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Friday, 24 November


We moved the asylum seekers peacefully to new Manus camps "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Gary Baki
RPNGC Commissioner Gary Baki

MEDIA STATEMENT | Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Yesterday the last of the asylum seekers on Manus were reluctantly transferred from the 'processing centre' to accommodation in the capital Lorengau after a month-long stand-off. On Thursday this statement had been issued by the PNG police commissioner....

PORT MORESBY - Police Commissioner Gari Baki has said that a total of 50 people were peacefully relocated from the Lombrum based Regional Processing Centre to the two immigration centres on Manus Island.

Of this number, 36 non-refugees and 13 refugees left voluntarily after being briefed and convinced by PNG government officials whilst one, Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani, was escorted from the centre by government officials.

I am glad that this relocation exercise was done peacefully and without use of force, said Mr Baki. Kurdish journalist Boochani was not arrested, nor was he charged.

He was stirring up trouble and telling the other refugees not to move out of the centre so police and officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority simply escorted him out of the decommissioned centre and transported him to the East Lorengau Refugee Centre where he now remains.

Everybody has been jumping up and down about the treatment of the refugees which is nothing but the best so far, said Mr Baki.

Critics are failing to acknowledge the pressure, stress and strain the refugees are placing on PNG government officials on Manus as well as the local Manus people.

We have 10 Immigration officials and 50 policemen on Manus trying to manage more than 600 refugees whilst at the same time attend to ongoing law and order issues on the island province.

Mr Baki said the PNG authorities were doing the best they can and expressed frustration that the refugees continue to be stubborn and defiant.

The fact is that we are not moving them into the jungle, he said. They are being relocated to two centres where there is water, electricity, food a......


Kalau ULMWP Tidak Bentuk Pemerintah Republik West Papua, maka Kita pertanyakan, Apa Tujuan Mereka? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan (MPP) Tentara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP) lewat Sekretaris-Jenderal Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi menyatakan "Kalau ULMP tidak sanggup membentuk pemerintahan Republik West Papua, maka kita semua orang Papua harus bertanya kembali kepada ULMWP, apa tujuan pembentukannya? Untuk menghibur diri di atas penderitaan rakyat Papua atau memang benar-benar untuk Papua Merdeka?" Menurut perintah

Kalau ULMWP Tidak Bentuk Pemerintah Republik West Papua, maka Kita pertanyakan, Apa Tujuan Mereka? was originally published on

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Traditional hut that housed the Mining licenses
Images 2

Mining Licenses231117 023



Some pictures from yesterdays celebration in Tinputz
Pictures by Cynthia Tokiapron
Image 1 Suir Dancers

Mining Licenses231117 035



241117no diesel for BUKA POWER
By Aloysius Laukai

Reports say that the BUKA Power ran out of fuel and could not operate their machines since this morning.
Reliable sources told New Dawn FM that the supply of fuel to the Power Station changed some months back resulting in this problem.
It is not known when Buka town will have power.
The problem has been ongoing and is becoming from bad to worse.
Previously it was load problem resulting in load shedding within the supply areas.




241117ABG on JSB deferrals
Anthony Kaybing

The ABG has been consistently let down by the National Government on its continued deferral of the Joint Supervisory Body Meeting and its refusal to engage on important matters relating to the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

ABG President Chief Dr John Momis said that as a legitimate autonomous government afforded specific constitutional powers this was unacceptable.

The National Government has consistently failed to meet its obligations under the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA), President Momis said.

The JSB was established as the primary mechanism under the Bougainville Peace Agreement through which ABG and the National Government must consult and resolve disputes, he added.

Momis further expressed his disappointment in saying that the National Government has failed to respect the role of the JSB instead using it as a rubber stamp to push through its own views at the expense of the Bougainville people.

After twelve years of autonomous government we are still constrained in our ability to govern effectively because of the inaction of the National Government, Momis said.

Over the course of these last twelve years the JSB has not yielded anything of substance except for the negotiations for several draw-down of powers and functions and the implementation of several high impact projects.

With the JSB now set for the 14 and 15 of December, the ABG and the National Government are still at loggerheads over the formula for Restoration Development Grant of which close to a K1 billion is owed to the ABG which is a basis of the BPA, the other outstanding funding is the Special Intervention Fund of K500 million with an outstanding of K201 million.

The ABGs main focus for this JSB will be on the referendum preparedness by both sides; the ABG has already taken steps to meet the terms of the BPA which will qualify Bougainville on eve of the referendum.

The National Governments slowness in addressing the terms of the JSB and the Peace Agreement has greatly hindered the ABGs drive as everything regarding the referendum must be carried out in agreement with the National Government.

Despite these setbacks the President was pleased with the momentum displayed by the ABGs Department of Peace Agreement Implementation in its referendum preparedness.

Inspite of these seemingly dark times I call on the people of Bougainville to focus on the noble ambition of self-determination and to commit to achieving our ultimate goal, Momis said.




231117JSB Set for December
Anthony Kaybing
The long deferred Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) Meeting between the ABG and the National Government has been scheduled for the 14 and 15 of December this year.
ABG President Chief Dr John Momis in a special parliament convened on Wednesday to discuss the JSB said some of the JSB agendas are outstanding from previous meetings while others are focused on the referendum preparations.
The referendum preparations will be a dominant issue of discussion in the JSB and with the recent formation of the Bougainville Referendum Commission there is urgency to operationalize it.
We need to appoint Commissioners, agree on an independent Chair and put in place systems, processes and procedures to govern how the Commission will work, President Momis said.
Momis further stated that all of this required the support and agreement of the National Government.
He added that the two governments also need to reach an agreement on the question or questions to be put to the people of Bougainville at the referendum; the meeting will also discuss the criteria that will apply to non-resident Bougainvilleans to vote in the referendum.
Another key agenda during the JSB will be the failure by the National Government to honour its constitutional obligations through outstanding payments of the Restoration Development Grant.
By our estimates we are now owed more than K900 million and by the National Governments own estimates we are owed more than K360 million, President Momis said.
Just like the RDG the ABG is owed significant arrears under the Special Intervention Fund of 2011 that should have seen a total of K500 million being approved for high impact development projects; only K299 million has been received with a shortfall of K201 million, Momis revealed.
Other key issues of discussion in the forthcoming JSB will include the need for the second joint review of the autonomy arrangements, peace building efforts by the ABG, weapons disposal provisions in the Bougainville Peace Agreement, revenues from fishing around Bougainville waters and continued draw down of powers and functions.
The JSB is the foremost entity that offers an avenue for the National Government and the ABG to discuss issues pertaining to Bougainvilles autonomous arrangement and is co-chaired by the ABG President and Prime Minister of PNG.



241117 young womens forum
By Theresa Baranangko
The Bougainville Womens Federation through the Young Womens Leadership program conducted a week long public forum between 20th and 24th November 2017 at Malasang Resource Centre which saw more than 100 young women participants.
The main objective of this forum is to create space for young women leaders throughout the region to air out their experiences and concerns to matured women leaders, Government Sectors and other stakeholders presented at the forum who then gave feed backs and further shared their wide experiences on positive and negative issues affecting their leadership qualities.
According to the Programs Manager, Ms. Margaret Kiroha, the outcome that is expected is the establishment of young women association in respective areas through which the young womens program, facilitated by Bougainville Womens Federation can be able to reach any young women who are interested in taking up leadership programs.
She said, according to their Theme Be a Leader, Be a Change, young women are called to change their leadership code in order to be a good Leader in the Future.



By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG officially presented two Mining Exploration Licences to two Landowner companies in Tinputz yesterday despite the heavy downpour which disturbed the ceremony.
The ceremony was witnessed by all members of the ABG including media and the people of Tinputz and also the heavens opened to celebrate the occasion.
The ABG President CHIEF DR.JOHN MOMIS officially handed over the Exploration licenses to the two companies.
The ceremony also included traditional activities by landowners from the project sites.



