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Wednesday, 15 August



New Dawn FM News

The Catholic people of Hahela Parish have been challenged not to play double standards with their lives.
Hahela Parish Priest FR. WESLEY MANU said that the life of the faithful must be the same in church and outside.
He said if inside the church is different and outside the church is different then there is corruption there.
FR. MANU said that corruption in all levels of the communities must be stopped and people must be following the teachings of Jesus Christ and the church.



New Dawn FM News

The Minister for the Bougainville Peace Agreement Implementation, ALBERT PUNGHAU says that the date of the Referendum cannot be finalized unless two things are done according to the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
He said that the two important issues are the weapons disposal and the second autonomy review that the United Nations will carry out soon.
MR. PUNGHAU said that these two issues will now set the stage for the two governments to set the date for the actual referendum.
He said when that is not yet done, all preparation work is based on the target date of June 15th, 2019.





New Dawn FM News

The Special Joint Supervisory Body Meeting(JSB) which was called by Prime Minister, PETER ONIEL at the Arawa JSB will now be held in Buka on August 24th,2018.
This was announced by the ABG Minister for Bougainville Peace Agreement Implementation, ALBERT PUNGHAU at a press conference in Buka today.
MR. PUNGHAU who just returned with a team of ABG Ministers who went with the ABG Vice President, RAYMOND MASONO to meet with their PNG Counterpart Ministers ahead of the Special JSB.
Minister Punghau said that his team has for the first time made good progress when talking directly with the Deputy Prime Minister and setting agendas that the Special JSB will address.
He said in the past the Joint technical team were setting the stage for the Prime Minister and the Ministers to just say yes or no during the JSB.
MR. PUNGHAU said that the JSB was set up during the initial negotiations as an avenue for the leaders of both governments to meet and iron out issues that was encountered during the implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
He said that the Special JSB will address the Questions or question to be put in the referendum ballot.




Norway to Map Deep Sea Mineral Deposits "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Maritime Executive | 12 August 2018

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is readying to map potential deep sea mineral deposits in the Norwegian Sea, with an expedition due to get underway this month.

The Directorate has engaged Swire Seabed, which partners with Ocean Floor Geophysics, to carry out mapping of potential sulfide minerals on the seabed over the Mohns Ridge in the western Norwegian Sea. This is a spreading ridge in the Atlantic Ocean that separates two oceanic plates, where potential valuable minerals have been formed through hot volcanic sources. The focus of the expedition is not the active hydraulic systems such as black smokers, but rather non-active extinct systems that are now left as mineral-rich piles of gravel on the seabed.

The mapping will be carried out using an autonomous underwater vehicle, a Kongsberg Hugin AUV, which will map the seabed using a bottom-penetrating echo sounder, multibeam bathymetry, synthetic aperture sonar data, magnetometry and spontaneous potential field data.



Mayur set to drill Feni Island "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Field mapping at Matakangkaka Creek

PNG Industry News | 13 August 2018

MAYUR Resources says it is ready to mobilise a team do begin a drill program at its Feni Island copper-gold project in New Ireland Province.

This follows the completion of a detailed field mapping and sampling programme within the Matangkaka Creek area at Feni Islands EL2096.

The company says Matangkaka Creek is an eastern tributary of the Nanum River and is rated as one of the top three gold bearing streams in the Feni Island group. It is also near and upstream from the Kabang structure that hosts a 650,000 ounce gold resource.

The trip was undertaken by Dr David Lindley, Mayurs veteran expert geologist who has decades of experience on Feni, Mayur said.

Mayur has correlated this new information with historical data to finalise a drilling programme of up to 2400m. The programme of up to seven holes is focusing on the gold mineralisation in structures beneath a...



Government owned telco, Bmobile, provided the biggest embarrassment for Papua New Guineas APEC aspirations for greater digital access and an inclusive economy.
It did this by doubling and tripling data rates for its new merger acquired Telikom 4G network. Since taking over APEC responsibilities, Papua New Guinea, has been echoing the call by APEC member states for a shared future of greater digital access. For the Papua New Guinean, it meant cheaper mobile data costs enabling the development of e-commerce, better disaster reporting and poverty alleviation through the digital economy.

In terms of affordability PNG ranked 163rd out of 169 countries in 2013 according to the International Telecommunications Union, the National Research Institute (NRI) said in a discussion paper titled Why are internet prices high in PNG?
It is against this backdrop of high prices that Telikom's previously low data packages were important and essential to realise PNG's APEC aspirations.

