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Thursday, 23 November


Non-Payment Of K35 Million Irks LNG Landowners "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Melisha Yafoi | Post Courier | November 22, 2017

THE symbolic dummy cheque for K35 million presented to Hides gasfield landowners last year has aggravated threats to totally shutdown the Hides gas conditioning plant.

This follows nonpayment of the money which was promised by former minister for petroleum and energy Nixon Duban who officially handed over the cheque to leaders in August.

Already Angore, the tie in PNG LNG Project has been shut down for an indefinite period since last week and an expatriate worker was also held hostage as processing facilities were damaged and employees evacuated as villagers expressed their frustration for their nonpayment of funds.

Hides Gas Development Company chairman Tuguyawini Libe Parindali confirmed this yesterday.

Mr Parindali said the landowners were frustrated because the Government had failed to honour its commitments, need to fast-track on its clan vetting exercise as result as threatened to shut down LNG operations.

He said the issue...


Panguna: What the future holds according to BCL "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The plan has the backing of the Bougainville government and strong support among project area landowners.

The National aka The Loggers Times | November 23, 2017

Q: Can you give a brief overview of Bougainville Copper Limited?
HITCHCOCK: It is an exciting new era for BCL as an independently-managed Papua New Guinea company.
We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the people of Papua New Guinea  and Bougainville have a significant stake with the governments of PNG and Bougainville being our two major shareholders.
As a company, our core objective is to work cooperatively towards realising the vision of resuming active exploration and sustainable copper, gold and silver mining at Panguna, in central Bougainville, after mining ceased in 1989 due to conflict.
The successful redevelopment of the mine will deliver broad economic and social benefits and that is a prospect we are excited about.
Along with our Port Moresby office we have established a full-time team in Bougainville with an office in Buka. We were pleased to hold our first board meeting there in more than 27 years in August.
We are fortunate to have a strong board with a wealth of experience in PNG and Bougainville and a capable management team....


Late spring. Turning of the season. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Late spring, last light. The sky is pale but the colours havent leeched out of the land yet. The wind swirls through the trees, like a stick in muddy water, stirring languid but not yet hot air through the canopy.

Last spring was wet and we had fields of chocolate lilies. This year is drier and instead its fields of yellow everlastings. Last weeks rain is gone, tucked away into root systems and flushed down streams towards the distant sea. But the air is still sweet. Its like the plants all breathed out in relief after that last downpour.

Castlemaine is mostly Box and Peppermint country, low hill and gully country. Its hard to get a glimpse into the bigger landscape. Climb one hill and you see the next one. I walk through the open Box country, and can see how the thin soil and sandstone rocks dictate what can grow. Drop into the shallow gullies to the slightly deeper and richer alluvial soils and the yellow gums step in quickly. Back up onto the next ridge, more rocky outcrops, more understory species, a slight thinning of the trees.

IMGP3616The air is full of colour and sound. Gangs of cockatoos sweep through above the canopy, groups of young magpies stalk the stubble on the golf course, ravens call, wattlebirds, the occasional rosella, the smaller birds I dont know go abou...


Winning Silverbacks rugby sevens team to promote ACT NOW! campaigns "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The Silverbacks rugby sevens team has been presented with training tops and t-shirts bearing the ACT NOW! name and logo in recognition of their successful run through several Port Moresby tournaments.

The team will be wearing the tops at training and in their pre-game warm ups to promote ACT NOW! and it campaigns to the rugby crazy community in the Nations capital.

The team were presented with their new clothing by Campaign Coordinator Eddie Tanago and Administration Manger, Gary Iga at training last Friday.


Threatened species protected on Toorongo Plateau "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Mt Toorongo is a magical spot: it is a mountain in the Central Highlands to the east of Melbourne. If you drive to the Baw Baw ski village from Noojee, it is the steep dark mountain that fills the skyline above you as you head through the last of the farming country at Icy Creek.

Not many people go there. Its a bit off the track, but is accessible quite easily via a number of dirt roads. As I understand the ecology of the mountain, it was burnt twice in close succession (in the 1920s and the infamous 1939 fires). So the eucalypt forest on the summit was replaced by a remarkable cloud forest of what are normally understorey species. The summit itself is a long ridge which offers wonderful views of the Baw Baw Plateau, the Latrobe Valley and distant Strzelecki Ranges to the south.

Like many forests in the region, the mountain has been relentlessly logged. Much of the cloud forest was chained down by bulldozers in the early 1990s and planted with Shining Gum (which is not actually indigenous to the area as I understand it).

But there are still pockets of cool temperate rainforest, and the forest at the treeline, composed of old wattles and myrtle beech, is a delight. It still harbours endangered animal species, too.

Recently, WOTCH (Wildlife of the Central Highlands), a volunteer group which focuses on citizens science like animal surveys, identified Leadbeaters Possums on the Toorongo Plateau, the northern slopes of the mountain. It is hard to overstate the importance of Toorongo Mountain and the plateau. Like the Errinundra Plateau, it has acted as a refugia in times of climate variation and climate change in the past, providing a place for the old Gondwanic species to retreat to when temperatures are warmer and fire regimes are stronger.

The Leadbeaters Possum was found in an area that was scheduled for logging and the discovery of the individual means that this particular section of forest will be protected. This is a great outcome, won by an inspiring group.

You can find out more about WOTCH via their facebook page.


Angore Shut Down, Expat Worker Held Hostage "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Post Courier | November 21, 2017

Angore has been shut down for an indefinite period since last week and an expatriate worker was also held hostage as an expression of their frustration for their nonpayment of funds.