Beaten and tired #refugees protest rough sleeping at East Lorengau after removal from #Manus RPC: @jansant reports "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Refugees are currently holding a protest at the new East Lorengau prison on Manus upon discovering at least 65 are without anywhere to sleep, after being forcibly removed from the closed Regional Processing Centre (RPC). The refugees are protesting in East Lorengau bcz there s no room for them. immigration and police are not help to find a place for them Abdul Aziz Adam (@Aziz58825713) November 24, 2017 Over 65 refugees have no place to sleep in East Lorengau even West is not really they put some refugees in class room still some left behind Abdul Aziz Adam (@Aziz58825713) November 24, 2017 There are reports locals []

Author information

Wayne Jansson

Wayne Jansson

Chief reporter & photographer at No Fibs

Wayne Jansson is an Australian citizen journalist and photographer. He covered the seat of Indi during the 2013 federal election which saw Independent Cathy McGowan unseat Liberal Sophie Mirabella. His interests are politics and social justice.


Manus lessons "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Jane Salmon I have been glued to mainstream and social media on the Manus issue as an advocate for 3 years. And Ive met a few refugees along the way. But yesterday took the biscuit. The sight of Aussies swallowing dishonest propaganda whole has shaken me. Were in deep trouble if we think that

The post Manus lessons appeared first on The AIM Network.


BILL SHORTEN: Response to letter from Australians of the Year re Manus Island "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

BILL SHORTEN: Response to letter from Australians of the Year re Manus Island'I, like you, believe Australia has a moral obligation to ensure refugees have access to essential services and can live in safety. ' read now...


International academics call for withdrawal of TNI from West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

International academics call for withdrawal of TNI from West Papua

CNN Indonesia November 20, 2017

Rinaldy Sofwan, Jakarta Philosopher and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Noam Chomsky and a group of international academics are calling on the Indonesian government to withdraw all troops from West Papua following allegations of human rights violations against civilians by security forces in the province.

"We call on the Indonesian government and our respective countries to take urgent and effective action to ensure that the Indonesian military is immediately withdrawn from West Papua and that Indonesia demilitarise the region as an initial step towards resolving the conflict peacefully", said the academics in an open letter posted on their website and accessed by CNN Indonesia on Monday November 20.

The group, which calls itself the International Academics for West Papua (IAWP), said that since 1969 the Indonesian military routinely fires on peaceful demonstrations, torches villages and tortures civil society activists and local people.

Although they are prohibited from entering the province, independent observers such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Human Rights Campaign (Tapol) have documented serious and endemic human rights violations by Indonesia throughout Papua, said the group which was formed in 2016.

"Indonesian Special Forces and counter-terrorist units such as Kopassus and Densus 88 which are trained by Western countries are implicated in beatings, extrajudicial executions and mass killings in the region."

"The huge military presence combined with racism and structural economic discrimination against the local Papuan population will only have the consequence of conflict and abuse".

The IAWP also demanded that "military and police training along with the export of weapons to Indonesia be halted until the human rights violation in West Papua are stopped", including training and funding for Densus 88 by Australia, the United State, Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand at the Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC).

In addition to calling for the withdrawal of military forces and end to cooperation, Chomsky and his colleagues are also calling on Indonesia to release all political prisoners and allow non-government organisations (NGOs) and the international media into Papua.

The IAWP are also demanding that the international community take a firm stand on the alleged human rights violations in Papua and call on the Indonesian government to respect the Universal Human Rights Declaration and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights which...


West Papuans call for closure of Freeport gold mine "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2:46 pm t1) West Papuans call for closure of Freeport gold m2:46 pm today

Thousands of West Papuans have demonstrated in Jayapura, calling for the closure of the massive Freeport gold mine in Mimika regency
Theyre also demanding Indonesian security forces withdraw from the area around the mine where a standoff continues with the West Papua National Liberation Army, or TPN.

utube footage

An estimated two thousand Papuans took to the streets of Papuas provincial capital to demand the closure of a mine they see as a symbol of oppression.
Freeport is Indonesias single largest source of revenue but Papuans say they see no benefit from it.
Recently, Jakarta has been negotiating for Freeports US parent company to divest from the mine, but West Papuans say they are not consulted over the matter.
Now, tensions in the region around the mine have been escalating amid intensified movements of security forces. Reports from Mimika indicate the Indonesian military launched rockets into the TPN stronghold earlier this week, killing two of their members.
Police and military blame the TPN for shootings on the road to the mine last month which left two policeman dead and others injured. Reports not yet confirmed by police say a Papuan was also shot dead in the past month on the road.

Freeport security personnel looking on at the Freeport McMoRans Grasberg mining complex, one of the worlds biggest gold and copper mines, located in Indonesias remote eastern Papua province. Photo: AFP PHOTO / OLIVIA RONDONUWU

The road between Timika city and the Freeport mine, which is about 125 kilometres long, is guarded by an estimated three thousand Indonesian security forces.
According to Indonesian human rights researcher Andreas Harsono, 50 people including Freeport workers, civillians, police and military officers have been killed and over five hundred injured in shootings along the road in the past fifteen years.
With the recent spate of unrest along the road have come signs of an Indonesian military sweep operation of the kind that have caused many Papuan villagers to flee into the bush in the past.
Earlier this week Indonesian police said they were evacuating residents from several villages in the Tembagapura area. But villagers said they were terrified by the presence of these forces, and t...


Last men cleared from Manus Island detention centre: PNG authorities "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Last men cleared from Manus Island detention centre: PNG authorities: [] Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this morning confirmed the remaining men at the decommissioned centre are now in alternative accommodation.

"The Australian government welcomes this development," he said in a statement.

It comes after Papua New Guinea police and immigration officers stormed the decommissioned centre earlier this morning, trashing refugees belongings and shelters and ordering them to leave.


New Bill Passed "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Parliament today (24/11/17) passed the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance Bill with 85 votes to nil.



The Bill repeals the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration Act 1993.


This means the Administrative College known as ADCOL, at Waigani, will now be changed to PILAG.


The passing of this Bill aligns with the Governments strategic priorities of training and developing public sector leaders, focused on service delivery.


The PILAG will be an independent statutory and have its own board of management.


The chairman of the board will be an appointed chairman engaged through proper executive search as a fit and proper person defined in the PILAG Act.


However, the Institute is not a Department of the National Public Service and is not subject to the application of the Public Services Management Act 2014.




Port Moresby To Be Transformed "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Source: Post-Courier



Port Moresby will be transformed to world standard as months draw near for Papua New Guinea to host one of the biggest meeting ever the 2018 APEC Summit next November.

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko and APEC PNG director general Sir Charles Lepani said in a conference yesterday that compared to Vietnam and other economies that hosted APEC already, PNG, which is APEC-ready, has very unique infrastructure specifically the APEC House that stands out, with all preparation now two to three weeks ahead of schedule.

Mr Tkatchenko and Sir Charles said yesterday that everything is now falling in line and have assured that the Government is ready to host this meeting come November next year.

They spoke about visa arrangements, airport arrangements, security arrangements, accommodation and every other operation that are vital for the summit.

Logistic, protocol, security and every other preparation is now under control, Mr Tkatchenko said.

I can give confidence to the people of Papua New Guinea that your government through our Prime Minister will be prepared APEC ready in 2018 and with all the lead-up meetings to host the very successful APEC CEO and Leaders Summit and sideline meetings throughout the country.



Filed under: Awareness, Development, Governance, Government, Information, Infrastructure, International, National, Port Moresby Developments, Provinc...


Over 300 remain in Manus Island detention centre and more zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinean paramilitary forces made a forceful attempt yesterday to remove the remaining Manus Island refugees, destroying property and food in the process. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Reports from Behrouz Boochani, an Iranian-born journalist detained at Manus Island, revealed the police have ransacked the centre, and they are under attack.

Video footage from the incursion show Papua New Guinean police using metal batons to beat refugees as they corral them onto busses.

This followed after promises from the PNG government no force would be used.

While the detention centre officially closed on October 30, over 300 detainees are refusing to move into the nearby town of Lorengau because of safety fears.


