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Saturday, 20 October


Illegal wildlife trades dirty money targeted by big banks "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

LONDON A broad alliance of 30 global banks and financial institutions have pledged to stop wildlife trafficking by pressuring the pocketbooks of criminal syndicates. Tracking the flow of dirty money and tackling corruption emerged as the missing elements in reducing the soaring illegal wildlife trade at a major conference last week in London. Under the moniker of the Wildlife Financial Taskforce, members of the United for Wildlife-backed coalition have pledged to not Knowingly facilitate or tolerate financial flows that are derived from the illegal wildlife trade and associated corruption. Members of the group, which complements one for the transportation sector set up in 2016, include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, HSBC and RBS. We want to take the fight to the traffickers, by using the tools and experience the financial sector has learned from combating other devastating crimes, such as human trafficking and terrorist financing, said David Fein, group general counsel of Standard Chartered. The British government is also making $4.6 million available to assist the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to uncover illegally laundered funds in African countries such as Botswana, Cte DIvoire, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Its representative at the London conference made it clear that Britains focus is assisting, not leading. The U.K. is funding programs committed to helping law enforcement authorities in African countries to trace dirty money back to the criminal syndicates behind the dreadful illegal trade in animals and animal parts, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said. Estimates


Australian company pushing to open Papua New Guineas first coal-fired power plant "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

PHOTO: A new 60 megawatt power station would have the ability to burn coal as well as use renewable biomass. (ABC News: Peter Giafis)

An Australian company is pushing ahead with plans to open a coal-fired power plant and coal mine in Papua New Guinea, despite the recent call from the worlds most authoritative climate science body to completely cut greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Key points:

  • Mayur Resources plans to open a power plant and possible coal mine in PNG
  • A new power facility is expected in just over two years, the Energy Minister says
  • Activists say the move would be counter to PNGs commitments under the Paris accords

Yara Murray-Atfield | ABC News | 19 October 2018

Australian-based and PNG-focused M...

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Friday, 19 October


#ClimateStrikeAustralia: Students walk out of school "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

If you want to join us in striking, you could walk out of school, like us, in November and go and sit outside a politicians office with your own climate strike sign, writes Harriet and Milou, who inspired by the 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg and her #ClimateStrike which has spread in numerous European countries  now hope to see a similar youth movement rise on Australian grounds.

Hi everyone,

Our names are Milou and Harriet, and we are fourteen. We live in Castlemaine and are in Year 8 at school. And we care about our futures.

We have decided to go on strike from school to make our politicians do something about the climate emergency. Weve been inspired by Greta, a fifteen year old girl in Sweden, who has been striking from school in front of the Swedish parliament.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world and it isnt being addressed quickly enough. We are striking because in Australia, education is viewed as immensely important, and a key way to make a difference in the world. But just going to school isnt doing anything about climate change. And it doesnt seem that our politicians are doing anything, or at least not enough, about climate change either.

As people, we have a tendency to think only of the present impacts of our actions, and not the ones that follow after. We, the children and teenagers, are going to be living in this after and we dont like to look of the way this climate is heading. This has to change!

So, as our contribution to the changes we would like to see, we are organising a strike from school. We are temporarily sacrificing our education in order to save our futures.

If you feel the same way, find a way to join us. If you dont feel confident enough to come on strike, but still care, there are numerous other ways to help, like telling others about the climate emergency.

So, if you want to join us in striking, you could walk out of school, like us, in November and go and sit outside a politicians office with your own climate strike sign. The biggest day for walking out of school will be Friday 30th November, when we hope lots of kids will join us at the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne at midday.

