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Sunday, 17 June


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"


June 21 is a day for Solstice Ceremonies and is very significant as we all know and recognize to many peoples around the world. 

What an auspicious day to be assigned to come together for Mauna Kea and in that spirit we ask for prayers and support as we present the oral arguments addressing the decision of the Board of Land and Natural Resources to grant the construction permit to build the 18 story Thirty Meter Telescope on the Northern Plateau of the mountain following the second contested case hearing. 

Please stand with us for Mauna Kea from where ever you are. Mauna Kea is sacred and we are still here! 

We are thankful and all in this together. #Forthemountains #Forthesea #Forthelands...

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Saturday, 16 June


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"



Hawai`i News Now - June 14, 2018

Amid the dust and grime of a California foundry sits the likeness of King Kamehameha III, Kauikeaouli.

An unlikely place to find Hawai`is longest reigning monarch, but there, he is of king-sized proportion.

As part of the Citys plans to improve Thomas Square, Hawai`is oldest park, an artist was commissioned to sculpt a statue of Kamehameha III to commemorate the monarchs historical connection to the area.

It started with a call and we received over 80 applicants from all over the country, Tory Laitila, the Registrar of Honolulu Mayors Office of Culture and Arts said. 

Thomas Jay Warren, a sculptor from Oregon, was chosen to craft the $250,000 bronze statue.

The total span of the project is going to 11 months, from the time I started enlarging, from the decision that was created by the commission, 11 months from that enlargement to 12 feet, to finishing the casting, to delivering and installing it in Honolulu, Warren said.


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Friday, 15 June


Wakka Wakka People #3 and #4 ILUA Meeting "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

The ILUA area roughly includes Mundubbera, Gayndah, Murgon, Goomeri, Cherbourg, Kingaroy, Nanango and Yarraman.

Apical ancestors are listed as

Jenny and David Carlo (parents of Princess Carlo)
Minnie Bly (mother of Thomas Simpson), Ethel and Bill Button
Maggie Hart (mother of Crabbie Chapman and Henry Hart)
Mother of Willie Boy Pickering
Maggie West
Emily of Degilbo, mother of Annie.
King Billy and Maria of Boondooma (parents of Tommy Dodd of Taabinga)
Kitty (mother of Jack Bulong)
Kitty of Boonara
John Bond
Stockman Bligh and Aggie Bligh
Tommy (aka Boondoon) and Maggie (parents of Willie Bone), Billy McKenzie (father of Chlorine McKenzie), Chlorine McKenzie
Kitty (mother of Jenny Lind), Jenny Lind and Mick Buck
Kate/Katie/Kitty Law
Boubijan Cobbo

Appeared in the Koori Mail of June 13, 2018


Barkandji People Proposed IULA "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Barkandji People Proposed ILUA

Proposed ILUA area roughly centred on Menindee and includes Broken Hill, Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and Mildura.

The apical ancestors are listed as follows
Manfred Mary / Mary Johnson / Mary Brodie
Manfred Tommy
Louisa Brown
Cuthero Jack Brown
Susan Webster also known as Annie Webster
Bill Webster
Harry Whyman
Kate Whyman
Louisa McLean
Alec McLean
Sarah Cabbage
Harry Mitchell
Daniel McGregor
Lucy Benson
Jack Doctor Benson
Jack Tyler
Taylor Matjulum Gibson
Tottie Gibson
Cate Newton / Maggie Tyler
Albert Bates
Fanny Bates
Yancannia Kitty
Judy Quayle
Nancy Watts
Topsie Crowe
Alec Bridge
Olive Barton
Margaret Payne
Kitty Knight
Jacky Knight
Matilda Murray
Paddy Black
Hero Black
Tall Boy Keegan
Kitty Keegan
Fanny Buugali Williams

Appeared in the Koori Mail of June 13, 2018

Some items of interest are

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage of the Menindee Lakes Area
Part 1 Aboriginal Ties to the Land
Sarah Martin 2001

Corner Talk - An Annales Influernced Narrative from the Corner Country of NSW
Sarah Martin 2004

Humpy, House and Tin Shed
Aboriginal Settlement History on the Darling River
Paul Memmott, Published I B Fell Research Centre, University of Sydney, 1991

Menindee Mission Station 1933 1949 and Carowra Tank Aboriginal School
Beverley and Don Elphick 2000