Chronology of violence by Brimob officers working in PT Permata Putera Mandiri's concession towards indigenous customary landowners in South Sorong "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

19 Nov 2017 | PusakaStarting in September, holders of customary land rights in South Sorong Regency, West Papua province, have staged a "customary law blockade" to areas of PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PT PPM)oil palm plantation. The blockade leads to violence by special police brigade (Brimob) to the villagers.

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Thursday, 23 November


Non-Payment Of K35 Million Irks LNG Landowners "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Melisha Yafoi | Post Courier | November 22, 2017

THE symbolic dummy cheque for K35 million presented to Hides gasfield landowners last year has aggravated threats to totally shutdown the Hides gas conditioning plant.

This follows nonpayment of the money which was promised by former minister for petroleum and energy Nixon Duban who officially handed over the cheque to leaders in August.

Already Angore, the tie in PNG LNG Project has been shut down for an indefinite period since last week and an expatriate worker was also held hostage as processing facilities were damaged and employees evacuated as villagers expressed their frustration for their nonpayment of funds.

Hides Gas Development Company chairman Tuguyawini Libe Parindali confirmed this yesterday.

Mr Parindali said the landowners were frustrated because the Government had failed to honour its commitments, need to fast-track on its clan vetting exercise as result as threatened to shut down LNG operations.

He said the issue...


Manus needs a rescue flotilla "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

On October 31, Australia finally closed its concentration camp on Manus Island. But rather than leaving, the refugees refused to move, because the new concentration camps Australia wanted to put them were even more dangerous than the one they were in. Over the next three weeks, Australia's colonial mercenaries, the PNG police, laid siege to the camp, cutting off food and water supplies, and eventually destroying buildings. Yesterday, they finally moved in and started clearing the refugees by force. Refugees were beaten and loaded onto buses, while journalist Behrouz Boochani was arrested (though what for is entirely unclear). Today, they are apparently finishing the job. The entire operation was arrested by and performed for the benefit of Australia (it was announced by their immigration minister, FFS), which shows that they are continuing to pull the strings regardless of all their denials of responsibility. And that string-pulling includes bullying PNG into refusing to let the refugees come to New Zealand.

The refugees on Manus have been tortured, beaten, starved, and denied medical care. The new "PNG run" concentration camps will continue to do the same, with the added extra danger of victimisation and murder by the local community.

we cannot let this happen in our back yard. And if the New Zealand government can't or won't act, New Zealand citizens should. Its time for a rescue flotilla for Manus Island.


Manus camp stormed, refugees forced out: after 4 and half years still no safe place to go "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

This morning PNG armed forces have again stormed the Manus Island regional processing centre. Reports say they are beating the men and forcing them to leave. This follows yesterdays actions where approximately 50 of the 400 men were forced to move to accommodation that two days earlier the UN had found was unsafe and unready.

Amy Frew, lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said These men are scared, they are exhausted and they are despairing. After four and half years of limbo and uncertainty they still have nowhere safe to go. This mornings actions show that whatever they do, wherever they go, their safety cannot be guaranteed until they are evacuated from Papua New Guinea. 

On Good Friday this year drunk soldiers from the PNG Defence Forces went on a rampage, tried to crash a vehicle through the detention centre fences and fired over 100 shots, including from an M-16 Assault Rifle, at the refugees detained inside. These attacks followed the murder of Reza Berati by contractors in February 2015.

PNG military personnel have attacked these men once before. They are terrified that while they remain in the centre they will be attacked again, and they are terrified if they leave they will be attacked by locals who are angry that after 4 and a half years the refugees are still on their island, said Ms Frew.

Over the last 4 years men, who have left the centre on day release have been targeted, beaten and robbed by members of the local population. Reports by Human Rights Watch show that these attacks have intensified in the last few months.

The UNHCR is maintaining a presence of the ground in Manus Island and reported two days ago that the new detention centre is not ready and unsafe, citing community tensions and a blockade which threatens the safety of the men at the new sites which are unsecured.

Weve seen report after report on the emerging disaster on Manus Island, but still Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton sit in Canberra with their heads in the sand. These lives are in their hands, and these are the lives they can save, said Ms Frew.

Enough is enough. This is a humanitarian crisis of Malcolm Turnbulls own making. He cant close his eyes to this disaster any longer. These men must immediately be evacuated to safety in Australia, said Ms Frew.

For interviews or further information please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


Panguna: What the future holds according to BCL "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The plan has the backing of the Bougainville government and strong support among project area landowners.

The National aka The Loggers Times | November 23, 2017

Q: Can you give a brief overview of Bougainville Copper Limited?
HITCHCOCK: It is an exciting new era for BCL as an independently-managed Papua New Guinea company.
We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the people of Papua New Guinea  and Bougainville have a significant stake with the governments of PNG and Bougainville being our two major shareholders.
As a company, our core objective is to work cooperatively towards realising the vision of resuming active exploration and sustainable copper, gold and silver mining at Panguna, in central Bougainville, after mining ceased in 1989 due to conflict.
The successful redevelopment of the mine will deliver broad economic and social benefits and that is a prospect we are excited about.
Along with our Port Moresby office we have established a full-time team in Bougainville with an office in Buka. We were pleased to hold our first board meeting there in more than 27 years in August.
We are fortunate to have a strong board with a wealth of experience in PNG and Bougainville and a capable management team....


Police enter to forcefully close the Manus Detention Centre "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Contributed by ugly

PNG police, with the involvement of Australian Federal Police, moved in yesterday to forcefully remove the occupiers from the detention centre on Manus Island.

They charged in shouting, move, move, and hundreds of men still inside and refusing to leave were forcefully evicted.

Award winning journalist Behrouz Boochani, who has been playing a key role in informing the outside world about what is going on was taken into custody.

He has been in detention for more than four years.

The men had refused to leave the centre and go to alternative facilities set up for them among the Island community, which they believe, would set them up for violent attacks.

A section of the population that does not want them on the island and has already demonstrated a preparedness to use violent attacks.

The detention centre may have been a bad place to be in and a place in which to be treated badly. But at least  it did provide protection against attacks from outside.

The occupation had lasted four weeks. In that time, water power and food supplies were cut off. The occupiers managed to survive with the help of residents, who supplied food and water. some Manus Islanders are on their side.

As the police moved in Boochani tweeted, So many police and immigration officers are around us at this moment. They destroyed everything and our belongings and right now are shouting at us to leave the prison camp.

Immigration and police started searching the rooms and are saying Move Move, you only have an hour to move. Too much stress and tension here in Delta. Some refugees are crying.

I am tweeting from a toilet right now.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the union that represents journalists has condemned his arrest and called on the Australian government to step in. The PNG government had threatened to arrest those it called the ringleaders of the protest.

Boochani said that the very aggressive police were taking phones.

World Vision Chief Advocate Tim Costello, who is on Manus Island, called on Turnbull to personally intervene and bring the unfolding humanitarian crisis to a swift and humane resolution.

In the province as part of a delegation for the Australian Council of International Development, Costello said there is still shock on Manus among locals and humanitarian workers over Australias decision to walk away from the centre.

Malcolm Turnbull and leading ministers have insisted that this is a matter for the PNG authorities and that Australia is not involved.

If this is the case, how then were Australia police involved in the raid? I...


PNG facing development challenges "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea continues to face serious development challenges, says Australias latest Foreign Policy White Paper.

Its population of about 8 million 40 percent under the age of 15 is projected to reach 18 million by 2050, the white paper noted.

The delivery of services is suffering because of a shortage of capacity and a constrained budget. Many development indicators such as maternal, child and infant mortality, rate of communicable diseases, and access to clean water and sanitation are poor.

Reflecting its challenges and the closeness in our relationship, Papua New Guinea is our largest development partner with Australia investing about $550 million a year in assistance. We work together to encourage economic growth, improve governance and support health and education, the white paper said.

It said Australia was also helping Papua New Guinea to empower women and foster a new generation of leaders.

Australia will continue to support the Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Governments to implement the 2001 Peace Agreement, which underpins peace and stability in Bougainville. Post Courier/PNG Today


Fiji Bati hopes to rise again "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Vodafone Fiji Bati coach Mick Potter believes Fiji is a giant-killer.