In pre-merger 2017, when Telikom and Digicel expanded their 4G networks, SMEs felt encouraged to embrace the digital future. In that short period, empirical evidence showed a marked increase in high definition professional and user generated video content. There was also an evidential shift in favorable attitudes towards the perceived older player in the industry Telikom.
Where was Bmobile? According to PNG Maths Blogspot which also comments on communications related topics, Bmobile worked on reviving its struggling state.
The partnership with Vodafone gave it the much needed oxygen. Today it needs another major CPR.
That CPR came in the form of the merger which has given it an additional 4G network as well as user rights to Telikoms infrastructure. While the government has explained the proposed restructure in terms of a wholesale-retail concept, the move has also stripped away an important growing revenue source for the Telikom.

Then in one blow, Bmobile destroyed the credibility of Telikom 4G while at the same time levelling the competition playing field upwards. The move has also put previously affordable data bundles out of reach for many Papua New Guineans.

The flow on effect? Higher costs and a loss of credibility for the PNG Government in the face of APEC countries talking wider access and lower...


Papuan authorities shut mine over labour hiring dispute "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Photo: Mark Agnor 2014

Radio New Zealand | 14 August 2018

Authorities have closed a gold mine in Korowai in the southern part of Indonesias Papua province, following uproar over the company hiring newcomers ahead of local tribe members.

The Jakarta Post reports the mine was closed on Friday by the Papua Governor Soedarmo, along with the police and military chiefs.

Two helicopters that were to be used to transport workers to the mine site, were sealed at the Tanah Merah airport in Boven Digoel regency.

The mine is understood to employ about 3000 workers..

Separately a Papua councillor, John Jose Gobay, said the mine should be managed by the local residents of Korowai, as stipulated in the 2014 law on local administrations.

He urged the Papua governor to propose to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry to hand the mining site over to the local tribe.

Tuesday, 14 August


Construction Work Halted on Site of Fraudulent SABLs "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fraudulent SABLs that the government has failed to cancel despite the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry are still causing conflict and injustice - see stories below.

This is what the Commission of Inquiry said about the SABL over Portions 2465C and 2466C.  

There was misrepresentation and fraud involved in the whole process [Report p164]

Landowner signatures were forged in a criminal act [p150].

The whole process was riddled with defects and flaws [p157] and it was obvious that officers from DLPP [including] Romily Kila-Pat deliberately decided to ignore and by-pass the existing protocols and practices [p153].

Those responsible must be held accountable for their unlawful conduct and actions [p165]

Read more about the CoI findings.


Source: Grace Auka Salmang, Post Courier

Enough is enough, was the plea made by landowners of Papa and Lealea villages of Caution Bay, Hiri during a peaceful protest on their land.

The locals peacefully fronted up at the Konekaru site yesterday where a construction was taking place and demanded the workmen conducting the earthworks to stop and move out of their customary land.

Chairman of the Papa delegation committee Pastor Joseph Baeau said several calls through peaceful protests have been made and yet controversial acquisition of land portion 2465C, 2466C and 2485C portions in Konekaru area still continuing.

There is no respect for the law. The subject land portion 2465C and this title where Konekaru Holdings Limited (KHL) and CJ Ventures Limited is holding is illegal, according to a commission of inquiry findings.

Mr Baeau and his committee are calling on Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko and his customary land advisory committee to fast track the COI recommendations, stop further illegal land grabbing and remove aliens from Papa customary land....


A sense of loss: The disappearance of traditional bilas "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The traditional bilas parade - could this be the last time this wonderful tradition is ever witnessed?


KUNDIAWA I never realised how fast traditional bilas would disappear until recently it dawned on me at a local beauty contest.

On a Saturday night late in July, Miss SME Simbu was crowned at the Mt Wilhelm Tourist Hotel. The participants were mostly girls from the nearby Kundiawa Lutheran Day Secondary School.

Im not a keen follower of beauty quests so when my daughter Natasha broke the news that she was listed to participate I was caught off-guard. But I eventually gave her my consent.

One of the events was a parade of contestants in full traditional bilas. It took place at Dicksons field when 14 beautiful Simbu lasses paraded in full magnificent Simbu bilas. It was the highlight of the entire contest.

But in spite of the brilliance of the parade, something surfaced that had been obscured from me, and I believe other Simbus. And that was the diminishing popularity of traditional bilas and the threat of its imminent disappearance.