Yours truly,

Harriet and Milou



The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: October 10 - 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

New activity/unrest was reported for 8 volcanoes between October 10 and 16, 2018. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 12 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Cuicocha, Ecuador | Gamalama, Halmahera (Indonesia) | Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion Island...... Read more

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Thursday, 18 October


Real-time plantation map aims to throttle deforestation in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

JAKARTA The developers of a new interactive map hope to shine a light on deforestation in Indonesias easternmost region of Papua, where industrial-scale agriculture threatens one of the worlds last great expanses of untouched tropical forest. The Papua Atlas is developed by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), with financial assistance from Britains Department for International Development (DFID) and is scheduled for publication in 2019. While other platforms are already available that can track deforestation, including Global Forest Watch, the Papua Atlas is set to differentiate itself by tracking the actual progression of plantation areas and road developments. As a result, users will be able to see the number and extent of oil palm or pulpwood concessions or roads cut through the forest over time, says David Gaveau, a research associate with CIFOR whos developing the map with his colleague Mohammad Agus Salim. Combined with a function to search for concessions in various ways, such as by looking at the identity of a parent company of a concession holder, this makes the Papua Atlas a powerful tool to increase transparency in the plantation sector, Gaveau says. The Atlas links this land use and land cover change map that we derive based on satellite imagery with [a] land ownership map, Gaveau tells Mongabay. So one is able to query, not only at individual concessions, but also big groups [behind them]. Gaveua says the map was conceived to address the current lack of information on how concessions are being farmed


Ocean Pollutants Guide Toxic Threats to Human Health and Marine Life "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Marine pollutants are impacting the health of our oceans, their inhabitants and those dependent on oceans for food, culture and their very survival.

Everyday an ever-increasing cocktail of intentional and unintentional chemical releases, as well as an unrelenting tidal wave of wastes, particularly plastic waste, enters our waterways and the marine environment.

This toxic threat endangers human health, marine life and the environment.

Read the report here


Wafi-Golpu Project To Lift Economic Growth, Says ONeill "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"


Benny Geteng | Post Courier | October 16, 2018

The Wafi-Golpu project in Morobe province and Papua LNG in Gulf province will help PNG experience a 3 per cent economic growth when productions begin, said Prime Minister Peter ONeill.

Mr ONeill said the two projects, when they start producing will boost the economy of the country at a sustainable rate.

PNG will experience a medium growth of 3 percent. 3 percent is a sustainable growth for a country.

The Wafi Golpu mine will be the basis to deliver infrastructure to the province, he said.

Mr ONeill said with the Papua LNG Project there is good progress to deliver the project and the negotiation team is at fiscal terms of project signing and closing to pass concessions.

He said the economy is looking bright at a good economic projection of 2...

Wednesday, 17 October


The renewable turnaround time "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The Sustainable Hour with Damien Cole and Peter Cowling

Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 17 October 2018 are Damien Cole a surfer, campaigner against oil drilling in the Bight and independent South Barwon candidate in the November state election and Peter Cowling, Vestas Country Head for Australia and New Zealand.

We also play a clip with the American professor of economics Jeffrey Sachs who was panellist in ABCs Q&A program on 15 October 2018, with Alex Turnbull, and with former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. We round off the hour with the song The Difference by Missy Higgins.

We all have to work together in order to get this done. It is absolutely imperative that we do not make it a political issue. This is not the right versus the left, because there is n...


Welcoming The New Leaders Of Papuan Voices "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Conference Group Photo (Image via Tweet of SOS Tanah Papua)

Papuan Voices (PV) has been undergoing transformation since 2016. A new life is being infused in the organisation!

PV is a video-activist collective that began as a loose network of activists using video in campaigning for human rights to the people of West Papua in Indonesia. The network has been in operation since late 2011 and has slowly begun its transformation to a full-fledged organisation. It was able to open chapters in distant places of Papua such as Sorong and Wamena. They have also managed to organise the first ever independent documentary film festival in Papua, the Papuan Film Festival, in 2017 with the help of EngageMedia. It was also able to replicate its success with the 2nd Papuan Film Festival this year.

At their first national conference and strategic planning meet in Waena, Jayapura, Papua, from 19 to 22 September 2018, PV members have voted on a new organisation structure to be led by young Papuan activists. A new chapter was also added to the five original chapters of the organisation, and together, a discussion in choosing its coordinator/convener in working towards impact was conducted.

An activist from Jayapura, Bernard Koten has been elected to become the new Papuan Voices Coordinator, succeeding Max Binur who has been with the organisation for the past few years.



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