"We got the number two ranked team in the competition, whether we can back it up or not is another thing," Potter said.

His comments come as senior player Eloni Vunakece said the team would rise to the occasion when they play against the mighty Australian Kangaroos tomorrow at Suncorp Stadium.

"Rise to the occasion. That has been the theme of this whole camp, hopefully we will do the same against Australia," Vunakece said.

"There is no extra pressure, my old man said just go and have fun."

"This is another opportunity to meat another world heavyweight, play and have fun and live the moment.

"I take each day as it comes."

Vunakece reminisced the last eight minutes of the side's 4-2 victory over the NZ Kiwis in Wellington, New Zealand last week.

"We were pretty smashed, but we knew we had to keep getting up," he said.

"Thankfully I did two NRL pre-seasons now and they train us to be ready for those occasions, to be ready to draw on something when you are dead and got nothing left.

"Probably with eight minutes to go there was a drop out, I looked to the sideline to have got to get me off because I got nothing left.

"Lucky. I had that reserve from my training and to pull something out and say I am going to tackle Jared Waerea-Hargreaves now , he's coming flying at me, he's going to throw everything at me. I am the only person that can do the job right now so I got through that sort of 30 seconds of hell but I lasted the eight minutes."

Potter  said Fiji would give its best against world number one Australia when they meet this Friday at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

"Australia's got a very very professional team, it is going to be a hard ask, the guys are going to give their very best whether it will be good enough I don't know," Potter said.

After arriving from Wellington on Sunday night, the Fiji Bati had a recovery session at Southbank in Brisbane, a full training session on Tuesday and a day off yesterday.

With the limited time at hand, only the captain's run today to cap off the side's preparation, Potter's mix has not changed with the same line-up that played New Zealand last weekend.

Fiji has been receiving a fair bit of m...


Mal Meninga admits to feeling shift in international rugby league "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fiji has tipped the Rugby League World Cup on its head, and now Australian coach Mal Meninga admits he can feel a change in the wind.

He was almost immovable as a player, but Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga admits even hes felt the tectonic plates of rugby league shifting.

The Rugby League World Cup has come alive after New Zealands spectacular elimination, becoming the first tier-one nation to lose to a second-tier not once but twice following defeats by first Tonga and then Fiji.

And ahead of Australias semi-final against Fiji on Friday, Meninga believes times are changing.

Theres been a shift I reckon. Look at our numbers that play in the NRL, I think something like 38 per cent are Pacific Islander, Meninga said in Brisbane.

So yeah, there is a shift in our game and that all goes well for the pacific nations and international rugby league.

Its just another stark example of people realising how strong the NRL competition is and what its doing for other nations.

Meninga said he wasnt surprised his men wont be facing the Kiwis in the final- four clash following their shock defeat to the Bati last week.

We know how passionate, how committed (Fiji) are to the cause. Theres great belief in their footy team so well make sure we prepare really well, he said.

Meninga confirmed Will Chambers will be a certain starter at Suncorp Stadium after the centre missed Tuesdays main training run of the week with a toe injury.

Chambers broke his toe in their pool win over Lebanon and has since been on light duties.

When you run it takes a fair bit of impact. From there, we just gauge it every session. If its a little bit sore well rest him, Meninga said.

But hell be right to train in the captains run, which he did last week and hell be right to play.

Meninga also doubled down on his criticism of Fiji star Jarryd Hayne a few weeks ago, when he claimed Hayne would let Gold Coast down if he left to take up a deal at a rival NRL club.

It is being reported Hayne has already agreed on a move to Parramatta.

Asked if he expected his comments to motivate Hayne, Meninga said: Not really. Im very happy with my 24. Ive got no regrets whatsoever.

Moving forward, again we respect them. But were there to play a great game of rugby leagu...


Pacific is the biggest blind spot to Australias national security policy: Marles "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australia must improve its defence and government relationships with Pacific nations to avoid having its influence in the region diminished, Labours defence spokesman has said.

In a speech to the Lowy Institute, opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles has called for defence force personnel from Pacific countries to undertake stints with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), similar to the relationship ADF personnel has with the US Armed Forces.

Australia is the beneficiary of a deep defence relationship with the United States, Marles said.

At any point in time hundreds of Australian defence force personnel are embedded within the US Armed Forces. They are given opportunities which could never be had within the ADF. They develop skills and capabilities which in turn empower the ADF when they come home. 

The Labor MP said while the current Pacific Patrol Boat Programme, which provides vessels and Royal Australian Navy Maritime Surveillance Advisers to these nations, is a good initiative, it is not enough on its own.

The Pacific Patrol Boat Programme ... is a huge commitment which is gratefully received and provides assets and builds skills, he said.

But rather than seeing these efforts as a role already performed, we should see them instead as a guide to how much further down this path we could go. And the important point to understand is that it is actually in our national interest to walk this path as far as the Pacific island countries are willing to walk it with us.

Marles also warned that without a stronger relationship with these Pacific countries, they may seek relationships with other nations such as China.

In recent years, China established its One Belt and One Road initiative, which offers infrastructure building to its neighbouring countries in the Pacific, an initiative that analysts have said is part of China's attempts to gain political leverage.

Pacific island countries have choices about with whom...


Foreign Policy White Paper says Australia looks to the US for security as Chinas power grows "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australias alliance with the US will become more important in the Indo-Pacific region as Chinas power and influence grows, the long-awaited Foreign Policy White Paper has declared.

The blueprint, released by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop today, reinforces Australias desire for the US to remain dominant in the region, while also urging China to use its power to enhance stability.

With a warning that the stakes could not be higher for Australia as the political balance in the region shifts, the report says that without a strongly engaged US in the Indo-Pacific, security and stability is under threat.

Navigating the decade ahead will be hard because, as Chinas power grows, our region is changing in ways without precedent in Australias modern history, the report, the first Foreign Policy White Paper for more than a decade, says.

Without strong US engagement, power is likely to shift more quickly ... it will be more difficult for Australia to achieve the levels of security and stability we seek.

On the contested South China Sea, it says competition is intensifying in the region, and maritime and land border disputes will continue to create friction.

The paper notes the debate and uncertainty in the US about the costs and benefits of its leadership, but Bishop said it was unlikely America would retreat from the Indo-Pacific.

The United States has an enduring interest in the Indo-Pacific. The US cannot withdraw from the region without enormous costs to the US, Bishop told The West Australian.

She highlighted the papers emphasis on the term Indo-Pacific, mirroring a shift in language by the Japanese and Americans as they emphasised Indias growing importance.

As a West Australian I have always included the Indian Ocean nations in my thinkingnow we have for the first time embraced this in a Government policy document, she said.

Despite the commentary on the risks posed by Chinas growing dominance, the report also says Australia is committed to strong and constructive ties with China.

We welcome Chinas greater capacity to share responsibility for supporting regional and global security, it said.

The importance of pursuing free trade deals and open markets is also canvassed. , with the report saying a more integrated world will be more prosperous and secure than...


Iran the Numbers--and Persian Internet is the Cheapest in the World "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

El Reg reports

Tired of continual price hikes on your broadband deal? Then why not move to Iran? According to a study released today, it has the cheapest broadband (if you're willing to ignore political and social problems).

The survey conducted by and BDRC Continental ranked 196 countries on their monthly prices for a broadband connection, using 3,351 consumer packages tracked over eight weeks (ending October 12) to calculate the average.

At $5.37 (4.05) a month, Iran beats second placed Ukraine at $5.52 a month, with both significantly cheaper than Russia at $9.82 a month.

Burkina Faso is last at 196th place, costing users $954.54 (720.77) per month. Papua New Guinea is 195th, but much better at $597.20 (450.95), then Namibia at $431.99 (326.20). The UK comes in 62nd place, averaging 30.54 a month($40.44).

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Alluvial gold mining is a big money spinner in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Gold miner
Alluvial gold miner at work in Bougainvilles Tumpusiong Valley


PORT MORESBY - Members of Parliament are paid K12,000 a fortnight but a great many Papua New Guineans are searching for ways to earn K300 the approximate minimum wage - in an economy where very few paying jobs are available.