While dressing the contestants in traditional bilas was a requirement, strangely I did not have any traditional bilas, not a single item, in my suitcase or wardrobe.

Thanks to some Simbus who kept complete bilas sets for hire, I was able to equip my girl to parade in the required costume. But the reality I discovered was the danger of permanently losing this tradition.

It had been a different scenario amongst the Simbus 40 years ago.

In the 1960s and 1970s, every home and family had in its possession articles that constituted the traditional bilas set. Some of these items had tremendous value, especially the Bird of Paradise plumes, which were part of the familys wealth and treasure.

They were used as gifts, bride price payments and for trade as well as their primary use as body adornments.

These beautiful items were manually crafted and their manufacture was squeezed into the busy routines of their subsistence owne...


A compelling story of the time when the kiap was king "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Robert Forster at Bundi 1968
A young Robert Forster at Bundi in 1968 - milling timber before he became a kiap


WABAG The just published memoir, The Northumbrian Kiap, is a skillfully written book about Papua New Guinea during the sixties, before the time when people knew what self-government and independence meant.

It clarifies many questions and doubts of the people who lived and grew up during that time the present day sons and daughters of primitive tribesmen who had just witnessed with awe these men known as kiaps lead long lines of carriers with armed police escorts as they penetrated the hinterland and its traditional tribal lands.

These strangers established encampments, built patrol posts, constructed roads, hospitals and schools as they demonstrated there was another perhaps a better - world far beyond the high mountain ranges and the raging rivers.

But life comes and goes. Just like ancient civilisations left behind monoliths, pyramids and relics, the kiaps left a legacy. They went and much of what they accomplished was abandoned and left to decay.

Robert Forster, the British-born author of The Northumbrian Kiap, was a kiap for most of the seven years he lived in pre-independence PNG.

When he arrived in PNG in 1968 there were places still to be explored and mapped and in the most remote valleys there were people who had no contact with outsiders and for whom knowledge of a rapidly changing world was passed on by word of mouth from ridge to ridge and across rushing streams.

Forster is now a journalist and puts his skills to good effect. There is opinion as well as description and analysis. For example, he believes PNG gained independence too soon. He documents his observations and experiences in an entertaining manner,.

He provides fresh insight about that time when kiaps were most active, they had taken government into the bush and in a sense they were a government unto themselves. The problems they faced, the solutions they sought to bring to feuding tribes, their interaction with local peopl...


Truth telling and cultural amnesia in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Slaughterhouse Creek massacre of 1838
The Slaughterhouse Creek massacre of 1838

JUDITH WHITE | Culture Heist

TWEED HEADS -  Truth telling was the theme of this years Garma festival, held in northeast Arnhemland on the first weekend of August. Its also a crucial element in the Statement from the Heart made by the indigenous National Constitutional Convention at Uluru last year but rejected by the Turnbull government.

Telling the truth should be a simple matter, shouldnt it? Yet when it comes to the nations history, for those in positions of power it seems to be the hardest ask. No government has yet given it a place among the much-vaunted but ill-defined Australian values. Kevin Rudd said sorry for the stolen generation, but didnt go so far as to address the issue of the British invasion.

Politicians of both major parties are at fault. They hold that the Australian electorate will not support recognition of indigenous history. I believe they are wrong. A simple constitutional change, recognising the millennia of prior occupation of the land and Aboriginal culture, would have majority support in all states when put to the vote. The main proposal of the Statement from the Heart for a Makarrata (coming together) Commission to bring about agreement does not require a vote, just leadership.

Most nations that consider themselves Western have a long way to go in confronting their history. Neil MacGregor, former head of the British museum and now inaugural director of Berlins Humboldt Forum, which opens next year, has found modern Germany to be a painfully admirable exception. Unlike the British, he says, the Germans are determined to find the historical truth and acknowledge it however painful it is.

Compare that approach with the furore that greeted the opening of the National Museum of Australia in 2001 when then Prime Minister John Howard, his cronies and the Murdoch press attacked its privileging of Aboriginal history. Howard, who labelled invasion stories the black armband view of history, st...



New Dawn FM News
In the absence of the Bougainville Referendum Commission the BRC Transitional Committee has already recruited two Deputy Chief Referendum Officers and the first ten line Managers that will work under the secretariat.
This was also revealed by the Co-chair for the BRC Transitional Committee and Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU yesterday.
He told Reporters that his team was working behind the scene to make sure preparation for the referendum continues.
MR. MANU said that the officers have been recruited on secondment as the law requires for the two Commissioners to release their officers on secondment.
He said the full seven member Bougainville Referendum Commission will be established once the Chairman arrives and also the National Government is yet to appoint the two National Government representatives that is one male and one female.
The ABG has already appointed the former ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA and MS RUBY MIRINGKA.
As soon as the fully pledged Bougainville Referendum Commission is established then the Transitional Commission will be disbanded.



