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Saturday, 14 July


21 Unique Worksheet Preterite Tense Answers Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

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That Viral Video Of A Chimp Hugging His 'Rescuer' Isn't What It Seems "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Inside a home, a baby chimp wearing a onesie jumps up and down as he wraps his little arms around a mans neck for a hug.

He nestles his furry head onto the mans shoulder as they embrace, calling out with loud screams of excitement.

Its a cute scene that has been shared millions of times online but the backstory is anything but heartwarming. Limbani the chimp is reuniting with his supposed rescuer, as the caption states, but its highly likely that he was actually bought from a breeder and torn away from his mother, animal welfare experts say.

Little Limbani has since spent his days living as if he were a pet and posing for selfies with visitors at Zoological Wildlife Foundation, an infamous for-profit zoo in Miami that presents itself as an endangered animal rescue. Guests can pay to pet and take photos with exotic animal residents, including tigers and monkeys a practice commonly associated with abuse and exploitation, and forbidden at true sanctuaries.

Instead of playing and leaping into trees with other chimps his age, which a reputable sanctuary would encourage, Limbani is regularly shown in photos riding around in a human toddler car seat and eating Popsicles.

Credit: Instagram/limbanizwf

Erika Fleury, program director for North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA), says the false way this viral video has been framed as a special moment by major media brands such as CNN and CBS perpetuates the dangerous idea that this chimps lifestyle is acceptable and sustainable in the long term.

Although Limbani was supposedly rejected by his mother after birth, it is a very common practice for animal breeders to remove infant chimpanzees from the mothers shortly after birth in order to more easily handle and sell them, Fleury told The Dodo. [This results] in long-lasting and harmful repercussions throughout the chimpanzees entire life.



Baby Chimp Refuses To Stop Laughing Even After All He's Been Through "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

When a man had the opportunity to get a tiny baby chimpanzee as a pet, it was difficult for him to say no. After all, the little guy was not only adorable he was also helpless and without a family. 

Credit: LCRP

So the man, who lives in Liberia, bought the baby chimp and, because the little animal's family had been killed by wildlife traffickers, named him Survivor. The man said that Survivor's forehead had even been grazed by a bullet when poachers attacked his family. He truly was a little survivor. 

But keeping Survivor as a pet turned out to be much more complicated than the man expected. As Survivor grew, he became stronger. Because he had no trees to climb, he tried to climb all over the house, leaving destroyed furniture in his wake.

The man contacted Jenny Desmond, cofounder of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP). He realized he couldn't give Survivor what he needed to grow up and wanted to surrender him to LCRP. Desmond, of course, welcomed Survivor with open arms. 

Credit: LCRP

"He immediately jumped into my arms when they got out of the car," Desmond told The Dodo. 

Sadly, what happened to Survivor is not uncommon. Wild chimpanzees are often targeted by hunters and wildlife traffickers who kill adult chimps for bushmeat and sell the baby chimps into the illegal pet trade.

Stories like Survivor's, paired with habitat loss, are wreaking havoc on wild chimps as a whole population. A century ago, it was estimated that there were as many as 2 million c...


LO Associations Request No Fly-In, Fly-Out "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke is bulldozing ahead with Wafi-Golpu but will landowners demands be honoured?

Post Courier | 13 July 2018

The Peter ONeill government is committed to getting off the ground the Wafi-Golpu gold mine project before the year ends, as well is the aspirations of key stakeholders to be met as a precedent to the mine reaching initial production stage.

The two-day Wafi-Golpu development forum ending yesterday in Lae was told.

The main point arising from discussions and presentations between key stakeholders from the government, the landowners and the developer centered on the processes and development stages to the project, as well primarily the benefits and participation of concerned authorities and recognised landowners.

One of the key factors presented to be considered in the Memorandum of Agreement that is deemed to provide a win-win situation to key stakeholder is to put a stop to Fly In, Fly Out...


No One Can Believe Where This Sad Lion Is Being Kept "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

A captive lion scurries down a small, narrow corridor of a glass cage in the middle of a busy caf, chasing a little girl as she runs along the length of the cage. In a video of the incident, the little girl giggles with delight, then, presumably, goes back to her parents. But the lion, who looks very frustrated to be confined in a small space, has nowhere else to go.

In another video, the lion, named Khaleesi, is shown to still be pacing back and forth in the same glass cage after the caf (which also operates as a hookah bar) has closed.

These videos were recently posted on the Instagram account of the caf, Mevzoo, which is located in Istanbul, Turkey and the footage has angered animal lovers around the world.

I thought the video of the lion confined behind the Plexiglas was just appalling, and certainly no place for a lion lions belong in the wild, not in captivity, DJ Schubert, a wildlife biologist with the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), told The Dodo. The fact that people ... find it entertaining to eat while a wild animal is suffering is just really disturbing to me. Its bad enough for lions to be kept in captivity at all, but put them in a captive environment like this, where theyre a plaything for people to gawk at while they eat is just very disturbing, and its very unfortunate that its allowed in Turkey or frankly anywhere in the world.

An information panel next to Khaleesis cage claims that she was rescued from a zoo after being abandoned by her parents, and hand-raised by the owner of the restaurant. Even if Khaleesi did grow up in captivity, she still needs to be treated like a wild lion, according to Prashant Khetan, chief executive officer for Born Free USA.

They sit and sleep for large parts of the days, and Im wondering how thats happening here, Khetan said. When you look at this enclosure that this particular lion is in, you can see that she can barely turn around and shes essentially just walking in what looks to be a...

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