Most people scratch out a living as subsistence farmers, which doesnt offer compensation anywhere near the minimum wage.

With a far-too-high unemployment rate of 70%, Papua New Guineans are desperate for opportunities. 

Alluvial mining is one such opportunity and currently between 40,000 and 80,000 Papua New Guineans put in long hours under the tropical sun sloshing gravel around in gold pans to put bread on the table. 

Some may get two grams a day, some five, some more. It can be good money at the current rate of K7080 a gram. Even two grams harvested in a day will generate a good income.

The price of gold is currently around $1,300/oz and by 2020 some forecasters are saying it could reach $2000/oz, which if it gets there - will yield K160180 per gram for a self-employed gold panner.

The Mining Act of 1992 opened the door wide for Papua New Guineans in this industry, allowing locals to engage in panning for gold without a license or permit. All thats required is a gold pan and a gallon or two of perspiration.

The number of PNG alluvial miners has exploded. Its become something of a problem with school students skipping classes to help out dad and mom in the streams.

School officials in Bouganville complain that enrollment figures have dropped significantly because of children assisting their parents in a modern-day gold rush.

In the Bulolo district of Morobe Province, thousands of alluvial miners are using mercury to isolate the gold.

The PNG government needs to get on top of this because mercury is a very toxic substance.  Far too many alluvial miners use their bare hands to handle it, unaware that mercury can lead to damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs - even death.

The PNG government nee...


Its a mixed result for PNG in new business risk report "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Port-Moresby construction
Port Moresby construction scene


PERTH - A comprehensive study has just been completed about where in the world you would find the best and the worst jurisdictions in which to invest your hard-earned cash.

Published by our sister publication, the Mining Journal World Risk Report is a comprehensive piece of work which gives a studied and balanced appraisal of what risks may be encountered in nearly every spot on earth.

"This report is not designed as a comprehensive risk-assessment document, said the report's author, Chris Cann

Rather, it is an investment-risk guide that comes with the supporting data to start building a deeper-level risk assessment ahead of an investment decision."

Papua New Guinea has a mixed showing in the report. In hard risk ratings' it features 17th worst in the world, but scores roughly midway in perceived risk ratings'.

On the investment risk index', PNG features two-thirds of the way down on the list, where Canada is at the top and Democratic Republic of Congo, Laos and Guinea are at the bottom.

PNG is dead-on midway in the opportunity index', led by Canada and tailed, somewhat surprisingly, by Italy.

Its 130 pages contain the results in an easy-read format, in which countries are judged on the following criteria:

Legal: Considers the mining code's ability to protect investment;

Governance: Considers the ease at which miners should expect to set up and conduct business and how severe the challenges are likely to be related to corrupt bureaucracy;

Social: Considers the level of underlying political and social tension that could lead to unrest, protests, activism or violent conflict; and

Fiscal: Considers how punitive the tax structure is as well as the health of the underlying economic environment;

Infrastructure: Considers a jurisdiction's energy security and how well it is set up with mining-related transport infrastructur...


Racism in Australia to be scrutinised on the world stage "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Australian Government is bracing for another round of intense scrutiny at the United Nations this time focusing on its efforts to combat racial discrimination.

Despite being a nation committed to fairness and multiculturalism, racism is a growing problem in Australia one that causes immense pain to racial and ethnic minority communities, and which threatens to tear our social fabric apart.

Next week in Geneva, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination will assess Australias compliance with a key international law that Australia pledged to uphold to tackle racism.

A coalition of Australian NGOs will brief the Committee in Geneva and present a report, endorsed by 53 organisations. The report documents Australias backward slide in the treatment of ethnic minority communities, refugees, people who seek asylum and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Committee is likely to question Australia about its cruelty towards people seeking asylum and the dire situation on Manus Island, which the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has called a humanitarian crisis.

Australias poor record on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples rights will also come under review, including the alarming increase in governments locking up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and taking children into child protection, the lack of progress on meeting Closing the Gap targets, racist social security policies, and the rejection of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Committee is also likely to ask Australia why it still lacks a federal human rights charter to ensure equality for all Australians.

Only last month, Australia was slammed by the UN Human Rights Committee for failing to adequately engage and respond to UN bodies and recommendations. The stinging rebuke came just a month after Australia was appointed to the Human Rights Council.

Download report: Australias Compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination




On Thursday November 24 a small island in the middle of the pacific made world headlines, but not because of its natural beauty.

Today PNG police and immigration stormed the Manus Regional Processing Centre and attacked refugees who were fighting for survival after being abandoned by Australian and PNG immigration.

How did they find themselves in this predicament?

A common narrative is people washing up on tropical island after their boats have become lost at sea.

The refugees on Manus Island did embark on a dangerous voyage by boat but that is not why they are now in this situation, at least not directly.

Fleeing their home countries looking for safety and freedom they arrived on Australian shores and asked for protection.

Unfortunately the Australian government had just implemented a policy to send all people who arrived by boat to offshore processing centres.

These centers are in developing nations Nauru and Papua New Guine who this colonial power can bully and bribe with money.

PNGs Manus Island fits the bill for a policy which seeks to send a message to other refugees that Australia is not a welcoming humanitarian country (as many believe).

After some three years of locking refugees in the derelict centre on Manus the PNG supreme court ruled this incarceration unconstitutional.

The centre was slated for closure, detainees were encouraged to return home some with bribes of up to $25,000.

A small number around 50 decided to settle in PNG, with some becoming homeless and trying to return to detention, one man even tried flying to Fuji and applying be protection there only to be sent back to PNG.

A number are in the East Lorengau Transit centre, some having applied to go the America under a bizarre people swap deal and others expected to settle in PNG.

Human Rights Watch have recently detailed an upsurge in violent attacks by armed locals.

This is why when the detention centre closed on October 31 around 620 men decided not to leave.

Alternative accommodation has been provided however it is closer to town, and hostile locals, and insecure.

This and a series of terrifying events have lead to the current situation where detainees feel safer in the cage they have so longed to escape from than outside.

Besides according to sources, including the UN, the new facilities are not yet ready to house the men.

This was proven when SBS flew a drone over the new centres and broadcast the footage.

Mostly the men are refusing to leave as a political statement, after 4 years on Manus they are demanding freedom.......


PNG Police arrest Iranian Kurdish journalist and asylum seeker Behrouz Boochani "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Iranian Kurdish journalist and asylum seeker Behrouz Boochani was arrested today by Police in Papua New Guinea's Manus Island for his role in discouraging fellow refugees to vacate the already shut down Regional Processing Centre.

Police boss David Yapu confirmed the arrest had nothing to do with Boochanis profile and role as a journalist in an attempt to silence his reporting on the issues from within the centre.
Boochani was among another 37 refugees who were ordered out of the centre to their new temporary centre today while the others remain in the closed centre.

No force was used to remove the refugees but it was difficult to convince them out of the condemned centre, said PPC Yapu.
Mr. Yapu said Boochani is the first of the ring leaders arrested for leading other refugees in resisting to evacuate the centre and others who have been identified will be arrested in the following days.


Caught Our Notice: When authors go MIA, the article may follow "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Title: IRF9 inhibits human acute myeloid leukemia through the SIRT1-p53 signaling pathway What Caught Our Attention: When authors fail to respond to editors requests for information, it isnt hard to imagine that the submitted manuscript will lose its publishing appeal. In this case, the journal and publisher withdrew the article after repeated attempts to contact the authors []

The post Caught Our Notice: When authors go MIA, the article may follow appeared first on Retraction Watch.


Refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani arrested in Manus as squad steps in "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guineas paramilitary police officers have arrested refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani during a raid on the Manus Island detention centre.

On Thursday morning PNG police, the paramilitary Mobile Squad and immigration officers entered the centre to force out the remaining hundreds of refugees who for more than three weeks have camped in deteriorating conditions.

Refugees reported that about 40 men had been forced on to buses, presumably heading to the transit accommodation. An ABC journalist reported seeing several buses carrying refugees leave the centre.

