Peter ONeill, who attended with other government ministers, presenting the minor premiership trophy and medals to the Hunters players.

The Hunters now expect to host a home finals match and if they can win the Queensland Cup premiership to secure a place in the National State Championship play-off against the NSW Cup winners on NRL grand final day, the appetite for more top-level games will grow.

The Australian Prime Ministers XIII will meet the Kumuls in a double-header with the Jillarroos and PNGs newly named womens team, the Orchids, in Port Moresby on September 23, with the three World Cup matches to be played on October 28, November 5 and November 12.

A push for an NRL team based in PNG led to the Hunters joining the Queensland Cup in 2014, while more recently the talk has been about hosting NRL games or even a State of Origin match at the 25,000 seat Oil Search National Football Stadium.

How PNG and Fiji could win way into NRL
While there is no shortage of new areas wanting to join the NRL and most people consider there to be too many teams in Sydney expansion of the competition is seemingly off the agenda at least until 2023 when the current television deal expires....



By Aloysius Laukai
The decision to meet with the Bougainville Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU concerning North Bougainville Ex Combatants petition tomorrow is pending and another additional petition was added to it last Friday afternoon by other former combatants who were not party to the first petition.

This time the petition put in additional demands of which we have not seen the content as yet but we were assured we will get a copy of the second petition by today.

And yesterday Police were on red alert to stop any disturbances that opportunists could capitalize on the situation.

The former combatants had assured that they will not break any laws in the cause of presenting their grievances to the administration.



Benefits Delivery From PNG LNG Must Improve "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Oil Search Managing Director Peter Botten Has Called For An Improvement On The Disbursement Of Funds Owed To Landowners Of The PNG LNG Project

Post Courier | August 21, 2017

Oil Search managing director Peter Botten has called for an improvement on the disbursement of funds owed to landowners of the PNG LNG project.

The calls are in light of the ongoing debate pertaining to the benefits being derived from the oil and gas business.

Speaking at a business breakfast last week hosted by the Business Council of Papua New Guinea (BCPNG), Mr Botten told business and government leaders including the Prime Minister Peter ONeill, that he believed there is a broad feeling that the recent developments have delivered little over the last few years.

Benefits delivery from PNG LNG must improve. Landowners must be paid.

The money is there, some have already been paid but barriers to revenue distribution must be removed, he said.

Monday, 21 August


True greatness is not edifices but the welfare of the people "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Edifice complexCHRIS OVERLAND

MATHIAS Kin commented in PNG Attitude: That we need eye-catching buildings to get recognition is not the direction our mostly rural-based people need. Let the world do it their way, we can achieve greatness from what's around us.

I support Mathias's comments. To my mind he is absolutely right. PNG's leadership need to focus on the basics, not upon building vast edifices.

The edifice complex is a well understood condition that appears to afflict otherwise perfectly rational people who enter politics.

Those afflicted seem to believe that the erection of huge stadia, monuments or sky scrapers is necessary to proclaim their and their nation's greatness.

Those who do this are almost always men, so it is safe to assume some type of phallic symbolism is involved.

Sadly, this condition has been around almost since humans could even build such edifices.

Thus, the bible records the construction of the Tower of Babel, while the Pharaoh's constructed huge pyramids to demonstrate that their power and divinity could even transcend death.

Later on, the Emperor Vespasian ordered the construction of the Colosseum as his gift to the Roman people. Vespasian was personally under no illusions about his basic humanity but understood the power of symbolism perfectly well.

Still later, the Kings of France undertook the construction of the Palace of Versailles, which was consciously intended to be the most glamorous and awe inspiring symbol of royal power anywhere in the world.

The thing is, all of the edifices that I have mentioned have either long since vanished or are museums and tourist attractions. We can still marvel at them, but any political power or symbolism associated with them is long since gone.

The politicians and thinkers who have really made a useful difference have almost invariably left us a legacy of important ideas, not buildings.

Most especially important are those ideas that have led to increases in the freedom, wealth and well-being of the following generations.

So, what really endures from the days of the Pharaohs are things like the concept of a written language, while the Romans bequeathed us both their language, engineering knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, the idea that a huge and diverse populatio......


Thousands rally in Deiyai over fatal shooting "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Thousands rally in Deiyai over fatal shooting

Nethy Darma Somba The Jakarta Post
Jayapura | Mon, August 21, 2017 | 05:48 pm

Thousands of people rally in Deiyai, Papua, on Monday to demand the perpetrator of a recent fatal shooting be brought to justice. (Courtesy of/Abeth Amoye You)

Thousands of people rallied in Deiyai, Papua on Monday to demand the perpetrator of a recent fatal shooting in the regency be brought to justice.

They also want contractor firm PT Putra Dewa Paniai and the polices Mobile Brigade (Brimob) personnel to be forced out from the Mee Pago indigenous area.

Yulianus Pigai, 28, was found dead with several gunshot wounds when Brimob personnel tried to disperse a crowd that had destroyed the construction camp of the firm in Tigi district, Deiyai regency, on Aug. 1.

