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Sunday, 17 September


Arrested Protestors say FERC is a Corrupt Agency "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Arrest of Andrew Hinz, 25 year FERC veteran

Disruption of U.S. Senate hearing includes a 25-year veteran of FERC

From an Article by Fossil Free Rhode Island, September 9, 2017

Three activists with Beyond Extreme Energy disrupted Thursdays Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the nominations of the final two members to join Trumps FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Committee). One of the arrestees was a 25-year veteran of the agency.

FERC is the agency that approved the expansion of the fracked gas pipeline and the compressor station, the site of the proposed gigawatt Invenergy power plant in Burrillville. Approval by FERC is also required for the National Grid liquefaction facility planned at Fields Point in the Port of Providence.

At Thursdays committee hearing, when Chairwoman Senator Murkowski asked the nominees, Richard Glick and Kevin McIntyre, to stand, Andrew Hinz also stood and shouted:
Have a conscience! FERC is destroying the atmosphere!

In a prepared statement, Hinz wrote:

Because I spent 25 years working at FERC, I am compelled to speak out. It is abundantly clear now that natural gas is not a safe bridge fuel. We must divert any proposed investment in fossil fuel infrastructure not required for safety to a rapid transition to sustainable energy. FERC is broken and in dire need of a reset. It must take into account solid, overwhelming evidence of climate impacts and, instead of permitting fossil fuel expansion projects, it must support and aggressively promote incorporation of sustainable energy into our grid. Until FERC is reset, we are witnessing an undemocratic, non-representative process that is merely an extension of the fossil fuel industry and is destroying our atmosphere and poisoning our water. My message to our legislators: find your conscience before it is too latewhile there is still time to keep our planet habitable.

Ted Glick, a New Jersey-based activist who was arrested at a similar hearing for Trumps first two nominees to FERC, stood and repeatedly asked Congress to investigate FERC. The agencys abuses of law and power have been exhaustively documented by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, which hosted a speak-out at the National Press Club last year.

Ted Glick met earlier this year wi...


When zero waste makes business better "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Our guests in the Sustainable Studio on 13 September 2017 are Barbara Ferrante, owner of Salon Eve in Geelong, and Krystina Birch, Sustainable Salons Australias Victorian representative. We visit Gayle English and Phil Slocombe at Its Only Natural, an eco-friendly dry cleaning shop in Yarraville. And over the phone we talk with Tamara DiMattina about Buy Nothing New Month in October.

Listen to The Sustainable Hour no. 186 on 94.7 The Pulse:



Snow white giraffes caught on video for the first time "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Two rare white giraffes have been captured on video in the wild for the first time, reports a wildlife conservancy in Kenya. The giraffes, which are leucistic, meaning they have a genetic condition that inhibits pigmentation in skin cells rather than albino, or lacking melanin throughout their bodies, were first reported back in June by villagers near the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Garissa county in northeastern Kenya, according to a blog post from the conservancy. Upon hearing of the report, members of the conservancy including Abdullahi H. Ali, the founder of the Hirola Conservation Program hurriedly headed to the scene where they encountered the animals along with a conventionally colored reticulated giraffe. They were so close and extremely calm and seemed not disturbed by our presence. The mother kept pacing back and forth a few yards in front of us while signaling the baby giraffe to hide behind the bushes a characteristic of most wildlife mothers in the wild to prevent the predation of their young, wrote the conservancy in a blog post. While rare, the sighting is not without precedent. In 2016 there was a report of a wild white giraffe in Tanzanias Tarangire National Park. A second sighting was reported in March 2016 in Ishaqbini, according to the conservancy. Other animals, ranging from mammals to birds to reptiles, have also been spotted in the wild with the condition. Nonetheless, the sighting has sparked excitement across the internet and widespread press coverage. Ali says he hopes

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Thursday, 07 September


2017 Bougainville Chocolate Festival "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Post Courier | September 6, 2017

The 2017 Bougainville Chocolate Festival has officially begun. The Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister for Primary Industries, Marine Resources and Forestry Nicholas Darku and Australias Deputy High Commissioner Bronte Moules launched the two-day festival with a colourful and delicious ceremony in Arawa.

The event brings together cocoa farmers, chocolatiers, industry representatives and government officials to network and discuss market access, share improved farming and processing techniques. As well as sample the delicious chocolate made from Bougainvilles finest beans.

Minister Darku speaking at the opening ceremony said the festival is a culmination of efforts by the Bougainville Government and its stakeholders to revitalise the cocoa industry in Bougainville.