The men have refused to leave the facility which formally closed at the end of last month because of their safety fears in the town of Lorengau.

It was not clear on Thursday afternoon where Boochani had been taken, or whether he had been charged. Manus Island police officials could not be reached.

Boochani has been one of the most prominent of the group, reporting for the Guardian and a number of other publications around the world on the conditions inside the centre.

On Thursday afternoon several refugees confirmed Boochani had been taken away from the camp by members of the Mobile Squad. Pictures of the event showed him being led away, flanked by officers.

Boochani had been reporting from a hiding place in the toilets while officers confiscated phones and destroyed the belongings of refugees.

However, according to witnesses, officers specifically searched for him and others reporting events to the outside world.

Iranian-Kurdish refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani has been arrested on Manus Island. He was seen taken away from the detention centre by the paramilitary Mobile Squad.

Amnesty International said it wasnt clear why Boochani had been arrested but it appeared to be a deliberate attempt to isolate human rights activists from the wider group.

The arrest of Behrouz Boochani as a so-called ringleader of the peaceful protest on Manus Island is deeply misguided, said Kate Schuetze, Amnesty Internationals Pacific researcher.

It violates his rights and sends a terrible signal about PNGs intentions with regard to the remaining 400-plus men. He...



By Press/laukai

The people of Bougainville have been urged to remain committed to the Bougainville Peace Agreement to ensure the referendum is an internationally credible process.

The comments came from South Sudan peace-builder and former government minister, Dr Luka Kuol when sharing his experience with the ABG Members yesterday.

He said that Bougainville was unique, and needs home-grown solutions, but I am here to share South Sudans experience so that the Bougainville experience can be better,.

Dr Kuol emphasised the need to prioritise social cohesion, to make people confident to disarm and unify behind the post-referendum outcome.

Bougainville must also ensure it takes each step alongside the national government as well as maintain strong linkages to the international community.

Dr Kuol was former Minister for Presidential Affairs, Government of South Sudan, and is visiting Bougainville with the support of the United Kingdom and Conciliation Resources International.

Dr Luka conducted a workshop with government and members of civil society, and briefed the Bougainville House of Representatives on South Sudans experience so that Bougainville can prepare well for the conduct of the Bougainville Referendum in 2019.




By Aloysius Laukai

The National member for North Bougainville, WILLIAM NAKIN has called on the Sporting authorities to budget for biannual events like the PNG Games and other such activities and not to make last minute requests for assistance and fundraisings.
The member made these remarks in Buka this week when donating FIFTY THOUSAND KINA towards the BOUGAINVILLE team participating at the PNG GAMES in KIMBE, West New Britain Province.
Member NAKIN urged sports administrators and executives to begin to consider other aspects of youth development as well besides that of sports.
Bougainville National members have pledged FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND KINA towards the Bougainville team.
The Member for South presented TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND KINA, member for North Bougainville, FIFTY THOUSAND KINA, the Regional member has also pledged TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND KINA whilst the Minister for Bougainville and member for Central Bougainville has pledged ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINA towards the team.
Member NAKIN said the PNG GAMES is a biannual event and those responsible for it including the Provincial Governments and the ABG must prepare for it.




By Aloysius Laukai

Meanwhile the ABG Minister for Peace Agreement Implementation, Albert Punghau,in welcoming Dr Kuol to Bougainville said that Bougainville needs to listen to the South Sudans Referendum Experience to prepare well for the Bougainville Referendum.

He said that We must learn from the lessons of others to prepare for ours scheduled for 2019.

He said that even though referendum is a new concept for Papua New Guinea and Bougainville, we can draw upon our internal cultural values to prepare ourselves for it.

MR. PUNGHAU said that People with direct experience like Dr Kuol can assist us to create a referendum that is credible, a referendum that can sustain long lasting peace and put an end to the Bougainville conflict once and for all.

He said that we must be patient, sensitive and creative by engaging with the people at all levels.

We must not pre-empt the outcome, but we must prepare ourselves to be referendum ready being peaceful, unified, weapons-free and continuing to deliver services that the people need.

Whichever way the cookie crumbles, the democratic process needs to take place and we must be prepared to accept the will of the people when they cast their vote.




By Aloysius Laukai

The National member for North Bougainville has vowed to support North Bougainville youths in all works of life to make sure North Bougainville moves forward into the future by providing funding for Social, Economic and Spiritual development for youths.
Member NAKIN said that he was ready and willing to provide funds for youth groups who have Coconut and Cocoa rehabilitation, animal husbandry, fishing and tourism development projects which can make youths self-sufficient instead of being dependent on government funds.
MR. NAKIN said that because of the economic downturn in the country he would like to make small contributions to all sectors of the community instead of making one big contribution to ONLY one sector.
The member made these comments when contributing FIFTY THOUSAND KINA towards Team Bougainville currently participating in the PNG Games in Kimbe.



Manus Island: Police enter decommissioned Australian refugee detention camp "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea police have moved in on the shuttered Australian-run Manus detention camp in an attempt to force hundreds of asylum seekers occupying it to leave. The camp long symbolized Canberras strict asylum laws.

Authorities in Papua New Guinea are removing more than 300 asylum seekers from a squalid immigration camp on Manus island to another location

Australia has paid PNG and the nearby island of Nauru to hold refugees as part of its controversial immigration policy

Rights groups and the UN have warned of violence and a humanitarian crisis

Asylum seekers have refused to leave for three weeks

Papua New Guinea authorities moved to empty a decommissioned Australian-run immigration detention center, drawing criticism from rights groups and the UN over hardhanded tactics and a potential humanitarian crisis.

Police Chief Superintendent Dominic Kakas said 50 police and immigration officials entered the camp on Thursday morning and persuaded 35 of the 378 men there to go to alterative accommodation in the nearby town of Lorengau.

But asylum seekers reported police were using force to remove them from the Manus island camp, where authorities...


Winning Silverbacks rugby sevens team to promote ACT NOW! campaigns "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Silverbacks rugby sevens team has been presented with training tops and t-shirts bearing the ACT NOW! name and logo in recognition of their successful run through several Port Moresby tournaments.

The team will be wearing the tops at training and in their pre-game warm ups to promote ACT NOW! and it campaigns to the rugby crazy community in the Nations capital.

The team were presented with their new clothing by Campaign Coordinator Eddie Tanago and Administration Manger, Gary Iga at training last Friday.


Protesting Asylum Seekers Ordered Out of Manus Island Camp by PNG Police "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police enter the Manus Island detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, November 23, 2017. AAP/via Reuters

Police enter the Manus Island detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, November 23, 2017. AAP/via Reuters

Sydney: Papua New Guinea (PNG) police sealed off an officially shuttered Australian-run detention camp on Thursday and ordered asylum seekers occupying it to leave as they confiscated food and water the men had stockpiled, asylum seekers told Reuters.

About 380 asylum seekers have shut themselves inside the Manus Island Centre for more than three weeks, defying attempts by Australia and PNG to close it in a standoff the United Nations described as a looming humanitarian crisis.

They destroyed our food and damaged our accommodation too, they destroyed our water tank, one asylum-seeker said in a mobile telephone message from the camp.

Many of the men climbed onto rooftops and hid in toilets, he said. Three other asylum seekers gave similar accounts of the police action.

A video shot by Sudanese refugee Abdul Aziz and posted o...


RISE eX-detainees condemn todays brutal attack on refugees and the forcible removal of refugees on Manus by Australian lead and funded authorities : 23/11/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Today refugee detainees on Manus informed us that they have been attacked by the Australian lead and funded authorities on Manus. According to the reports, this operation is a joint effort by the AFP and the PNG authorities. Refugees on Manus have been protesting the forcible removal to another refugee camp and have instead been pleading to end over 4 years of human rights violations against them by closing the camps all together and ending unjust mandatory detention of refugees. Over the last 23 days the Australian government has ceased all food supplies, power and medical services which has put an already vulnerable community at an even further risk of harm.