"Thousands of people marched to the Deiyai Legislative Council over the incident on Aug. 1," Catholic priest Santon Tekege told The Jakarta Post.

Read also: Protests over Papua shooting...


PNG 10th Parliament opens today "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The 10th Parliament of Papua New Guinea is set for a grand opening today.
Governor General Sir Bob Dadae will officiate the opening.
The program will begin at eight in the morning with a guard of honour by the 1st Royal Pacific Island Regiment and the combined Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and Correction Services Band.
It will be attended by all members of Parliament including Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, Speaker, Job Pomat, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and the members of the judiciary.
Guests at the event will include heads of foreign missions, members of the diplomatic corps, and visitors.
Parliament will resume for it's normal session at two o'clock in the afternoon following the ringing of the bells.
Meantime, Leader of Government Business, James Marape, has indicated that Parliament will be adjourned to September 12 after the formal opening ceremony tomorrow.
Mr Marape, says the adjournment is to allow government time to prepare its business to go before Parliament, which includes a Supplementary Budget.
NBC News/ PNG Today


The personal & professional struggles of Dr Kevin Pondikou "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

SCOTT WAIDE | EMTV Dr Kevin Pondikou & friends at Rumginae

WHEN Dr Kevin Pondikou arrived at Rumginae Rural Hospital in the Western Province he was quite happy to have found a job.

But the challenges that confronted him quickly brought to the fore the reality of rural medical service provision. Within a few days, he knew it wasnt going to be an easy journey.

The people live a very tough life even though we have a mine in the province, he says. Food is a problem. Cash is a problem. Many people live a very impoverished life.

Rumginae is located in the North Fly District. Apart from the hospital, the former mission station has an airstrip and a training school for community health workers and a primary school.

While there are foreign missionary doctors working in Rumginae, there is a desperate need for Papua New Guinean doctors to take up positions at the rural hospital.

Without mobile phones, social media, and the internet, Rumginae would be a place forgotten. The hospitals website is used by the missionary doctors to extend their call for help.

Government assistance is very limited and much of the help comes from missionary families overseas. They have a list of needs that is posted regularly on the website so that family members and donors can send the help they need.

When Kevin Pondikou arrived three years ago, he was the first Papua New Guinean doctor to work at Rumginae Rural.

His journey leading to his appointment as a doctor was not easy.

From an early age, he recalls having to deal with the stigma associated with having a family member with a mental illness.

His mother suffered from a form of psychosis and, at the age of 11, Kevin shut himself away from the world around him.

She was unwell and as a nuclear family we accepted it. But it was difficult. I didnt have a lot of friends because of the stigma of having a mentally ill parent.

For most of his pre-teen and teenage years, Kevins interaction with people outside his immediate family was minimal. It was a period that lasted about 20 years. His mother passed away and then in 1996 Kevins older brother died leaving a large void in his life.

He wanted to be a pilot and I wanted to be a doctor.

About six years ago, Kevi...


Some ways in which PNG is investing in a higher tech future "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papuan taipan anti-venomJORDAN DEAN

PAPUA New Guinea is largely a consumer of innovation, imported technologies and knowledge products. In the interests of our economic future, we need to move up the value chain to be a producer of innovation.

Science, technology and innovation are key forces driving economic growth and development in todays global economy. This is a challenge for us.

PNGs comparative advantage lies in its natural assets: its people, natural resources and rich cultural heritage. We need to translate these into tangible products and services to create opportunities for development.

One such endeavor is the biofuel research and development project at Pacific Adventist University. The project was initially funded to support the installation of a processing and testing facility and later to complete the design and installation of the processing plant.

The project produces biodiesel from used cooking oil and the research team is currently testing its quality against international standards in an attempt to commercialise biodiesel as a viable alternative fuel.

A further aspiration is to utilise feedstock from Papua New Guinea to produce biodiesel and ultimately to manufacture and blend the fuel at the university. This would provide significant environmental benefits to Papua New Guinea and stimulate economic growth and employment opportunities.

Additional sustainability benefits include the potential to reduce the emissions and carbon footprints of vehicles and diesel operated machinery.

A couple of years ago I visited beautiful Kokopo to asses a village-based coconut oil project underway in Rabaul and set up a model for both coconut research and its adoption to commercialisation.

Rabaul Virgin Coconut Oil Limited is a community-based business with 16 employees involved in downstream processing of virgin coconut oil.

Samples are sent to Dr Aisak Pue at the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment to ensure quality is maintained.



Lai: PNG High Performnace center helped a lot in PNG Mosquitoes success "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The PNG Mosquitoes excellent performance in the 2017 AFL International Cup is attributed to the great support they received during their training preparations back in the country.
Thats the word from the Mosquitoes National Assistant Coach Mr. Douglas Lai when appreciating the help the players got, especially from the PNG High Performance Centre.

Mr. Lai is great full because the team got a lot of assistance in terms of how to deal with injuries, fitness preparations and the use of the facilities for fitness training which improved each players performance.

He is also thankful for the two High Performance Centre staffs who went along with them and provided much help to the PNG AFL mens national team, which then resulted in their victory over New Zealand in the grand final on Saturday.
The victory also makes PNG become the first country to get a back to back win in the International Cup, he said.