Hides Gas Development Company chairman Tuguyawini Libe Parindali yesterday (Nov 20) confirmed this with the Post-Courier.

Mr Parindali said the landowners are frustrated because government has failed miserably to honor its commitments as result as threatened to shut down operations at the Hides Conditioning Plant.

The government now needs to fast track its clan vetting process and release the K6.7 million owed to the landowners in infrastructure and the K35 million promised money for the Investment Development Grants.

Businesses and individuals are now facing a serious security issue and we need governments intervention.

We will not touch the developer, they have our undivided support. All we want is for the Gov...


Mixed bag for PNG in new risk report "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

We are always hearing about where is the best place for foreigners to invest [i.e. extract profits] but what about looking at the equation from the perspective of people in the target countries? Who are the best and the worst investors based on their track records?

Probably mining companies, logging companies, and oil palm companies are among the worst investors and the ones PNG should avoid?

Time for the World Bank / ADB / Australian Aid to fund something that would really be useful!

A COMPREHENSIVE study has just been completed about where in the world you would find the best and the worst jurisdictions in which to invest your hard-earned cash.

PNG Industry News | 22 November 2017 

Published by sister publication, the Mining Journal World Risk Report (featuring MineHutte ratings) is a comprehensive piece of work which gives a...

Wednesday, 22 November


Mining Minister Tuke meets Einsteins definition of insanity "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Panguna, Porgera, Ok Tedi, Tolukuma all tell the same story large-scale mining is a disaster for local communities and the environment.

And neither Frieda or Wafi-Golpu have yet come up with a credible plan for managing their toxic tailings but heck, lets go ahead anyway 

Govt adamant to get two new mines operating: Tuke

The National aka The Loggers Times | November 22, 2017

THE Government is adamant to get two new mines operating in this term of Parliament, Mining Minister Johnson Tuke, pictured, says.
Tuke, who is also the Kainantu MP said in Lae after returning from a familiarisation visit to the Hidden Valley mine and Wafi-Golpu exploration site in Bulolo, Morobe.
Tuke earlier visited the Porgera gold mine, K92 mine, Frieda River exploration site and the Ramu nickel mine....


Exxon moves non-essential workers away from PNGs Hela "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Armed clansmen in the town of Komo in Papua New Guineas Hela Province. Photo courtesy of Michael Main

Radio New Zealand | 23 November 2017

The oil and gas multi-national ExxonMobil says it has moved non-essential staff away from its LNG project operations in Papua New Guineas Hela province.

This comes amid a surge in unrest and tribal fighting in the remote Highlands region where the gas fields for Exxons LNG project are located.

Three days ago an expatriate worker with the project was kidnapped and held hostage by landowners who are reportedly frustrated with the government over non-payment of project commitments.

Police said the hostage was released without harm two days ago.

A spokesperson for ExxonMobil PNG said that due to recent community tension in Hela areas Hides, Angore and Komo, the company has suspended non-essential work.

She said non-essential personnel were being re-deployed to other areas.



A reflection on COP23: Incremental progress but no industrialized countrys top priority (commentary) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

I remember well the vibrancy that December evening in 2015 when word spread on the last day of the 21st UN climate summit that there would be an agreement the Paris Agreement. After two decades of staring at a known and worsening global crisis of epic proportions, leaders of 196 nations, pushed mercilessly by UN, French, and US negotiators, finally decided to not allow the earth to burn up by 2100. The Eiffel Tower glowed with triumphant messages against a starry Paris sky. For the first time, nations voluntarily agreed to reduce their carbon emissions and slow the rate of deforestation. That moment in Paris felt historic, hopeful, perhaps the most significant agreement among world leaders for the greater good of this earth since World War II. Just two years later, as I stayed late on the last night of the 23rd UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany, I felt no such vibrancy and certainly no such history-making optimism. There was little. COP23 wasnt designed for major breakthroughs. Everyone conceded that. But why not? COP23, while held in Bonn, Germany, was hosted for the first time by a Pacific island nation, Fiji. Developing and vulnerable nations wanted the logo to be true. The response they received? Maybe next year. Photo by Justin Catanoso. Bad and getting worse Once again, 2017 promises to be another of the hottest years in the historical record. After three years of stable global greenhouse gas emissions, 2017 will see a spike in emissions to


Short Video Shows Why The Best Thing You Can Do For The Holidays Is Adopt A Dog "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The holidays can be a time of intense joy and also a lot of frenzy, travel and distraction.

But it just takes a few seconds of video to remind us that some things don't change during the holidays  for the roughly 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats who enter shelters all over the U.S. each year, their lives are the same, day in and day out. 

So when a very busy shelter, Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), posted a clip of the dogs waiting right this moment for a home, it became impossible to overlook. 

Credit: CACC

"There are 270 dogs waiting for their second chances at CACC today, CACC wrote on Monday.

The clip shows just one of seven areas at the shelter. Dogs of all kinds can be seen in enclosure after enclosure as the shelter worker walks down an aisle. 

"Some dogs beg for your attention; others wait quietly in the corner," CACC wrote. "Each is an individual waiting to shower someone with unconditional love.

The message is an important reminder about the real meaning of the holiday season. Its not about frenzy or buying things (or buying pets when so many adoptable pets need homes), but opening up your heart and home to individuals who need help

Credit: CACC

"Please visit your city shelter this week and bring home...

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