The cocoa industry has significant and immediate growth potential for Bougainville. Thats why it makes sense to focus on rebuilding the industry to improve livelihoods of our people and at the same time, gro...

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Wednesday, 06 September


Mine attack threatens investor [exploiter] confidence: MRA "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Cedric Patjole | Loop PNG | September 5, 2017

The re attack at the Kainantu Gold Mine last week has seriously threatened investor [exploiter] confidence in a big way, according to Mineral Resources Authority Managing Director, Philip Samar.

In a media conference yesterday, Samar said the attack on the mine developer K92 Mining Inc, which was a new company to PNG and who invested millions of kina to revive the mine, had serious implications.

He said the company spent the last two years carrying out maintenance at the mine site and only began selling in July, of which the true bene ts were yet to be seen when the attack occurred.

Its really discouraging, said Samar.

There will be people (investors) watching and wondering whats going to happen next.

According to K92 Mining Inc, K120 million (US$40 million) was injected to restart the mine while its total annual operating expenditure sits at K77 million per annum.

There have also been payments to landowners to t...


Landowners Plan To Block Hidden Valley Mine Road "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Bradley Mariori | Post Courier | September 5, 2017

Landowners of Hidden Valley in Bulolo District, Morobe Province are planning to block off roads leading to the mine site today.

This is in response to what they termed as the unfavourable response to their demands which they presented in a petition last Thursday.

The landowners walked out of the meeting with the mining company and decided to take action to get the attention of the government.

The petition by the landowners lapsed on 26th August.

Their demand was for the mining company to review all contracts and give landowner companies greater opportunities to participate in contracts and other spin off benefits to come off from the mine development.

The contracts include labor hire, transport hire, bus services, fuel cartage, general cargo, waste management, environment monitoring and rehabilitation, travel agency, boiler shop contract, crusher contract, camp services and maintenance, heavy equipment (ass...


K92 Mine Damage Valued at K6-9 Million [PC] or K13 million+ [RH] "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Rosalyn Albaniel | Post Courier | September 4, 2017

The developers of the mine in Kainantu have reported the destruction and damage to its assets to be between US$2-3million (K6-9million).
The company has begun its rebuilding process, but the damage has set the company back quite substantially.
This was revealed by the Mineral Resources Authority managing director Philip Samar at a press conference in Port Moresby yesterday.
Mr Samar said the firm had advised that as a result it has since been forced to stop its underground production for at least a month.
The loss in revenue as a result is estimated to be US$2.5 million (K7.9million).
The firm also reported that about 200 workers and contractors would also have to be stood down or laid off in the short term.
Mr Samar said while the mine workers have returned to site following the mayhem he had been advised that it would take up to two months before it recommences commercial production.
The ripple effect of this he said would be a delay in benefits to the country including royalties.
He said among the properties burnt and damaged were the firms underground cablings, the prime movers all amounting to an estimated K13 million.
The latter the developer K92 Mines had...

Tuesday, 05 September


This Little Dog Was Found On The Streets Of LA Right Before She Gave Birth "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Bridgette, a little Chihuahua, was homeless, covered in fleas, wandering the streets of Los Angeles in the 100-degree heat and she was enormously pregnant.

Credit: The Forgotten Dog Foundation

"It was very obvious to anyone that saw her that she was VERY pregnant," Linzi Glass, executive director of The Forgotten Dog Foundation, told The Dodo. "She had a huge abdomen. She was only a few days away from giving birth when we got her."

Almost as soon as Bridgette got situated in a safe, cool room at her foster family's house, she gave birth to four tiny puppies.

Credit: The Forgotten Dog Foundation

And this happy ending very nearly didn't happen at all.

Apparently, a concerned resident had taken Bridgette in for a few days before The Forgotten Dog Foundation heard about her. Not only did Bridgette end up homeless again after the landlord of the building found out about the dog in the apartment, Bridgette had also been given the wrong kind of flea bath and so when rescuers found her, she stank of chemicals from a soap meant to treat lice in human hair. 

"Our vet office immediately bathed her multiple times and treated her for fleas with a product that is safe for pregnant moms," Glass said. "Fortunately no harm was done to the puppies from this, nor did it harm Bridgette."

Credit: The Forgotten Dog Foundation

Sadly, Bridgette is not the only homeless Chihuahua struggling to survive on the streets; California has a problem with Chihuahua overpopulation. It has been estimated that Chihuahuas represent up to 50 percent of the homeless dog popula...

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