Mr. Lai is proud of that and is also great full for other supports coming from the sponsors and the National Government to get them to this level on the international stage.
PNG won the first International Cup title back in 2014 against Ireland and has successfully defended it in this years International Cup against New Zealand.
Meanwhile, the Mozzies arrived back home yesterday along with the womens AFL national team, the PNG Flames who also did well in the 2017 International Cup.
Pictures: The highlights of the grand final match between the PNG Mosquitoes and New Zealand on Saturday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia.


SHP elections will not be failed. says Gamato "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Elections for the Southern Highlands Provincial Seat cannot be failed, says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.
Section 81(3) of the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections gives the power to the Electoral Commissioner to make or allow extension.
Mr. Gamato was responding to calls on him to declare the Southern Highlands Provincial Seat elections as failed and for supplementary elections to be held since counting hasnt been completed after first sitting of the new Parliament three weeks ago.
He explained that counting for the Southern Highlands Provincial Seat was recently ordered by Court to be conducted in Mt. Hagen.
PNGEC made preparations in the Eastern Highlands capital, Goroka, as a neutral venue but some Southern Highlands Provincial candidates went to court and asked the Court to have counting done in Mt. Hagen.
Because of the decision by National Court we (PNGEC) are now working to move the SHP Provincial count back to the Western Highlands capital, Mt. Hagen.
Mr. Gamato confirmed that the Election Manager for Eastern Highlands Steven Gore Kaupa has been appointed as the Provincial Returning Officer to oversee the continuation and completion of the Southern Highlands Provincial count.
Meanwhile, the National Court has put a hold on the return of writ for Kundiawa-Gembogl Open electorate and also ordered the counting of two (2) disputed ballot boxes after lawyers for the former MP Tobias Kulang obtained the court order and asked for the count.
The two disputed ballot boxes were not counted. I as Electoral Commissioner ordered the boxes to be counted. The Returning Officer did not count the two boxes during the counting and elimination processes.
Because there is a standing court order, I cannot accept the writ for Kundiawa-Gembogl Open and return it to the Head of State.
We will have to comply with the court order and count the two ballot boxes. Otherwise, I will be in contempt of the court order.


Pacific Adventist University gets K200 ,000 funding for Bio-fuel research project "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Research [fundamentally] plays a pivotal role in its contribution to knowledge generation and hence the development of a knowledge- based society. In many developing and emerging economies, investments in research and innovation have resulted in new knowledge and ideas, discoveries and technologies with application in the industries, health, agriculture, fisheries and the energy sectors.

Equally important, is the engagement in research methodology and investigation that contributes to a professionally qualified and trained manpower with skills in leadership, development of creative thinking and critical minds, skills in solving complex problems, dealing with difficult issues and exploring the unknown THE FUTRE!

The Outgoing Papua New Guinea Minister for the Department of Higher Education Mr. Francis Marus rightfully put it, during the Official Hand over, Take over ceremony, Research, Science and Technology is a sleeping giant that has immense potential to grow our economy and thus the need for the Government to invest more into this sector.

And to support the Governments priority in that area, at Pacific Adventist University (PAU), the new Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science& Technology Mr. Pila Niningi was excited as well as very pleased when presenting a Cheque of K200, 000 for the Pilot Bio - Fuel Project to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Pacific Adventist University Professor Jeff Crocombe.
He also acknowledged and thanked the Deputy Managing Director for PNG Science & Technology Secretariat, Dr. Kulala Mulung, Representative from the Department of Planning & Monitoring, Officers from the Ministry of Higher Education, Reseach, Science & Technology, Officers from the PNG Science & Technology Secretariat and the Academics & Staff of PAU, especially the School of Science & Technology for spear heading the Innovative Clean Energy Bio - Fuel Research Project.


ExxonMobil PNG delivers books in support of National Book Week "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Operator of the PNG LNG project ExxonMobil PNG Limited in partnership with Buk Bilong Pikinini distributed library books during the National Book Week to schools near the LNG plant in Central Province, Moro in Southern Highlands Province and Hides in Hela Province.

Pictured is ExxonMobil PNGs LNG Plant Operations Manager Jagir Baxi (middle), his wife Karen
(left) and Community Affairs Officer Christine Yango (right), reading to students at Boera
Elementary School to officially launch the National Book Week activities for schools near the LNG
plant on Wednesday 2 August.


About ExxonMobil PNG
The PNG LNG Project is an integrated development that includes gas production and processing facilities,
onshore and offshore pipelines and liquefaction facilities. Participating interests are affiliates of Exxon
Mobil Corporation (including ExxonMobil PNG Limited as operator), Oil Search Limited, Kumul Petroleum
Holdings Limited, Santos Limited, JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration and Mineral Resources Development
Company. Visit


PNG rice farming reaches 'new level' "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Surveying the vast rice fields of Markham Valley, Sunrice and Trukai Industries board directors have seen first-hand Trukais vital role in supporting a viable commercial rice industry in Papua New Guinea.