The Tin Camp - A Study of Contemporary Aboriginal Architecture in North Western NSW
Stephanie Diana Smith
Master of Architecture Thesis, University of Queensland, 1996

Aboriginal Cultural Association with Mutawintji National Park
Dr Jeremy Beckett, Dr Luise Hercus, Dr Sarah Martin
edited by Claire Colyer 2008




The Politics of a Language Not Being the Language of Politics "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

I have spent untold hours in the collection of the Micronesian Area Research center going through stacks upon stacks of newspapers looking at ads of those running for political office in Guam. Although I don't mention it much, when I began my masters thesis at the University of Guam in Micronesian Studies, my initial topics was actually political campaigns in Guam and analyzing Chamoru discourse in campaigns. I conducted around 50 interviews over several months, with a wide range of people. My intent was to reveal what role Chamoru "culture" or "language" or "identity" played in the organizing of political campaigns, the outreach, the strategizing or rationale.

My own motivation for taking on this project was tied to the 2002 Guam gubernatorial campaign. I was a young Chamoru grad student, who had started learning speaking Chamoru the year prior and was functionally, albeit awkwardly fluent in Chamoru. I was spending most of my free time in MARC doing research and interviewing older Chamorus with my grandmother. For the first time in my life I had a sense of being Chamoru and was excited about what it meant. At the time I even wrote a poem called "Loincloth Envy" which was about my gratitude for older Chamoru activists accepting me and allowing me to sit down with them and talk to them and learn from them.

In 2002, Felix Camacho and Robert Underwood were competing to be the next Governor of Guam. I wasn't active in the campaign at all, but I was very much an Underwood supporter, as was most of my family. I had read lots and lots of articles and speeches by Underwood and already considered him to be the Godfather of Chamorro Studies, for his work in articulating the critical turn in the self-examination of Chamorus.

That for me also represented a shift in the community around me and one that threw me off. As I was becoming more and more Chamoru in my own consciousness, Felix Camacho defeated Robert Underwood and became the first elected governor of Guam who could not speak Chamoru. I was a student in Rosa Palomo's intermediate Chamoru class at the time and helped organize a Chamoru language forum between the candidates, where Felix Camacho read a statement in Chamoru, but largely answered in English. I felt insulted that Felix Camacho wanted to represent the island but couldn't take the time to learn to speak his own language. I...


Project Officer "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Victoria State Government Environment, Land and Water

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Thursday, 14 June


Quality and Risk Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

St Vincents Private Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney


Caseworker "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

 Family and Community Services 


Influence Change "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Dept. of Jobs and Small Business


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"




If Your Buildings On Fire, Youd Do Everything You Can To Put It Out.

So What Has OHA Done To Extinguish The Flames Of The Recent State Audit?

Not A Single Thing - Yet Those Flames Are Getting Larger.

Watch This To See What The Flames Are & Why OHAs Inaction May Cause You To Get Hot Under The Collar.

Then Share This Video Today With Your Family & Everyone You Know.

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Wednesday, 13 June

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Tuesday, 12 June


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"




Trump Visits Guam "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Donald Trump will be on island for a few hours tonight, following a summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Although there had been rumors for months about a Trump visit, it was only really confirmed earlier today when the local media got a chance to look at the White House schedule this week. Pundits are trying to figure out what the meeting means, and how much credit Trump should or shouldn't receive for his haphazard and sometimes confusing attempts at diplomacy, but we shouldn't be too distracted by that discussion in Guam.

Regardless of what decisions may come from this meeting, Guam remains a territory of the US and not a sovereign player in any decisions regarding security in this region. So long as we remain a colony, genuine security will always remain outside of our reach. Decolonization is the only way to ensure greater security for our people and that our island becomes more than just the tip of America's spear.



Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"


Monday, 11 June


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"


"Truth & Transparency - A Visit With Samuel Wilder King II"

When Sam King read the recent state audit of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, he like most other Hawaiian beneficiaries was shocked and angered. So much so that he decided to take action and run for a trustee seat in the upcoming election to help put OHA back together. And if you didnt already know by his name, Sams family has quite a history in Hawai`i going back to the time of Kamehameha. Join us in our fascinating visit with Sam as he fills us in on whats broken at OHA and his plans on how to fix it -  Watch It Here...


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