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Tuesday, 17 July


Soy giant Louis Dreyfus pledges deforestation-free supply chain "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

A Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) grain and oilseeds processing facility and warehouse in Brazil. LDC has just made a sweeping commitment to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain in Brazil and across South America. Image courtesy of the Louis Dreyfus Company. This month, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), one of the worlds largest commodity traders, became the first major soy company to announce a well-articulated policy to eliminate the destruction of native ecosystems and endangered wildlife from its soy supply chain. The policy, coupled with LDCs sustainable track record to date, appears to show a genuine commitment to tackling dangerously high levels of deforestation taking place across Brazil and wider Latin America. As a leader in agribusiness, LDC has a key role to play in addressing the [deforestation] challenge, said Gonzalo Ramrez Martiarena, the companys CEO. LDCs new policy applies not only to the Amazon rainforest, but also the vast Brazilian savannah known as the Cerrado, a biome that spans 1.2 million square miles (310 million hectares). The region has garnered global attention from environmentalists because commodities companies that had promised to reduce Amazon deforestation after 2006, simply shifted their focus to Cerrado soy production, leading to widespread destruction of native vegetation in the biome, as soy growers aggressively expand their crops. Large-scale soy production is rapidly displacing native vegetation in Brazils Cerrado. Image by Flavia Milhorance Soy has become a ubiquitous ingredient in consumer products. And with global demand exploding, agribusiness has rushed to meet the demand, creating a major