Members of both Sunrice and Trukai Industries board of directors travelled to witness the progress of Trukai Industries expansive Markham Valley rice project, established with the cooperation of the Chingwam Rice Growers Cooperative.
The board was met by members of the Chingwam Co-operative on the new development site near Rangiampum Village.
During the historic tour, a cheque for K84,700 for the purchase of the 140 ton of rice harvested in May was presented to the Chingwam Rice Growers Co-operative by Trukai Industries.
Trukais ever-evolving partnership with the local farming community is evident. The results of Trukai providing local farmers with intensive training in commercial rice production methodology, and most importantly the finished rice product set for households around the country, were all on display.
Rob Gordon, CEO Sunrice & Trukai Director, with Sunrice Chairman Laurie Arthur and several directors from both Sunrice and Trukai were warmly met by Michael Maran, Chairman of Chingwam Rice Growers Cooperative and John Maran, the Cooperatives Project Coordinator.
Other members and leaders of the Rangiampum community and Chingwam Rice Growers Cooperative were present along with Bernard Maladina of Niugini Strategic Services, as Trukai Rice Development Manager Humphrey Saese and Trukai GM-Agriculture Jarrod Pirie delved into the intricacies of their stunningly successful project.
The occasion presented a prime opportunity for all stakeholders to reflect on the significance of the land development projects progress over the previous 2 years - and get an indication of what is involved in the project expansion for this year and the potential for further expansion into the future.
This a significant milestone in the development of our rice industry in Papua New Guinea. The project has progressed from a pilot testing to a whole new level in rice farming in the country, said Mr. Saese.
This project involved an initial pilot testing of 10 hectares in 2015 and saw the successful cropping and delivery of 20 tons of rice.
Expansion into a slightly larger area of 40ha in the 2016-17 cropping season delivered over 140 tons of paddy now in storage for milli...


Papua New Guinea Expresses Gratitude for Australian Support "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Prime Minister, Peter ONeill  has welcomed ongoing partnership activities between Papua New Guinea and Australia that are building capacity in healthcare, and providing ongoing support for the hosting of APEC in 2018.

Following a courtesy call by H.E. Bruce Davis, Australias High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea on Friday, PM ONeill said the bilateral relationship with Australia continues to strengthen.
The ongoing co-operation between our two Governments is very strong which is also enhancing business links, and delivering capacity building support, PM ONeill said.
Australias commitment to improving healthcare in Papua New Guinea is delivering tangible results, particularly in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.
Co-operation activities are underway, together with World Bank support, to deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives.
We thank Australia for this ongoing healthcare co-operation that is also strengthening infrastructure and service delivery.

Current projects include the new nursing school, dental clinic and maternal and child health ward at Angau Hospital."
PM ONeill said Australian support and co-operation is particularly important as Papua New Guinea prepares to host APEC.
In 2018 the leaders of APECs 20 other Member Economies, together with more than 15 thousand delegates, will come to Papua New Guinea.
This is an enormous logistical undertaking, and Australia is providing support that is building our capacity, particularly in the area of safety and security.

I have expressed my appreciation to High Commissioner Davis for the support that Australia is providing, including the allocation of Australian Federal...


Provinces To Review Existing Disaster Management Systems "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Imelda Wavik

Participating provinces involved in the Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in Papua New Guinea program will be assessing the existing Disaster Management (DRM) capacities.

This assessment will be to identify strengths, weakness, gaps and opportunities.

The assessment information will then be used to produce Capacity Development Plans for each province to assist in the use of available resources and focus on the areas where there are capacity challenges.

Each province involved will initiate development of their draft Disaster Management Plan, Standard Operating Procedures and a DRM Capacity Assessment.

There will also be follow up tasks that will be captured in an Action Plan, highlighting immediate, medium and long term priority matters to be addressed.

If this approach is successful in these pilot provinces, there is a potential to eventually expand the project to other regions in the country, in order to support other provinces improve their disaster management systems.

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Papua New Guinea Expresses Gratitude for Australian Support "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter ONeill CMG MP, has welcomed ongoing partnership activities between Papua New Guinea and Australia that are building capacity in healthcare, and providing ongoing support for the hosting of APEC in 2018.



Following a courtesy call by H.E. Bruce Davis, Australias High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea on Friday, PM ONeill said the bilateral relationship with Australia continues to strengthen.



The ongoing co-operation between our two Governments is very strong which is also enhancing business links, and delivering capacity building support, PM ONeill said.



Australias commitment to improving healthcare in Papua New Guinea is delivering tangible results, particularly in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.



Co-operation activities are underway, together with World Bank support, to deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives.



We thank Australia for this ongoing healthcare co-operation that is also strengthening infrastructure and service delivery.



Current projects include the new nursing school, dental clinic and maternal and child health ward at Angau Hospital.



PM ONeill said Australian support and co-operation is particularly important as Papua New Guinea prepares to host APEC.



In 2018 the leaders of APECs 20 other Member Economies, together with more than 15 thousand delegates, will come to Papua New Guinea.