Today, Australian led authorities entered the Manus torture camp and destroyed the belongings of all held there and began removing refugees forcibly one by one. Additionally the police have arrested refugees so far including Kurdish journalist and refugee Behrouz Boochani. Refugees are under attack; distressed and bashed while being forcibly removed. This Manus systemic designed torture operation MUST end and refugees who are held hostage on the island MUST be evacuated immediately and given permanent protection in Australia and, if they choose, New Zealand.

We eX-detainees condemn this this type of terrorist and illicit activity led by the Australian government. We also condemn all those who look to labour and Liberal MPs for instruction as opposed to taking direction from those with lived experience such as eX-detainees.

eX-detainee and founder of RISE Ramesh Fernandez said Manus is a designed operation, similar to operations carried out in Christmas Island and Cocas Island as well as in many other detention centres in mainland Australia. The Australian immigration officials are well recognised thugs who continue to function without any accountability in detention centres. Dont be surprised because this has been going on for nearly 30 years now

Furthermore, we eX-detainees believe that people should stop repeating slogans such as not in my name. These people have elected the politicians that support this torture of our communities and it is time to recognise the influence their vote has.

eX-detainees at RISE are calling for national and international wide action against the Australian Government for its inhumane treatment of refugees on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

While you take action on this urgent matter, get involved in eX-detainees #SanctionAustralia. RISE eX-detainees call for immediate pressure to be placed on Australia from major international human rights bodies in the way of sanctions that address their deliberate and inhumane mandatory detention policy and refugee boat push back policies. Specifically, Australia should be excluded from participation in all internati...


PNG Police arrest award winning journalist @BehrouzBoochani as #Manus brutality breaks #auspol: @Jansant reports "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG police have arrested award winning journalist and Manus detainee, @BehrouzBoochani. Behrouzs last tweet before being arrested: Peter Dutton stop propaganda against created this situation and you are responsible. You are lying to people that you built new accommodation. Those places are real prison, stop using ppl for your political benefits. Behrouz Boochani (@BehrouzBoochani) November 23, 2017 During the arrest fellow detainee, Abdul Aziz Adam (@Aziz58825713) tweeted: They are looking for me and Behrouz they found him but they are not going to find me. These are police are taking Behrouz. Abdul Aziz Adam (@Aziz58825713) November 23, 2017 Journalists union, Media Enterainment Arts Alliance said in a []

Author information

Wayne Jansson

Wayne Jansson

Chief reporter & photographer at No Fibs

Wayne Jansson is an Australian citizen journalist and photographer. He covered the seat of Indi during the 2013 federal election which saw Independent Cathy McGowan unseat Liberal Sophie Mirabella. His interests are politics and social justice.


Angore Shut Down, Expat Worker Held Hostage "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Post Courier | November 21, 2017

Angore has been shut down for an indefinite period since last week and an expatriate worker was also held hostage as an expression of their frustration for their nonpayment of funds.

Hides Gas Development Company chairman Tuguyawini Libe Parindali yesterday (Nov 20) confirmed this with the Post-Courier.

Mr Parindali said the landowners are frustrated because government has failed miserably to honor its commitments as result as threatened to shut down operations at the Hides Conditioning Plant.

The government now needs to fast track its clan vetting process and release the K6.7 million owed to the landowners in infrastructure and the K35 million promised money for the Investment Development Grants.

Businesses and individuals are now facing a serious security issue and we need governments intervention.

We will not touch the developer, they have our undivided support. All we want is for the Gov...


Australians of the year call for Prime Minister to allow access to Manus Island and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

12 former Australians of the year have penned an open letter to the Prime Minister pleading him to allow medical professionals access to asylum seekers inside a recently closed detention centre in Manus Island. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/DIAC images

Mental health professional Patrick McGorry said in the coming days, it is inevitable that people will become sick and even die through the lack of basic sanitation, food, water and medical care.


There's a great concern about the safety of these men from both a medical and a psychiatric point of view however, so far access has not been granted.


Labor Government pledges an additional $1.7 Million to expand the Indigenous Health Initiative, Deadly Choices.


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Commodity Boards warned "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


23rd November 2017.

Commodity Boards in PNG have been warned to perform or else will not receive funding from 2019 onward.


Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, issued the warning on Wednesday during the inaugural National Agriculture Summit.


Maru said he wanted to see a high performance culture as well as good governance practise instilled in all commodity boards.


He said millions of kina had been squandered by some commodity boards despite continuous government funding over the years.


Minister Maru said under his watch, any commodity board that does not perform well and is not accountable for the funds it uses will not receive any further funding after 2018.


We must overhaul the boards. And we will only support that boards that perform deliver value, have a good corporate governance structure, and can show us the funds are managed well.


Only performers will continue to receive government funding.


If we are funding you and your industry is declining in output and production we have a problem. We should get that resource from you and give it to another sector thats performing, said Maru.



Mixed bag for PNG in new risk report "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

We are always hearing about where is the best place for foreigners to invest [i.e. extract profits] but what about looking at the equation from the perspective of people in the target countries? Who are the best and the worst investors based on their track records?

Probably mining companies, logging companies, and oil palm companies are among the worst investors and the ones PNG should avoid?

Time for the World Bank / ADB / Australian Aid to fund something that would really be useful!

A COMPREHENSIVE study has just been completed about where in the world you would find the best and the worst jurisdictions in which to invest your hard-earned cash.

PNG Industry News | 22 November 2017 

Published by sister publication, the Mining Journal World Risk Report (featuring MineHutte ratings) is a comprehensive piece of work which gives a...

Wednesday, 22 November


ONeill flags new initiatives to promote agriculture in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prime Minister Peter ONeill and his Agriculture Minister, Benny Allen, have promised to boost access to credit for agricultural projects, develop import substitution and strengthen agricultural institutions. They were addressing the countrys inaugural National Agriculture Summit in Port Moresby this week.

The PNG economy has been through boom and bust cycles over the years, largely because the successive governments have depended on one sector of the economy, the resources sector, Prime Minister Peter ONeill told the conference.
When the commodity prices for copper, oil, gold and gas go down, our economy takes a huge dive.
For example, about 10 years ago, we used to earn K2 billion in oil and gas taxes. Last year, we would have been lucky if we got K200 million. No country can afford that kind of decline and that it is why it is crucial that we continue to build the potential we have in other sectors of the economy, building the base of our economy so it can sustain such shocks.

Import replacement

Agriculture is PNGs biggest employer.
ONeill noted that the agriculture sector is the biggest employer of Papua New Guineans. It is also the second biggest foreign exchange earner yet we have not been giving it the attention it deserves.
I cannot only blame past governments. I am equally responsible. But we have to learn from the mistakes we have made.
The country was overly dependent on imports, ONeill added.
We need to have import replacement programs and that is why I am encouraged by the private sector partners who are here today starting to invest in our agricultural sectors different crops.
What investors need from us, landowners, is security of their investment. Agriculture is not simply an industry.
It takes years for crops to grow and for the return on investment to be received by the investors. So we need to provide that security.
If you were in Japan, Germany or the US and you go to a bank to do agriculture projects, most banks estimate it will be over 30 years before you can repay that loan. In PNG, youll be lucky if you can get seven years. That policy must change.
ONeill said landowners need to be partners, so that they take ownership of the projects on their land.

Long-term credit

He said before the forthcoming National Budget announcement, he would announce measures to strengthen the agriculture and SME...


Mining Minister Tuke meets Einsteins definition of insanity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Panguna, Porgera, Ok Tedi, Tolukuma all tell the same story large-scale mining is a disaster for local communities and the environment.

And neither Frieda or Wafi-Golpu have yet come up with a credible plan for managing their toxic tailings but heck, lets go ahead anyway 

Govt adamant to get two new mines operating: Tuke

The National aka The Loggers Times | November 22, 2017

THE Government is adamant to get two new mines operating in this term of Parliament, Mining Minister Johnson Tuke, pictured, says.
Tuke, who is also the Kainantu MP said in Lae after returning from a familiarisation visit to the Hidden Valley mine and Wafi-Golpu exploration site in Bulolo, Morobe.
Tuke earlier visited the Porgera gold mine, K92 mine, Frieda River exploration site and the Ramu nickel mine....