New Dawn FM News
The Bougainville House of Representatives parliamentary committee on gender equality will be meeting this Friday August 17th to discuss two main agendas concerning the current status.
The date of the meeting has been fixed by the committee chairlady and Deputy Speaker, FRANCESCA SEMOSO.
The proposed agendas to be discussed are, One, draft motion on name change of the committee and Consultation on human rights issues and proposed training with UN experts on human rights.
The clerk of Parliament, ROBERT TAPI said that the committee will be working very closely with human rights experts from the office of human rights commission to consider and endorse the motion and agree on the name change of the committee.
The proposed name the committee wants to adopt is the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender Equality.
The Committee members are FRANCESCA SEMOSO chairlady, David Braun Vatavi Deputy and members Marchelline Kokiai, Isabel Peta and Clarence Dency.




New Dawn FM News

Good news for Bougainvilleans who have been calling on the ABG to put out the reserved Bougainville Business List to the public and also start implementing it.
The Department of Economic Development has started consultations with the people of Bougainville on the more than 85 Businesses that only Bougainvilleans will be restricted to operate.
The first consultation in which New Dawn FM has been invited to attend will take place at the HAHELA YC Hall on Thursday 16th August between 10 and 12 PM.



New Dawn FM News

Bougainville is currently experiencing strong winds and heavy rain throughout the region.
Rains started one month ago but strong winds started yesterday and New Dawn FM received reports from many areas that many houses had their roofs removed last night.
The National Maritime and Safety Authority also made warnings on sea travellers throughout Bougainville not to travel out until further advice.
The warnings for Bougainville waters was that the South Easterly winds could get strong up to 35 knots including isolated thunderstorms and showers.
Even before the notice was sent out a Boat loaded with building materials travelling from Buka to Nissan island capsized near Madehas island yesterday.
No one was hurt in the accident.





New Dawn FM news
In preparation for the Referendum vote scheduled for June 2019, all 33 Bougainville constituencies will be declared as voting districts with all PNG Provinces becoming voting districts for the referendum.
Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU revealed this to reporters in Buka yesterday.
He said when that is done Bougainvilleans living in other Provinces can enrol at the PNG Electoral establishments in Provinces which they are living in whilst in Bougainville all enrolments will be made by the ward recorders of the Community governments.
MR. MANU said that this is to make sure no one is left out in the common roll update.
For verification purposes all Bougainvilleans in Bougainville will have to confirm their names with their ward recorders whilst Bougainvilleans living outside Bougainville, their names will have to be confirmed by the ward recorders in their respective Community Government areas.
Example if a person living in Lae says he is from SUIR then he will have to be confirmed by his community Government before his or her name is entered into the roll.
MR. MANU said that the Bougainville Referendum Commission Transitional Committee has also recommended that the polling period is two weeks but again once the Bougainville Referendum Commission is fully established they can decide to cut it to One week.
And during counting three counting centres will be established at BUIN, BUKA and Arawa with a Central Tally Room to monitor all Counting.
MR. MANU also said that for BOB three counting centres will be established in Port Moresby, Lae and Rabaul.



In brief: MYEFO released, and other business news "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mid-year economic and fiscal outlook released, pursuing certification of tuna fishing, and polio certificates required for international travel. Your weekly digest of the latest business news.

in briefThe Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Sir Charles Abel has released the mid-year economic forecast and fiscal outlook (MYEFO). It included the following: a real GDP growth rate of 1 per cent, adjusted from 2.4 per cent in the budget; a fiscal deficit of 2.4 per cent, down from 2.5 per cent; debt to GDP of 31.2 per cent, in line with budget estimates; inflation at 5.9 per cent, down from 6.9 per cent; and foreign reserves at US$2.2 billion expected by year end.


The Government will pursue marine stewardship council (MSC) certification of its tuna fishery, according to the Fishing Industry Association Inc (FIA). The body, which represents the countrys fishing industry, reportedly says the fishery will encompass all tuna caught in the exclusive economic zone and processed in the country.