This is an enormous logistical undertaking, and Australia is providing support that is building our capacity, particularly in the area of safety and security.



I have expressed my appreciation to High Commissioner Davis for the support that Australia is providing, including the allocation of Australian Federal Police in a training and mentoring capacity.



Papua New Guinea will deliver a very safe and successful APEC year and Leaders Summit in 2018, and we thank Australia for their ongoing contribution.



During the courtesy call the Prime Minister and High Commissioner further discussed the closure of the Manus Regional Proc...


Education opens doors "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

21st August 2017
Source: The National
EDUCATION is the master key to open all doors, West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel says. 
Muthuvel thanked the New Britain Palm Oil Ltd for creating opportunities for children living in the vicinity of the Malilimi Primary School to have a good future through education. 
Education is the master key to unlock all doors, he said.
Muthuvel plans to upgrade human resources in the province.
He is committed to supporting education through the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme, EQUITV, capacity-building of elementary teachers through the Early Childhood Programme, the building of new classrooms and the revamping of IT laboratories.
He said it was important to have a right attitude all the time.About 85 per cent of the time, interviewees select employees based on their attitude and not qualifications, he saidIt is vital to redirect our children in the right part to ensure they are nurtured with a high calibre and positive attitude.
With knowledge and understanding, every child will be able to achieve their dreams.School board chairman Khairul Zainal thanked Muthuvel for keeping his word.
This came to light during the presentation of K200,000 as school grant under the trust account.
Photo Courtesy of

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Papua New Guinea government needs a revenue strategy says Treasury Secretary "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea Government needs to look at raising more revenue, as well as keeping its expenditure under control, according to Dairi Vele, Secretary of the Department of Treasury.

Treasure Secretary Dairi Vele

In a frank address to a joint University of Papua New Guinea/Australian National University event in Port Moresby, Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele outlined some of the budgetary challenges facing the incoming ONeill Government.

Vele said the PNG economy is recovering from its economic shocks and inflation is moderating below 7 per cent. But, he said, total revenue is projected to be lower by K514 million from 2017 Budget estimates, and total expenditure projected to increase by K430.1 million.

The Mid-Year Economic Forecast (MYEFO) also has PNGs debt at 34.9 per cent, up from 32.4 per cent in 2016.


Vele said PNGs debt ceiling is an important discipline when dealing with volatile economic cycles.

When the revenues came in from the boom, we started focusing on spending and not making money.

People have different views but I think that 30 per cent for a country growing as fast as we are, it is a very low ratio. The good thing about having a 30 per cent limit in good times is that it gives you discipline. When times are tough it takes away your optionality.

We are a price taker, not a price maker. The price of oil and gold is decided in markets far, far away. We just live with it.



Hela eyes boost in investment "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

August 21, 2017

Hela Governor Philip Undialu has been meeting major investors since being elected in a bid to attract more investment in the province.

He told The National on Saturday that he had had meetings with major investors including ExxonMobil, Oil Search, Mineral Resources Development Corporation and Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd.

Hela will also discuss the issue of benefit-sharing with its Southern Highlands neighbours.

Undialu said he would also be meeting with Porgera Joint Venture and Harmony Gold which was doing drilling at the Kili Teke Prospect in Koroba-Lake Kopiago.
He said the Kili Teke Prospect looked very promising and could be another Ok Tedi for Hela.

Due diligence is yet to be done, however, it could be even bigger than Ok Tedi, Undialu said.

The prospect is very promising.

Undialu said he had also met with Hela agriculture development partner LR Group of Israel and Curtain Brothers which was involved in major infrastructure projects.
He said the major issue on hand was the uncompleted task of social mapping and clan-vetting.

Once this is completed then we can release equity and royalty entitlements, Undialu said.

I have confirmed with the balance sheet that MRDC now holds about K224 million for free-carry equities alone.
About K74 million for royalties is held by the Central Bank.



Photo Courtesy of Post Courier Online.

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DWU cultural day, extravaganza for Madang "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

BY ELLIOT DAWEA (DWU journalism Student)

The Divine Word University (DWU) annual Cultural Day at the Madang campus once again attracted a large crowd last Saturday at the DWU Madang campus.

Students from 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea performed on the day. Many students had their parents, guardians and extended relatives on campus to assist them with the preparations and performances as well.

The cultural day performance was preceded by a parade of costumes and dances by representatives of each group at the SVD Memorial Auditorium on Friday.

The neighbouring Solomon Islands also perform in this years cultural show. The audience dancing to the tune of international flavour, traditional attire, singing and dancing coming

Living up to the universitys slogan Valuing our Culture and Heritage through Collaboration, students from various provinces in PNG put on a lively display of their cultural heritage through their bilas (traditional regalia), dancing and singing at the Madang campus.

Many visitors, both local and international, were present for taking photographs or filming the dances and body decorations while some posed with the participants for that memorable photo opportunity.

The Cultural Day is a calendar event of DWU where the university encourages its students to value their indigenous cultural heritage. The event provides an avenue for students to come together to share the different cultures through songs, dances and enacted ceremonies.