Exxon moves non-essential workers away from PNGs Hela "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Armed clansmen in the town of Komo in Papua New Guineas Hela Province. Photo courtesy of Michael Main

Radio New Zealand | 23 November 2017

The oil and gas multi-national ExxonMobil says it has moved non-essential staff away from its LNG project operations in Papua New Guineas Hela province.

This comes amid a surge in unrest and tribal fighting in the remote Highlands region where the gas fields for Exxons LNG project are located.

Three days ago an expatriate worker with the project was kidnapped and held hostage by landowners who are reportedly frustrated with the government over non-payment of project commitments.

Police said the hostage was released without harm two days ago.

A spokesperson for ExxonMobil PNG said that due to recent community tension in Hela areas Hides, Angore and Komo, the company has suspended non-essential work.

She said non-essential personnel were being re-deployed to other areas.



Australians of the year plea for Manus "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Former Australians of the year have penned an open letter to Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten urging them to address the human disaster unfolding on Manus Islands decommissioned detention centre.

The letters signatories include Australians of the Year Rosie Batty, Ita Buttrose, Simone McKeon, Patrick McGorry, Mick Dodson, Tim Flannery, Fiona Wood, Fiona Stanley, Gustav Nossal, Peter Doherty, John Yu and Robert de Castella.

In the letter, the celebrated group calls for the government to send aid to the detention centre which has been without running water and electricity for more than a week.

Hundreds of asylum seekers, detained on their way to Australia, remain inside citing concerns for their safety outside the camp.

In the coming days, it is inevitable that people will become sick and even die through the lack of basic sanitation, food, water and medical care, the letter says.

Please allow the Australian Medical Association to provide medical and preventive care, as they have recently offered, as soon as possible. At the same time please find safe haven for the acknowledged genuine refugees without any further delay.

The letter warns Australias reputation on human rights is deteriorating under the failure of both Malcolm Turnbulls government and Bill Shortens opposition to meet the obligations of the UN Refugee Convention.

We believe it is time to stop the unacceptable and internationally criticised treatment of the refugees on Manus Island, who, though innocent of any crime, have been incarcerated and now abandoned there, the letter says.

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Streets workers win battle to protect jobs and wages "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The battle against the attempt by ice cream maker Streets to slash wages is over.

Facing ongoing resistance among its workforce and a boycott of the companys products that was starting to bite as Australia enters the peak season, has forced significant compromises from the major multinational owned (Unilever) ice cream maker.

Iconic streets brands include Golden Gaytime, Paddle Pop and Magnum.

At the companys Minto plant in Sydney yesterday, management agreed to withdraw its application to terminate jobs, provide a wage rise of 5 percent now, a further rise of 1.5 percent in a years time and 2.5 percent the year after that, instead of cutting wages; retain existing redundancy provisions; and keep the 12 hour shift structure.

A further concession will see the introduction of 39 permanent part time positions, as an alternative to a casual workforce.

In return, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union will stop any action, including the Streets Free Summer boycott and withdraw a video from social media.

Workers have endorsed productivity concessions, involving the acceptance of a new seasonal 44 hour a week roster and some workplace flexibility, involving shorter breaks and acceptance of a limited number of voluntary redundancies. Management will have more scope to move workers between machines. There will no longer be a Sunday roster.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus hailed the agreement, as a huge win for the workers at Streets.

Like Carlton and United Breweries in the dispute it faced last year, streets faced the prospect of a heavy impact on sales as the weather warms up.

AMWU New South Wales secretary Steve Murphy said workers had been staggered by the huge support received from the public.

This campaign, driven by the stories of ordinary workers and their families, became the touchstone for a broader campaign to fix broken workplace laws, he said.

Although concessions were made on both sides, the key issues of  a large scale wage cut and the casualisation of the workforce through a labour hire company were prevented, meaning that from the workers point of view, this has been an important win.

The broader impact is that, as was the case at Carlton and United Breweries, enlisting the support of the wider community has been shown to be an effective means to maintain workplace standards, at a time when major employers are more willing than before, to try and enforce draconian changes.

Maintaining the line against the denigration of working conditions is important because of the direct social impact on those who are affected.

Just as imp...




This morning I put the question to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who I should submit evidence to establish he had misused public funds.

On account I had material evidence supporting the view he was guilty of conspiring with the former Member of Madang and a key member in his party to commit bribery and undue influence during 2012 General Elections.

My question was in response to O'Neill's statement the day before in Parliament when responding to Member of North West Sir Mekere Moratua. O'Neill announced to Parliament that he would resign should the opposition produce a single shred of evidence that he has misused or benefited from a single toea of public funds.

In March 2012 Peter O'Neill signed a letter in his capacity as Prime Minister to the then Chairman of Gaming Board instructing that the Board consider funding Yagaum Rural Hospital's project submission.

Gaming Board issued a K300,000 cheque payable to Yagaum Rural Hospital. The former Member Madang Open Nixon Duban who was then General Secretary of Prime Ministers People's National Congress Party and staff member of Prime Minister used the cheque to bribe and unduely influence voters during the 2012 General Elections for Madang Open Seat.

Duban was declared the winner of the election. I filed an election petition challenging the result.

On 3 June 2013 the National Court found Duban guilty of bribery and undue influence. The Court made the following findings

para 108 "A relevant matter to note is that the funds were secured personally by Prime Minister from the Gaming Board" The special relationship between the Prime Minister and the first respondent (Duban) lends supports to the view that presentation of the cheque to Yagaum Hospital on the eve of the general election was politically motivated."

para 109 "Further, the cheque was secured personally by Prime Minister under whose party the first respondent (Duban) stood for the 2012 general elections. All these factors point to one conclusion, viz the presentation of the K300,000 cheque to Yagaum Hospital on 11 June 2012 was to induce voters"

para 116 This in my opinion, was a act of Fraud by the First Respondent (Duban) in that he deliberately and dishonestly did not disclose the source of K300,000 cheque. This inference is sup...


BREAKING: Let doctors treat the sick on Manus Island, say Australians of the Year "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

BREAKING: Let doctors treat the sick on Manus Island, say Australians of the YearAustralians of the Year have called on the Government and Opposition to allow medical relief for embattled refugees on Manus Island. read now...


The embracing work of the churches in PNG society "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tom Ellis Bishop George Bernarding Fr Arnold Steffen
Kiap Tom Ellis with Bishop George Bernarding and Fr Arnold Steffen


DUBLIN Contributor Ross Howard, writing recently in PNG Attitude, has eloquently provided us with an historical background to the debate about science and the church.

Perhaps its worthwhile, in commenting on the role of the churches in the development of Papua New Guinea, to look very briefly at the contribution of the churches in the fields of education and health.

Bishop George Bernarding, former Bishop of Mt Hagen, once told me that in the period after World War II the Catholic mission wanted to start an English-speaking school at Kondiu in Simbu but the Australian administration was not in favour saying Pidgin schools would be quite adequate.

The Diocese of Mt Hagen eventually established two high schools, Fatima and Notre Dame, and numerous community schools in what was then Western Highlands District. To the best of my knowledge the District Commissioner, Tom Ellis, was most supportive.

Back in 1963 the Catholic Church had already established Holy Spirit Seminary as a tertiary education institute.

Initially developed in the Madang area, it later moved to Bomana and is now known as the Catholic Theological Institute.

At that time Archbishop Noser in Madang also wanted to establish a university. The then Australian administration did not support his efforts but pressure from several sources forced the Australian authorities to establish the University of PNG in 1965.

Graduates from Holy Spirit Seminary in those early years, people like Ignatius Kilage, John Momis, Peter Kurungko, Leo Hannet, Francis Misso and Fred Reiher, all played important roles in the development of the country. Momis in particular was very much involved in the development of the PNG constitution and is now, of course, president of Bougainville.

In the health sector, I think of the great work of the Nazarene mission through the excellent hospital at Kudjip in Jiwaka, the Seventh Day dvetist work with le...

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