Those in PNG applying for a visa to Australia may now be required to provide a polio vaccination certificate as part of their application. The Australian Department of Home Affairs said special processing arrangements were put in place after PNG was listed as an outbreak country by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in June. A fourth polio case was confirmed on Tuesday in the Eastern Highlands, according to Radio New Zealand.


The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, has...


PNG Power MD outlines plans to cut tariffs by half and sharply increase access to electricity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG Power is aiming to cut tariffs by half and electrify 70 per cent of the country in the next five to 10 years according to Acting Managing Director Carolyn Blacklock. But to achieve those goals the organisation will require a new business model.

PNG Powers Carolyn Blacklock. Source: BAI

Speaking at Business Advantages PNG Investment Conference in Brisbane, Blacklock said the aim has been to live within our means and stop the cash haemorrhage.

She said other objectives are: increase the use of low cost hydropower, increase revenues through reliability, improve safety and improve governance.

They are very simple things that are hard to execute. But we are seeing green shoots emerging.

At present, we join around 1600 new connections per year.

To achieve 70 per cent electrification we will instead need to join 125,000 new connections per year.

Most of our staff use their own vehicles.

To achieve a 50 per cent reduction in tariff will require a new paradigm in energy supply with a return to low cost hydropower and other renewables.


Blacklock said one of the first things she did was spend two months on the road meeting most of the PNG Power team.

The problems our people have to contend with, just to do the minimum, is a story of long processes to obtain very simple approvals.

There is no fleet; most of our staff use their own vehicles, or there is expensive hiring going on.

Buildings and equipment are in a terrible state of disrepair, with many condemned.

PNG Power has been burdened by a legacy of poor management.

And yet, in amongst all this, is a group of people who are seeking a return to discipline and a sense of purpose and respect.

We formed a contract, them and I, that I would always tell them the truth, and they would dedicate themselves to the enor...


Public holidays declared in Port Moresby due to APEC summit, says CEO "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The two days before the APEC Leaders meeting, November 15th and 16th, have been declared public holidays in the National Capital District of Port Moresby, according to Chris Hawkins, the Chief Executive Officer of APEC Papua New Guinea. He told an APEC summit briefing that road shut downs will be limited.

APEC PNGs Chris Hawkins

There will be interruptions, but only for a short period of time, he said, adding that the event really starts on the 12th of November (Monday).

Meetings on the Monday will take place at the International Convention Centre and there will be an APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium.

But Hawkins said there will be no impact on business for the Monday and Tuesday (12th and 13th of November).

On the Wednesday, the ministers will begin arriving. On the Thursday, said Hawkins, there will be big motorcades.

Anyone who has seen that take place, imagine that multiplied by 20.

And you also have the Pacific Island leaders, who will be arriving on the Thursday as well.

State visit

Thursday will also see the beginning of the state visit from the President of China, Xi Jinping, said Hawkins.

A state visit is a big eventa lot of cars and a lot of peopleparticularly with an economy the size of China and its president.

Saturday is the big day.

So on the 15th and 16th there will be a lot of interruptions. That is why they are public holidays.

During that period it will be more like what you see in Christmasduring Christmas in Port Moresby it is very quiet.

There will be a lot of people who take advantage of it to travel outside of Port Moresby.


Saturday is the big day, said Hawkins.

That is the start of the APEC Leaders meetings. It begins with the APEC CEO Summit in the morning.

Saturday and Sunday are the only time road networks will be closed for extended periods. Alternative and feeder roads may be affected.

The Town area will stay open but there will be heightened security.

There will not be a lot of people on...


People moves: Nautilus Minerals "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Departure from Nautilus

Nautilus Minerals has announced the departure of President and CEO Mike Johnston. He will be replaced by independent Director John McCoach, who is also appointed as interim CEO.



The post People moves: Nautilus Minerals appeared first on Business Advantage PNG.


PNG to enjoy cheaper internet by 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea (PNG)  will have a more reliable and cheaper cost of internet connectivity when the Kumul Domestic Submarine cable project is completed next year.

That is according to the Public Enterprise and State Investments Minister William Duma when he visited the Coral Sea Cable System Landing Site at Port Moresbys Kila Barracks and Gerehu Satellite Earth Station, both in Port Moresby, yesterday.

State-owned enterprise under Kumul Consolidated Holding, DataCo anticipates the drop of internet pricing by 20 per cent of the current rate.

The Exim Bank of China is funding the domestic project with cost just over US$250 million (K783.45m) and main contractor Huawei PNG is progressing well with the project on site readiness and marine survey.