The cultural celebration took place a day after DWU marks its 19th Foundation Day which commemorates the Papua New Guinea governments declaration of the former Divine Word Institute (DWI) as a University on 21st August, 1996.

The 2017 event was organised and run by students with the support of the university administration.

Member of Parliament for Madang Open Bryan Krema was present at the show.

Photo credit: KEVIN PAMBA

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ZAP/POOFness Report: "Change The World" -- August 20, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

From: "The Office of Poofness" <<a href="">>
Date: Sun, August 20, 2017 9:03 pm


Colby and Awu


I can, you can,
Phoenix to Bamenda, Colby and Awu, we change the world,
Yo I woke up this morning with a dream to change the world,
Just want to bring a smile to every boy and every girl,
Cant do it by myself, on my own and all alone,
The world needs changing now, so lets all get in the zone,
Every woman, every man, come and join me lend a hand,
Its time to step it up and lead our children to the promised land,
The golden age of unity, of freedom and equality,
Peace on earth is possible, just need a new mentality,
Open up your heart, and open up your mind,
Open up your spirit, and guess what you will find,
Instead of us vs. them, always focused on the enemy,
Youll see that your enemy is just like you and me,
The world is one country, and mankind its citizens,
Time to come together yall, all seven billion,
Turn war into peace, and hate into love,
Turn your frown into a smile, go give somebody a hug,

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

Open up your hearts and minds, and face reality,
Cuz there is some good within you, called peace and harmony,
So see me as your brother, or your sister,
Ill move your mountain, and you move my mountain,
Cuz the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step,
African man says one hand cant tie a broom,
Lets unite and see the world change from good to best,
And put a smile on the face of mankind as we say,

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

So do unto others, as youd have done to you,
Cuz changing the world starts with the golden rule,
We gotta celebrate diversity, and show love universally,
Cuz everyone on earth is part of one community,
Black, white, red, tan,
Rich, poor, woman, man,
Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, BahaI Buddhist, Sikh, or Hindu
What if you were judged for the language that you spoke,
What kind of feelings do you think it would evoke,
To be put down cuz of your race, or face religious persecution,
Time to rid the world of prejudice, and start a revolution,
Im talking no more hunger ,and no more pain,
No more violence, and no more slaves,
No more hatred, and no more greed,
No more homeless, or broken families,


Flight training available in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

August 21, 2017 

With a One Training Centre Two Campuses approach, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) will again offer flight training for Papua New Guineans in PNG.

The two training campuses are Mt Hagen and Mareeba, Queensland, Australia.
MAF is planning two intakes each year, with the opportunity for up to four PNG students to begin training at each intake.
Within two years the MAF Training Centre aims to produce professional and competent pilots with relevant licences, ratings and approximately 240 hours flying experience.
With over 65 years of experience in providing essential flight services to many of the most isolated communities in PNG, MAFs training curriculum will provide a focus on safety and remote area operations as modelled by MAF.

With the two campuses integrated approach, students will get exposure to both the Australian and Papua New Guinean flying environments.

Each campus will work to a common curriculum, built on a competency-based training philosophy and compliant with the curriculum required by Casa (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) PNG and Casa Australia.

Training will be delivered by experienced instructors with significant industry expertise and cross-cultural experience.

The Mareeba campus will deliver the foundational training to student pilots covering private pilots licence, night flying rating and instrument flight rating.

Students will attend the Mt Hagen campus to apply newly developed flight skills and knowledge in the PNG context, developing planning and navigation expertise, and the right attitude for safe remote operations.

This part of the course will cover cross-country navigation, operations on non-paved airstrips, and competencies required for commercial pilot licence training. Flight costs are subject to change and could increase if student progress is slower than average.

Typically, the total two-year training costs for students enrolling during 2017 comes to A$107,500 (about K272,000) with stu...


Dr. Kevin Pondikou, saving lives in Rumginae as he fights personal battles "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

kp10When Dr. Kevin Pondikou arrived in Rumginae Rural  Hospital in the Western Province, he was quite happy to have found a job after a relatively long while.

But the challenges that confronted him,   quickly brought the reality of rural medical service provision to the fore.   Within a few days, he knew it wasnt going to be an easy journey.

The people live a very tough life even though we have a mine in the province, he says. Food is a problem. Cash is a problem. Many people live a very impoverished life.

Rumginae is located in the North Fly District. Apart from the hospital, the former mission station has an airstrip and a training school for community health workers and a primary school. While there are foreign missionary doctors working in Rumginae,   there is a desperate need for Papua New Guinean doctors to take up positions at the rural hospital.

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Negative Public Image Abroad A Big Concern "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


A major challenge facing Papua New Guineas foreign missions is dealing with negative public image abroad, Foreign Affairs Secretary William Dihm told Members of Parliament at their induction last Friday.

Other challenges include awareness of roles and responsibilities of the Foreign Affairs Department which extends beyond the countrys national borders, funding for the department as well as overseas missions and posts.
This is in addition to increasing cost of consular support, assessed contributions to international and regional organisations and building institutional and human resource capacity.

Papua New Guinea currently has important relationships with 89 member states of the United Nations and just recently Cabinet approved to enter into relations with a further 25 countries. Resident foreign missions including Apostolic Nunciature (16), Consulates (3), Honorary Consuls (20), International Organisations (23) and Ambassadors and High Commissions accredited to PNG from other countries (30+). This includes APEC (21), ASEAN (10), PIF (18), ACP (79), UN (193).

Dealing with negative public image of our nation abroad remains a major challenge, Mr Dihm told MPs.
PNG has a unique story to tell the world about its diversity, its democracy and development aspirations, he said.

Our work is an extension of our national policies to the international community, we therefore need a whole government approach in promoting and protecting PNGs national interest. We need your support in fulfilling our mission, which is to serve as the focal point of contact and communications between the PNG government and other foreign governments and international organisations.

Protect and promote the sovereignty and independence of our nation and develop policies relevant to advancing PNG core interests in aid, trade, and development cooperation and other international commitments, oversee PNGs treaty commitments provide protocol services and manage 20 of PNGs overseas diplomatic missions and posts and help coordinate representation in major international meetings, he said.

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SP PNG Hunters win 2017 Intrust Super Cup Minor Premiership "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea SP Hunters  have claimed the 2017 Intrust Super Cup Minor Premiership after holding off spirited Wynnum Manly Seagulls 28 - 22 at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby yesterday.

A large crowd of well over 12 000 filled the fifteen thousand seat stadium to witness the Hunters historical win  and  the minor title. Prime Mininster Peter O'Neill presented the minor premiership title and medals to the players and congratulated the Hunters team and the management for a job well done.

The Manly Seagulls came to Port Moresby to hurt the Hunters on their backyard and spoil the Hunters early aspiration for the Minor premierships title.

With that determination, they  sent Paora Kemp on the 7th minute for a unconverted try and took the early lead 4 - 0.   The Hunters replied with a try on the 13th minute through Stargroth Amean. Captain Ase Boas added the extras and the home side was infront with 6-4 lead.

In a physical encounter, the home side attacked the Seagulls line again. A nice ball off load from Watson to winger Abavu attracted Seagulls defenders and created a gap for forward Nixon Putt to dive over the line for the third try after a flip pass from Abavu. Boas found the uprights and the Hunters were leading with 16 - 10 with 20 minutes on the clock.

The Seagulls replied with a try through Mitch Frei  on the 59th minute to level the score again with 16 all.

Hunters star player, Stargroth Amean scored his second try of the afternoon on the 63 minute to put his team ahead with 22 - 16 lead. This lead was further extended when captain Boas scored on the 68th minute and converted his own try  to 28 - 16.


Oil, Gas can bring in K60bil more: Botten "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

August 18, 2017  /The National / Business

OIL Search Limited has estimated that the oil and gas sector will attract more than K60 billion in investment in the next seven years if given the right environment.

Managing director Peter Botten highlighted during the prime ministers breakfast in Port Moresby yesterday(17/08/17) the potential that the oil and gas sector had to materially and positively impact the economy.

Papua New Guinea is in a tremendous position to expand the LNG production as there are more discovered proven probable gas resources set by now than before the PNG LNG first initial sanction, he said.

Botten said more than 10tcf (trillion cubic feet) is available to under-ride new investments in the Elk Antelope on the PNG LNG field and the Pnyang field.

With the right environment, oil and gas production can more than double over the next five to seven years, he said.

Botten said the potential investment of more than K60 billion in developments, appraisal, and exploration was possible in this time frame.

Construction can lead to over 20,000 new jobs with significant spin-off economic benefits will flow from those developments, he said.

He said there were many issues to resolve to make this happen.

The prerequisite for success is developers engaging with government, landowners, and indeed the whole country to demonstrate fair value distribution for all parties has been achieved from existing projects, he said.

Botten said this required developers to work with the state to help deliver infrastructure, address service delivery, and support both economic and social developments in the country.


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Misunderstanding postpones Tuvalu Parliament session "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Tuvalu Cabinet has agreed to postpone the second session of the Parliament for this year because of misunderstandings that could not guarantee a smooth Parliament meeting.

The session was scheduled for 16 22 August 2017 but has now been postponed to a later date this year.

At a press conference Thursday 17 August Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoaga clarified that it is important that issues requiring proper clarifications are sorted before Parliament is reconvened.

PM Sopoaga explained that the Government is collaborating with the Parliament Office to have the same understanding on the application of recent High Court Judgements and most importantly the readiness of the Parliament to continue.

Therefore, the Parliament Session has been postponed to a later date in 2017, said a government statement.

The Prime Minister assured that Cabinet decisions are consultative and based on the requirements of the Constitution of Tuvalu and Rules of Procedure of the Tuvalu Parliament.

Meanwhile the Government continues to fully implement the priorities laid out in the Roadmap, Te Kakeega III and island community priorities.



PNG Womens seats on card "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill wants to bring back for debate the proposal to reserve 22 seats in Parliament for women.

He told a breakfast meeting with the business community in Port Moresby Thursday that he would bring it up with his coalition partners and Opposition MPs.