Mr Duma described the project as a game changer and a new technology that will revolutionise the way PNG does business when he visited the Kila Barrack site in Moresby South where the Coral Sea Cable system will connect to Port Moresby.

Mr Duma said the PNG Government led by Prime Minister Peter ONeill is committed to ensuring the people receive quality and reliable internet service at much cheaper rates, and that will be through the Coral Sea Cable project.

While the Coral Sea Cable System will provide high speed international connectivity to Port Moresby, we would still have the challenge of connecting other parts of Papua New Guinea to Port Moresby to be able to enjoy the benefits of this cable by the majority of our people who live outside of Port Moresby.

The project will connect all the  15 coastal provincial capitals with this modern communications medium, fibre optic submarine cable. The project is currently underway, where preparations for the site are now advancing for the Port Moresby to Madang segment (via Alotau, Popondetta and Lae).

Last month an agreement was signed between the PNG and the Australian governments for a trilateral project to provide additional capacity for high speed broadband connectivity.

Mr Duma said the Coral Sea Cable will be a state of the art cable system between Sydney, Australia a...


Muslims dont run the country: Fiji AG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Muslims dont run the country, says Fiji's Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

His comment follows a question raised at the 2018/2019 National Budget consultation in Savusavu Monday.

He told those at the consultation that Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama was not a Muslim which proved the perception that Muslims run the nation wrong.

Savusavu resident Sheik Mohammed asked Sayed-Kaiyum whether the nation was controlled by Muslims.

A lot of rumors going on and what I want to ask you does not sound good, he said. First of all people are saying that this country is ruled by a Muslim.

And sir, a person is holding about six or seven portfolios and paid for all portfolios and I think its directed to you sir.

So can I have a clarification on that because through the media we can tell the people of Fiji.

In his response, Sayed-Kaiyum described the question as surreal.

In regards to the place being run by Muslims, no. The country is led by a Prime Minister and he is not a Muslim.

And people get appointed on merit. At one stage people like (Opposition MPs) Niko Nawaikula and (Mosese) Bulitavo were saying in a video that if you vote for Bainimarama Government, iTaukei people will live on reserve land.

Today, 91 per cent of land in Fiji is iTaukei Land and it has increased. Today we have a Constitution that protects iTaukei and forever. Sayed-Kaiyum added that his appointment was because his boss believed he could do the job.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Independent Commission Against corruption (FICAC) is investigating some political parties and political party agents for inciting racial discrimination and religious vilification.

Electoral Commission chairperson Suresh Chandra confirmed this and they were not in a position to name those that are being investigated.

There are complaints with FICAC which has been reported by us and the supervisor and reports are being investigated by FICAC, Chandra said.

We are not in a position to name people involved, but these are all political party agents or campaigns done by political parties and themselves, but we confirm there are some cases being investigated.

Chandra said it was imperative political parties and their representatives keep their election campaigns clean and clear from...


Papua New Guinea LNG production predicted to double within 10 years, reports Fitch Research "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

BMIs Raphael Mok predicts a big jump in LNG production.

Papua New Guineas LNG exports will more than double over the next 10 years, as a result of the planned expansion works, according to Fitch Solutions Senior Country Risk Analyst, Raphael Mok. But, he tells Business Advantage PNG, the government must address landowners backlash against royalty payments.

The doubling of LNG exports from PNG from 2014-2017 has lifted PNG to be Asias fourth largest LNG exporter and is on track to surpass Indonesia by 2019, according to Raphael Mok, Senior Country Risk Analyst with Fitch Solutions, a subsidiary of Fitch ratings agency.

PNGs low-cost, high-quality gas and easy access to a number of high-growth gas demand markets in the region remain the subject of intense investment interest to international oil companies, he says, noting plans to further develop the Pnyang, Elk-Antelope and Western Province gas fields.

The PNG LNG project is due for a three-train expansion over the coming years, as ExxonMobil, Total and OilSearch pool their gas resources together to support an integrated expansion of the facility, as opposed to building a second standalone project.

Feed gas is likely to come from the combined assets of the two firms in the Western Province.

The plan will see PNG LNGs export capacity expanded to 16 mtpa at an estimated cost of US$13 billion.


Three new LNG trains are planned, one underpinned by gas from Pnyang and two based on gas from Elk-Antelope. The Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) works at both fields are expected to commence in the second half of 2018, and a final investment decision is due by 2020-2021.

Mok says the possible standalone Western LNG project is less certain. Horizon Oil and Chinas Balang Internatio...

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