The proposal is to have two governors one male and one female in each of the 22 provinces. It guarantees at least 22 women in the House.

He said it should not stop women from contesting the other 89 Open seats.

Im quite disappointed that there is no woman is in this parliament, ONeill said.

Womans representation in parliament has been a subject of discussion for many years. Even the previous government had tried to do some legislative reforms to bring more representation of women into parliament. But those who objected most were women themselves.

A motion to have 22 reserved seats for women in Parliament was defeated in the House in 2014 after intensive lobbying.

But ONeill said he would discuss the idea again with his coalition partners and Opposition MPs before it could be re-tabled in Parliament.

I can assure you that I will be discussing this with our coalition partners and see if we can get the reserved seats bring some women representatives into parliament as appointed members, he said.

Digicel Foundation chief executive Beatrice Mahuru brought up the issue during yesterdays breakfast. She asked ONeill what his government planned to do before the next general election in 2022 to address the lack of female representation in Parliament.

ONeill said going forward, we need to have a long-term solution.

Just appointing members to reserved seats is not the way to go into the future, he said.

He said he supported the idea of having one male governor and one female governor but elected by everyone in each province. It will mean expanding to a 133-member Parliament.

Ive been personally supportive of that option because that immediately gives 22 women to go into parliament, he said.

That option does not restrict the women from running in the open seats. They can compete with their male counterparts for the open seats.

But for the regional seats at least, you can have some fair representations.

Those are the options we will look at over the course of this term (of parliament). I will prefer a bipartisan approach in this r...


Samoa cautioned about experimental seabed mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

S.U.N.G.O. PRESIDENT: Roina Vavatau.

Joyetter Feagaimaalii-Luamanu  | Samoa Observer | 20 August 2017

Experimental deep-sea mining is on the agenda for a five-day National Focus Group Dialogue hosted by the Samoa Umbrella for Non-Governmental Organizations (S.U.N.G.O.) which starts today.

But S.U.N.G.O. President, Roina Vavatau, believes Samoa needs to proceed with caution.

During an interview with the Samoa Observer, the President of S.U.N.G.O said Samoa should not be easily enticed by the millions promised if they opt to support deep-sea mining activities. 

The money is very attractive however we have to consider the social impact of deep sea mining on us, she said. This is our livelihood, everyone depends on the ocean and if this deal comes to pass, what is going to happen to us. 

Mrs. Vavatau urges the public to come as one and voice the rejection of Samoa to be a part of deep-sea mining activities. 



All that glitters is profit in Chinas gold mines as demand for safe haven boost precious metal sales "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

All that glitters is profit in Chinas gold mines as demand for safe haven boost precious metal sales

Zijin Minings first-half profit almost triples as Zhaojin Minings profit grows 56 per cent.

Enoch Yiu | South China Post | Sunday, 20 August, 2017

Zijin Mining Group and Zhaojin Mining Industry, among two of the Chinese gold industrys leading miners, reported bumper interim profits, bolstered by surging gold prices amid rising global demand for safe haven investments, and increasing ales at home.

Zijins net profit almost tripled to 1.5 billion yuan (US$224.8 million), or 0.069 yuan per share, in the first six months of the year. Zhaojins net income rose 56 per cent to 396.64 million yuan, or 0.13 yuan per share, in the same period.

Hedging demand triggered by political uncertainty became the main driver of the periodical increases in gold price in the first half, Zhaojins chairman Weng Zhanbin said in a statement to the Hon...


Many protest NZ seabed mining consent "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Protesters line up across Mana Beach to oppose seabed mining. Photo/ Lewis Gardner

We will end up like Papua New Guinea Were going to ruin it for the sake of corporate greed

Laurel Stowell | Wanganui Chronicle | 20 August, 2017

At least 150 people were waiting in strong wind until the organisers arrived. They came from as far away as Hawera and Whanganui.It had been cancelled but so many people turned up that a protest against seabed mining took place as planned at Patea Beach on Sunday.

The protest was against the Environmental Protection Authority granting marine consent to Trans-Tasman Resources to mine iron-sand from the seabed 22km offshore. That consent can be appealed until August 31.

After a brief prayer to Tangaroa, the god of the sea, speakers thanked everyone for coming and asked t...


Self interested foreign mining industry threatens and bullies new MPs "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Peter Aitsi addresses the new MPs

Proposed amendments must not affect revenue: Chamber

Cedric Patjole | PNG Loop | August 20, 2017

Members of Parliament have been informed that proposed amendments to the mining act must not affect investors confidence in the country.

PNG country manager for Newcrest Mining Limited and vice-president of the PNG Chamber of Mining and Petroleum, Peter Aitsi, recently told new MPs that regulatory frameworks that are detrimental to investment will have a direct impact on revenue streams for the country.

The comments were made during the National Parliament Induction Programme.

Speaking to recently elected MPs, Aitsi said they needed to be aware of the delicate correlation between PNG remaining an investment destination as well as regulations introduced for the country.

He said this when stressing how signi cant revenue streams from the mining sector contributed to t...

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